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    The Story “The Outsiders”

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    In the outsiders, there are two sides in one town. One side there is greasers. The other side there is socs. Both the greasers and the socs have a lot of conflict With each other. The greasers and socs even have rumbles With each other. The greasers are scrubby and not wealthy. The socs are rich and like to show it off. This makes conflict With the socs and the greasers. One night some of the greasers got together and went to the movie theatre. It was Johnny. Ponyboy, and Dally. When they got to the mOVies they sat by some soc girls by the names of Cherry and Marsha. Dally was being a jerk to the girls. After the movie Ponyboy and Johnny were walking Cherry and Marsha home. Acouple of socs drove up and saw Ponyboy and Johnny walking their girl 5 home. One of the socs was Bob Cherry 5 boyfriend. He looked pretty angry and told Cherry and Marsha to get in the car.

    That same night Ponyboy went home and got in a fight with Barry his older brother. Ponyboy ran away and met up With Johnny. Johnny never likes to be at home because he feels like no one cares about him. Ponyboy and Johnny went to the park. As the Ponyboy and Johnny were walking through the park the socs drove by in a blue mustang. It was Bob and the other socs from earlier that night. They chased after Ponyboy and Johnny. Johnny was getting beat the crap out of by the socs. Bob started to drown Ponyboy and Johnny got scared for Ponyboy and took out his knife and stabbed Bob. The other socs ran off when Johnny stabbed the soc. That same night Johnny and Ponyboy went to Dally 5 house to see if he would no what to do. Dally gave Johnny and Ponyboy some money and a gun and told them to take the train to the abandoned church that Dally knew about.

    Dally told them to stay there and that he Will be there as soon as things cooled down. Several days later Dally showed up. Dally asked if they were hungry. They hadn t eaten anything but baloney and they were getting sick of ll. Dally brought them to Dairy Queen. On the way back from Dairy Queen they saw that the church was on fire. They flew down in Dally 5 car Johnny and Ponyboy jumped out of the car to save some kids who were in the abandoned church. Dally and Johnny ended up in the hospital. Dally had a bad burn on his arm and Johnny 5 hurt his back badly. Johnny was in critical condition, his back was broken and the doctors said that he may not make it and if he did he would be paralyzed for life. Dally got released from the hospital in time for the rumble that was setup against the socs. Dally and the rest of the socs went the rumble. Dally. Darry. Ponyboy, Johnny. Sodapop. and the rest of the greasers went to the rumble.

    The greasers won the rumble. Ponyboy got beat up pretty badly. After the rumble Dally and Ponyboy went to go see Johnny in the hospital, When Dally and Ponyboy got there Johnny didn t look so good and he died right after they got there, Before Johnny died he told Ponyboy to stay golden. Dally was so upset about what happened to Johnny he robbed a bank. He called Darry for a ride right after he had robbed the bank. The cops were on their way. When Darry Ponyboy, and Sodapop showed up Dally was running from the police and he had reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun, The gun wasn t even loaded. The cops shot and killed Dally on the spot. Ponyboy knew that that was what Dally wanted he just didn t care after Johnny had died.

    This was my second time | read this book I enjoyed reading the book both times. I liked reading it because it seemed so realistic and that is what catches a reader like me. The author used a lot of detail and explained the differences between the greasers and the socs. She explained why there was so much conflict between both sides, and it was all over nothing. i recommend this book to anyone who likes a lot of action and surprises when reading. The movie was also very good.

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