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The Meaning of a Learning (982 words)

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    The meaning of a learning and development is to putt an approach to plan how the organisations will enhance staff capabilities, competencies and skills to remain effective, achievement witch this is a critical thing for the organisation business strategies. And this can happen by employers implementing the plan to develop their staff knowledge and skills and keep them competence to do the work need from and to develop them to do the work in the future and this will be as an investment that benefits the business. Activities of an L&D Practitioner Assessment: needs some skills like Knowledge he must know how to do the assessment and skills like how to identify the needs the problems and the gaps and the weakness and Area of improvement and should have skills of communication the ways how he will communicate with employees and that can happen through much Effective Communication in the Workplace like Open Meeting, Feedback, Use Body Language, verbal communication, One to One.

    At the end the assessment is a way to measure the staff competence against agreed standards and criteria to identify the gap in the process of documenting knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs. Design: needs some skills like methods that he will use while designing the learning program and need skills like coordination and that haw he will shape his training materials and in the training program that he will design also he need skill like organisational and that means how he will structural he the learning program that he wants to deliver the learners. The designing is planning what you want to offer to other, so you should come up with a list of the things you want to keep in your program and writing the subjects that to be added. Monitor: needs to be multitasked, forms, follow up, monitoring is very impotent part of learning and developments, monitoring can be used to Monitor the outcome of effects of the learning program that you have been conducted to measure how they contribute to the outcomes.

    There is some knowledge need to Assess individual training need for all employee. Examples of knowledge: knowledge of the problem and needs By knowing the organization, structure, culture and operation. knowledge of the group need training knowing the people will attend the training, if there is the diversity of jobs, like someone’s from support service and some from finance. the work responsibilities of these people, and the way you can make the training applicable for all peoples. knowledge of the information (collect data) Collect the information from staff by interview and from the team leader, manager, policies, & procedures.

    There is some knowledge need when you will Design a training program:

    1. knowledge of the assessment and learning objectives: And that will know what the kind of training is needed in your organization and to set learning objectives, goals and aims to measure it at the end of the training.
    2.  knowledge of the Consideration of learning styles. Making sure to teach with a variety of learning styles is important to the development of training programs.
    3. knowledge of the Timelines. The time needs to develop the training, and the deadline to complete the training.

    • There is some knowledge need when you will Monitor and review the progress of employee training:

    1.  knowledge of the satisfaction and participant reaction of learners. And that can happen by use handout a survey after the staff finish the training to get how the attendee responded to the program. And we can send a link of an electronic evaluation to check the level of satisfaction training program. And we can use: Are the staff satisfied with training? Did they like the trainer? Did you recommend the trainer to do training again? How they feel for their time it was appropriate? What they think about the material used was they work relevant? Will they recommend the training to their colleagues? Most of the cases, training assessment starts and ends here. Still, there are 4 other significant ways to assess any program of training.
    2. knowledge of the behavioural application Are they applying what they learned? What behaviours are we looking for to promote the knowledge and skills are used on the job next the program?
    3. knowledge of the acquisition And that can happen by giving examination or quiz or by verbal questions in between the training or at the end of the training also we can give the test or ask from the learners demonstrate what the learn at the class or at the job.

    The three Key Behaviours they are important to have as an L&D Practitioner Decisive thinker: Proves the capability to analyse and recognise data and information fast. information Uses, knowledge and insights in an organised way to identify options, make recommendations and make strong, defendable choices A Skilled influencer is to support from various stakeholders in pursuit of organisation and Establishes the ability to the outcome to gain the required pledge. Driven to deliver: the explanation of the consistent and the bias to action should be strong the account for the delivery of results for the person himself or others. active planning, make the priority, and performance observing, others should take the accountable for delivery. Strategy, Insights and solutions To develop an understanding of the organisation and its specific situation and utilise these understandings to modify solutions and strategy to meet organisational needs presently and in the later.

    Leading HR perform as a team leader, expanding the commitment HR, or your professional role makes the organisation throughout both through individual efforts and support, creating and estimating others over the organisation. CPD is Continuing Professional Development. It is a process of following and recording the skills, knowledge, and experience that you expanded both officially and casually as you work, beyond any early training. It’s a type of recording of what you experience, learn and then put on.

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