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    American History Part I – Exam 1

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    Why did Spain colonize Florida and the Rio Grande valley?
    D. Spain wanted to protect its colony in Mexico from other Europeans.
    What did leaders of Rhode Island believe would happen to religion if church and state were connected?
    A. Religion would become corrupted.
    What kinds of items were found at a public square in Temixtitlan?

    Use the excerpt and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following questions.

    “This city [Temixtitlan, Mexico] has many public squares, in which are situated the markets and other places for buying and selling. There is one square twice as large as that of the city of Salamanca, surrounded by porticoes, where are daily assembled more than sixty thousand souls, engaged in buying and selling; and where are found all kinds of merchandise that the world affords, embracing the necessaries of life, as for instance articles of food, as well as jewels of gold and silver, lead, brass, copper, tin, precious stones, bones, shells, snails, and feathers.”
    —Hernán Cortés: from Second Letter to Charles V, 1520

    C. Both necessities and jewels.
    What happened after the Albany Plan of Union was drafted? Use the table and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following questions.
    D. The colonists rejected it, and the British had second thoughts about it.
    Which of the following resulted from King Philip’s War?
    A. The Indians lost most of their land in southern New England.
    Which of the following distinguished the Middle Colonies from New England and the Southern Colonies?
    B. Ethnic and religious diversity.
    The earlier years of the Middle Ages began with:
    A. The collapse of the Roman Empire.
    Georgia was initially founded as a haven for:
    A. English debtors.
    The French came to the Americas primarily to:

    Use the map and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following questions.

    D. Profit from the fur trade.
    Which of the following was a push factor that encouraged people to leave England?
    C. Religious persecution.
    Which factor made the most difference in how agriculture affected the economies of the colonies?
    C. Climate.
    Robert de La Salle is noted for:
    C. Claiming for France the land around the Mississippi River.
    Which statement comparing the Middle Ages to the Renaissance is false?
    C. The arts and sciences flourished during both time periods.
    The 1469 marriage of Prince Ferdinand and Queen Isabella created which nation?
    B. Spain.
    A royal colony is owned by the King/Queen, while a proprietary colony is owned by ________________.
    C. Wealthy investors and businessmen.
    Who explored enough of South America to deem it a new continent?
    C. Amerigo Vespucci.
    Who wanted to make one of England’s Southern Colonies into a haven for English debtors?
    D. James Oglethorpe.
    Which were not reason(s) for European exploration in the Americas?
    B. Escape economic and political turmoil.
    The plantation economy in the South produced:
    B. Great profits at the expense of cultural development and equal opportunity.
    The Glorious Revolution was a:
    B. Coup in England during which King James II was overthrown.

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