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    The Northern Renaissance

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    How did Thomas More’s work help spread humanistic ideas?
    He applied them to society.
    Differing interpretations of the Bible by Christians in Europe eventually led to
    the Reformation.
    After many people began reading and interpreting the Bible, they
    began to challenge the Church’s teachings
    By 1500, Renaissance ideas were mainly being spread across Europe through
    The image shows a painting by Han Holbein the Younger called The Ambassadors.

    Based on the painting, which best states how Holbein contributed to the Northern Renaissance?

    Holbein blended techniques from the Italian Renaissance with his own artistic style.
    Where did Italian artists and writers flee for safety during the Italian wars?
    northern Europe
    A Northern Renaissance writer who applied humanistic principles to the theater was
    William Shakespeare.
    How did the end of the Hundred Years’ War in 1453 help spread the Renaissance across northern Europe?
    It allowed France to focus on the Renaissance.
    The popularity of the Gutenberg press in Europe made books more accessible and motivated people to want to learn how to
    Which best describes printing before the invention of the Gutenberg printing press?
    a long, expensive process
    A Northern Renaissance artist who also published books was
    Albrecht Dürer.
    Which best states how Erasmus and More helped spread Renaissance ideas in Europe?
    Both questioned Church teachings while still being religious.
    A Northern Renaissance writer who criticized the Catholic Church was
    Desiderius Erasmus.
    The graph shows the number of books printed in Europe between 1400-1800.

    A conclusion that can be drawn from the graph is that the demand for books increased

    sharply between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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    The Northern Renaissance. (2017, Aug 28). Retrieved from

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