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The Renaissance Period

Renaissance Movement
The _____ was the great revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe
The Renaissance Movement began in ____ and marked the transition from medieval England to the modern England.
Latin; the act of being reborn
what does the word renaissance mean and where does it come from
The Renaissance Period

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Greek and Roman cultures
The Renaissance represent a rebirth of the interest in _____ and _____ ______.
What is the Renaissance period
the 95 theses bought about by Martin Luther brought about the ______.
Catherine of Aragon
King Henry VIII wanted to divorce _____.
Anglican Church (the Church of England)
Henry VII started the _____ (church)
Elizabeth I
_____ restored order to England.
100 free grammar schools
Elizabeth established ______.
grew in power
Because of the school Elizabeth I establish, what happened to the middle class?
Sir Francis Drake The Golden Hind
_____ took treasure from the Spanish and was knighted onboard his ship called ______.
Golden Age of English Drama
The Elizabethan period was the ______
William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson
Who were the 3 famous playwrights of the Golden Age time?
pickpockets and other criminal
Because of the public theaters attracted large audiences from all levels of society, _____ were drawn there.
_____ eventually forced the closing of the theaters at the end of the Renaissance
King James I of Scotland
Elizabeth’s successor was ______.
Under King James I, the Renaissance period _____
Guy Fawkes
_____ conceived the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Parliament Building
What did Guy Fawkes try to blow up Parliament with
November 5
What day is Guy Fawkes Day in England
fireworks and bonfires
Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated with ____ and ____.
Shakespeare lived from _____ – _____.
Globe Theater
the _____ in London was the theater where Shakespeare’s plays were performed
The Kings Men
Shakespeare’s acting company was called ______.
During the reign of King James I, Shakespeare’s _____ were written
The play Macbeth was written in _____
The play ____ was written in 1606
____ was the most significant intellectual movement of the Renaissance
painter, architect, poet
Michelangelo was a ____, a _____, and a ____
Michelangelo most famous sculpture is _____.
Sistine Chapel
Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the _____ in the Vatican
Leonardo da Vinci
painted two of the most famous works of the Renaissance The Last Supper and Mona Lisa
The Last Supper and Mona Lisa
Name the two most famous works of the Renaissance
Christian Humanism
____ is the term which applied to humanistic methods to the study of Christianity
Erasus and St. Thomas More
_____ were two famous Christian humanists
St. Thomas More wrote ____ in 1516.
describes a perfect society
St. Thomas More was beheaded for _____
rejecting Henry VIII divorce
Why was St. Thomas More beheaded?
bible, letters of St. Paul, works of St. Augustine
Christian Humanist text included _____, ____, and ______
Christopher Columbus
a well known explorer of the Renaissance was ______.
Desiderius Erasmus
Dutch monk who traveled throughout Europe; taught Greek
Johannes Guteberg
The Printing Press was invented by_____
William Caxton
The Press was set up in England by _____.
How many wives did Henry VIII have?
Royal Navy
Henry VIII created what?
Edward VI, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I
who were the heirs of Henry VIII
James I, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell
who were the heirs of Elizabeth I
James I
benevolent but uninspiring ruler
Charles I
beheaded by powerful subjects
Oliver Cromwell
ruled for 11 years, a puritan dictator
the year of the Spanish Armada

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The Renaissance Period
Renaissance Movement The _____ was the great revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe Italy The Renaissance Movement began in ____ and marked the transition fr
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The Renaissance Period
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