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    Mission, Objectives, Macroeconomic Policy of the Faysal Bank Essay

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    Result 1

    Identify the mission, aims and duties of an organisation with in its environment

    Result 2

    Investigate the economic, societal and planetary environment in which organisation operate


    This assignment was assign to us with certain aims in head. The intent and aims were to analyze the working of a existent universe organisation practically. To fit pupils with the penetration of organisation and analyse the practical facets of the working of Business Environment and developing the pupil ‘s capableness of using the constructs on the organisation hence acquisition by making. To detect the mission, aims, societal public assistance policy, industrial policy and macroeconomic policy of the Faysal Bank.

    P1 M1 D1: – Identify the mission, values and cardinal aims of the chosen organisation and asses the influence of stakeholders.

    Give your opinions about the organisational public presentation in accomplishing its aim and besides fulfill its stakeholders.

    Justify a pick of a new mission statement & A ; outstanding characteristics.

    Organization: –

    An organisation is an agreement of people, prosecuting common ends, accomplishing consequences and criterions of public presentation. Basically, an organisation in its simplest signifier is a individual or group of people deliberately organized to carry through an overall, common end or set of ends. Business organisations can run in size from one individual to 10s of 1000s.

    Organizations are societal units with a intent. Normally there should be a intent for the birth of an organisation. Each organisation comes into being with a intent specific to its generation. For illustration we have a galaxy of organisations such as authoritiess, authorities bureaus, corporations, concern organisations, universities, ‘trade associations, trade brotherhoods, infirmaries, schools, theaters, municipal corporations, prisons, slaughter houses, professional societies and a host of several other organic structures. Each has its ain intent to populate in the society. ( )

    Mission: –

    Mission or Purpose is a precise description of what an organisation does. It is a definition of “ why ” the organisation exists presently. Each member of an organisation should be able to verbally show this mission. Additionally, each individual needs a mission for his or her life.

    A mission statement focuses on theA howA of your concern. It defines theA purposeA of the concern. It outlines theA reasonA for being for your concern and provides some apprehension of how your concern will be operated-the Strategy. Mission ‘describes the organisation ‘s basic map in society, in footings of the merchandises and services it produces for its clients. “ The specific function that organisation programs to carry through the within society over the long-run and hence limits the range of its operations by implicitly excepting countries outside its declared mission. ” ( )

    Valuess: –

    A value is a belief, a mission, or a doctrine that is truly meaningful to the company. Valuess define the group beliefs, and regulations that control the direction of the company. It represents the organisational doctrine and support to the basic mission of an organisation. An organisation with stronger Valuess base can be really successful in the hereafter for long-run and can accomplish the organisational ends in timely mode. Valuess have impact on each and every activity of the organisation and must be define by the top direction of the organisation in really careful mode. ( )

    Aims: –

    Aims give the concern aA clearly defined mark. An aim is something you want to accomplish. Business aims are something, which a concern organisation wants to accomplish or carry through over a specified period of clip. These may be to gain net income for its growing and development, to supply quality goods to its clients, to protect the environment etc. These are the aims of concern.

    Faysal Bank Limited: –

    Introduction of Faysal Bank Limited:

    Faysal Bank started operations in Pakistan in 1987, foremost as a subdivision set-up of Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain and so in 1995 as a locally incorporated Pakistani bank under the present name of Faysal Bank Limited. On January 1, 2002, Al Faysal Investment Bank Limited, another group entity in Pakistan, merged into Faysal Bank Limited which resulted in a larger, stronger and much more various establishment.

    The strength and stableness of Faysal Bank Limited is apparent through the Credit Rating assigned by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited of “ AA ” ( Double A ) for long to medium term and “ A-1+ ” ( A One Plus ) for short term.

    ( Faysal Bank, Annual Report 2009 )

    Faysal Bank Mission: –

    Achieve leading in supplying fiscal services in chosen markets through invention. To Develop and present the most advanced merchandises, manage client ‘s experience, present measure service that contributes to trade name strength, establishes a comprehensive advantage and enhances profitableness, in this manner supplying value to the stakeholders of the bank. ( )

    Faysal Bank Values: –

    Our day-to-day codification of behavior is exemplified by eight nucleus values:

    Four threshold values – at the bosom of our trade name.

    Four discriminator values – values that set our trade name apart.

    Threshold Valuess: –

    Team Work




    Differentiate Valuess: –





    ( )

    Faysal Bank Aims: –

    Faysal Bank has the undermentioned aims: –

    Prime focal point to gain net income by supplying values to its clients.

    To supply superior services to its clients.

    To supply aid in the development of the commercialism and trade industry.

    Focus on intermixing accomplishments and experience towards making an enabling environment.

    Core focal point is to instill a civilization of coaction intended to delver universe category client service.

    To advance and hike up concern sector inside the state.

    To supply the employment chances in the state.

    To supply loan and progresss to assist out in self employment strategies

    To gain net income for the bank itself and for its stakeholders.

    To make maximal economic value for stockholders through changeless relationship focuses on fiscal services.

    ( Operational Manager of Faysal Bank )

    Stakeholders: –

    Stakeholders are persons or groups who have an involvement in an organisation ‘s ability to present intended consequences and maintain the viability of its merchandises and services. In the development of a house ‘s mission and vision is a good topographic point to get down, but foremost, of class, you must place critical stakeholders, acquire a grip on their short- and long-run involvements, calculate their possible influence on your scheme, and take into consideration how the houses scheme might impact the stakeholders ( beneficially or adversely ) .

    Stakeholders can be internal every bit good as external

    Internal Stakeholders: –

    Internal interest holders are single or groups inside a concern or an organisation can be employees and direction. Members can besides be internal interest holders.

    External Stakeholders: –

    External interest holders are persons or groups outside the concern who are interested in the determinations an organisation makes. They might even hold an consequence on that organisation or concern, External interest holders can be:

    *Standard bureaus *pressure group *Suppliers

    *Customers *Professional organic structures *Local community

    *Government *young people *etc

    Stakeholders overall include:

    *Owners or stockholders *Managers

    *Employees *Customers

    *Government *Suppliers

    *Communities *Investors

    Some stakeholders may hold more than one involvement in a concern. An employee might besides be a stakeholder. Directors are employees of the concern, a client might be a member of a local community but yet they can be stakeholders. Stakeholders in a concern will normally profit from their engagement with the organisation. Employees will gain money which they can pass on goods and services. Customers will devour the goods and services supplied by the concern and the authorities will roll up revenue enhancement from the organisation. ( Wikipedia )

    M1: –

    The chief intent of any commercial bank is to lodge money and to progresss loans to general populace of the state. Besides that the bank besides provides certain other installations in order to keep its stableness and besides achieve the higher client degree. As in today ‘s banking industry a tough competition is traveling on so it ‘s really hard for any bank to fulfill and retain their clients. In meanwhile the keeping and satisfaction of the clients is playing a critical function in the accomplishment of any organisation.

    As the Faysal Bank is working on the mission that “ achieve leading in supplying fiscal services in chosen markets through invention ” . So the Faysal Bank is supplying every merchandise and service with the altering perceptual experience of the heads of the client through invention. Due to this invention the Faysal Bank is supplying a assortment of merchandises and services to their clients throughout the state in order to achieve their aims of supplying superior degree of services to their clients.

    Businesss play an of import function in developing the economic system of any state so the concerns must be facilitated in order to hike up the economic system. Faysal Bank is playing critical function globally in Trade Financing through its web, affiliates and letter writers. The Bank offers standard loan and trade funding installations in order to hike up the corporate concerns in the state. These installations include the short-run and long-run financess, missive of recognition and Bank Guarantees and other related installations for trade.

    Human resources are the chief assets in the accomplishment of aims of any organisation. Faysal bank is working on this and is turn outing better chances for the gifted persons to get down their calling and besides believes in advancing their callings. The environment of working of the Faysal Bank is standardised one in which the persons can prepare their calling. The bank is besides supplying chances for the fresh pupils by engaging them as Management Trainee.

    The Faysal Bank is caring the client by supplying them originative and value added services to clients. So these inventions bring the high net income for both the bank and the associated stakeholders which create high value of their concern in the banking industry.

    D1: –

    Mission Statement for Faysal Bank Limited: –

    Concentrating on the client ‘s trueness by supplying standard fiscal services through developing and presenting advanced merchandises and services maintaining in position the stakeholders profitableness.

    Features: –

    Customers trueness

    Financial Services


    Stakeholders Profitability

    Customer Loyalty: –

    Aim of the bank is to supply valuable and superior services to clients, so for this the Bank is concentrating on close and long term relationship with clients. Their premier purpose as to ease their clients with more advanced fiscal services, so to do them loyal.

    Fiscal Servicess: –

    Aim of the bank is to supply aid for an single and concern, so the bank is supplying mixture of fiscal services to an single and concerns for the development and publicity of person ‘s life and commercialism.

    Invention: –

    The focal point of bank is to convey more new thoughts in their services to their clients. Which will increase the market portion of the bank and will take the bank serve more clients.

    Stakeholders Profitability: –

    By supplying valuable services and invention it will increase the stakeholder ‘s wealth.

    P2 D2: – Measure the extent to which an organisation achieves the aims of three stakeholders.

    Recommend the wide schemes to accomplish stakeholders

    Objective successfully.

    Interest & amp ; Aims of Stake holders: –

    Different Stake holders have diverse nonsubjective and they have different affects on an organisation or concern. Harmonizing to Michael Novak following are seven points that should be kept in head harmonizing to concern moralss when developing dealingss with stakeholders.

    Customer satisfaction by supplying goods and services of existent value.

    Reasonable return on the financess entrusted to the concern by its investors.

    Create new wealth

    New occupation chances

    Promote innovation and creativeness

    One of the most of import is to diverse public involvement into different sectors of life.

    If these six points are taken attention of so a concern would function the common good of the community in several ways.

    Concern can happen in concern when stakeholder involvements are different. Each type of stakeholder is likely to hold a set of involvements which they want to accomplish. It could be argued that:

    Stockholders want regular, secure and high returns.

    Directors want duty, high wagess and a deficiency of intervention in their actions.

    Employees want high net incomes, an interesting occupation and unafraid employment.

    Customers want quality merchandises at low monetary values and a good service

    Suppliers want secure, regular and profitable orders.

    Government wants to accomplish a big figure of ends including growing in the economic system and low rising prices.

    The local community wants booming local concerns which do non do jobs.

    D2: –

    schemes: –

    In maintaining position the aims of the stakeholder ‘s I have recommend following schemes for the Bank which are given below.

    The Bank should supply quality merchandises to fulfill clients need. There must be representative from bank side for the client ‘s at different subdivisions, due to which clients can easy acquire consciousness about the merchandise and besides the Bank should keep strong relationships with the clients. The monetary values of the merchandises and besides involvement rate on loans should non be high. The Bank should put significantly in research and development to develop new merchandises and fabrication procedures. The Bank should besides maintain adept managerial staff so that they can do a good determination & A ; convey new thoughts to develop the merchandises of the bank.

    The bank should give publicity on clip to their employees. There should be a vacancy for publicity officer in the Bank. The Bank should set up preparation for freshly recruited employees. Employees should be motivated by giving hard currency wagess to them so for that purpose the bank must keep a separate caput. The Bank should supply free schooling and medical intervention to their kids ‘s. All the dues should be given to employees clip by clip without any hold.

    Shareholder ‘s wants regular net incomes so If the Bank provides good quality of merchandises so more income will be generated, so in consequence stockholder ‘s will have dividends on a regular basis. Most of import thing is that stockholder ‘s want security of the concern so the Bank should put continuously in the employees who guarantee that they are extremely motivated, good trained and is encouraged to meet the challenges of the hereafter.

    P3 M2: – Explain the duties of an organisation.

    Discuss how much the organisation moving duty under current fortunes.

    Responsible Behavior of an Organization: –

    Social Duty: –

    The societal duty of an organisation may be defined as the duties that the organisation has towards the people and the environment in which the company operate. No organisation would of all time acknowledge to being socially irresponsible, and many organisation claims to move responsibly on societal issues. Pollution control is a peculiarly of import illustration of societal duty by industrial organisations, and some advancement has been made in the development of commercial procedure for re-cycling waste stuff. British Coal efforts to reconstruct the environment by seting on old scoria tonss.

    Environmental Duties: –

    Public concern with environmental pollution has resulted in authorities action. Some of this takes the signifier of revenue enhancement inducements. For illustration, the UK authorities encouraged the usage of nonleaded gasoline by go forthing a lower revenue enhancement than on leaded gasoline. Vehicles that emit lower degrees of C dioxide are charged less route vehicle revenue enhancement. The authorities has besides proposed taxing waste. The UK Government has made a public committedness to cut C dioxide skips.

    Ethical motives and Business: –

    Ethical motives is about the codifications of moral rules that people follow with regard to what is right or incorrect. Ethical rules are non needfully enforced by jurisprudence, although the jurisprudence can be integrated moral judgements ( slaying is ‘wrong ‘ ethically, and is besides punishable lawfully ) .

    Management Duties: –

    The stakeholder position suggests that direction is responsible non merely to the organisation ‘s proprietors ( Shareholders ) , but besides has duties to:





    The Local Community

    The general populace ( and authorities )

    Public Relations and Corporate Image: –

    Corporate image describes the public attitude towards a company, or the image of the company in the head of the general populace and, possibly more specifically, in the heads of possible clients. It is possible to advance a coveted corporate image through a combination of public dealingss, advertisement and the experiences and attitudes build up by clients over the twelvemonth. ( For illustration, the favourable corporate image of Marks and Spencer grew up over many old ages, without the demand for significant PR or advertisement. )

    M2: –

    There are assorted ways and methods for an organisation to see so they can move responsible, nevertheless those assorted ways and methods besides depend on the sort of organisation you are working with. However, the organisation we have selected to compose upon is the banking sector. Banks are situated at at topographic points ideal for clients and are environmental friendly, as edifice do non present menaces to the environment. Given the nature of the bank work, which is chiefly clerical or administrative, employees are non capable to occupational wellness jeopardies. However, a assortment of occupational hazards to wellness make be in the banking sector, as in other clerical businesss. It is the of import for the employees ‘ wellness that equal criterions of hygiene, cleanliness and comfort are maintained in the workplace.

    It is hard, to individual out wellness hazards involved to the banking sector that are non common to other clerical businesss and it is even more hard to insulate any particular jobs in this country for employees of transnational Bankss. In the bulk of instances, foreign and domestic Bankss are furthermore governed by the same legislative criterions with respect to wellness and safety and hygiene in workplaces, which are said to be respected by foreign Bankss and enforced through review at regular intervals. In a figure of states, peculiarly in Europe, enterprises of a certain size are obliged by jurisprudence to put up a joint commission on safety and wellness to supervise the application of legal commissariats, point out lacks and do suggestions for betterments. Many of the big Bankss have gone far beyond the legal prescriptions in their concern for protecting their employee ‘s wellness. For illustration, in a figure of instances they have organized preparation Sessionss for employees on safety and wellness jobs, precautional steps in the workplace, fire bar and other security affairs.

    Ethical codifications are rooted in a wider value system, as to what is right or incorrect. Companies do hold ethical duty and are non protected by limited liability from the effects of their actions. A company ‘s record and the perceptual experience of its moralss affect its repute and guarantee long term success or failure.

    The fiscal community has a history of puting moral considerations above legal or timeserving expedients. But we are frequently exposed to moral dangers. Banker ‘s function is one of stewardship based on trust. They are trusted by the people who ask them to look after their money and they have a responsibility to impart that money responsible.

    Banking is about wagess reflecting existent hazards and ethical considerations form an of import portion of their hazard taking activities. The public assistance of borrowing client ‘s money, in good times and bad is of major concern in any concern proposition. Bank depends on people to run their concern and to reflect their ethical criterions. Banks have to allow their people know what is expected of them.

    A bank duty extends to Government, clients, stockholders, staff and community. In the hereafter, as the Bankss face progressively complex and conflicting issues, their resoluteness and committedness to ethical behaviour will be tested.

    P4: – Explain how economic systems effort to apportion and do effectual usage of resources.

    Different Economic System: –

    There is a immense list of economic systems some of which are as under: –



    Assorted Economy

    Capitalism: –

    In a capitalist economic system most productive assets are held by private proprietors, and most determinations about production and distribution are made by the market instead than authorities bid. Capitalism therefore suggests a system of economic ordinance that involves minimum province engagement. Nonetheless, even the most capitalistic economic systems contain some governmental supervising. The authorities must set up basic institutional regulations, such as contract jurisprudence. The authorities must besides pass to rectify “ market failure or state of affairss where the unregulated market does non work good. Most significantly, in any democratic system a big figure of involvement groups continually petition the authorities for Torahs that bias market procedures in their favours. Possibly the Supreme Court ‘s most of import map as regulator of capitalist economy is to specify the appropriate constitutional bound of governmental intervention with single, market goaded determination devising. ( Brewster, 1998 )

    Socialism: –

    An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are controlled well by the authorities instead than by private endeavor, and in which cooperation instead than competition ushers economic activity. There are many assortments of socialism. Some socialists tolerate capitalist economy, every bit long as the authorities maintains the dominant influence over the economic system ; others insist on an abolishment of private endeavor. All Communists are socialists, but non all socialists are Communists. ( Dunnet, 1997 )

    Assorted Economy: –

    An economic system that combines elements of capitalist economy and socialism, blending some single ownership and ordinance, some capitalist states, France, for illustration, use what is frequently called province capitalist economy. In this signifier of a assorted economic system, the province becomes a major stockholder in private endeavors. An alternate, employed in Great Britain ( more in the past than now ) , is for the province to have some industries while go forthing others in private custodies. ( Brewster, 1998 )

    Allocation Resources in the Economic system: –

    In capitalist economy all rights are with proprietors small involution of authorities Owner ever concentrate it ain involvement. While in socialism all rights and determination are taken under the authorities organic structures every one have there rights No any difference between any differences between persons. Every one can acquire profit from that economic system while in assorted economic system both socialism and capitalist economy take topographic point. The proprietor of private organisation can acquire benefit and besides individual person.

    P5 M3 D3: – Discourse the impact of Social public assistance and Industrial policy.

    What are the response of an organisation towards societal & amp ; industrial policy and recommended solution.

    Social Welfare Policy: –

    Social public assistance or public charity, organized proviso of educational, cultural, medical, and fiscal aid to the demand. Modern societal public assistance steps may include any of the followers: the attention of destitute grownups ; the intervention of the mentally ailment ; the rehabilitation of felons ; the attention of destitute, neglected, and delinquent kids ; the attention and alleviation of the ill or handicapped ; the attention and alleviation of destitute households ; and supervisory, educational, and constructive activity, particularly for the immature.

    Industrial Policy: –

    Industrial policy, government-sponsored economic plan in which the populace and private sectors coordinate their attempts to develop new engineerings and industries. Government provides the fiscal support and capital to the private sector by direct subsidies, revenue enhancement credits, or government-run developmental Bankss. Industrial policy emphasizes cooperation between authorities, Bankss, private endeavor, and employees to beef up the national economic system.

    Impact of Social Welfare Policy on Faysal bank Limited: –

    There are some societal public assistance policies which are given below: –

    Supplying different installations for the employees like flexi loans to the employees.

    Supplying free instruction and medical intervention for their employees.

    Supplying loans for the development of instruction and wellness in the state.

    Provides internships installation for the fresh pupils.

    Provides financess in instance of natural catastrophe in the state.

    Impact of Industrial Policy on Faysal Bank Limited: –

    The chief impact on FBL is if the authorities of Pakistan increase the involvement rate of Pakistan so the all Bankss will impacts on this determination of authorities Due to more involvement net income will diminish and people will purchase less services and installations from the selected organisation.

    M3 & A ; D3: –

    Social Welfare Policy: –

    The impact of Social Welfare Policy on Faysal Bank is erstwhile positive and negative. In instance of supplying free instruction and medical intervention etc the bank has to pass money which can impact their fiscal place. While on other manus, by supplying these installations pupils get motivated. The Bank provides installation of internship to fresh pupils to develop their practical accomplishments. Faysal Bank provides Gratuity Fund to their employees. The Bank provides fund to IDP ‘s, earthquake/flood affected people, in instance of natural catastrophe in the state.

    Industrial Policy: –

    Industries are turning in this prima age so the Faysal Bank is besides one of the taking Bank in the banking sector of Pakistan. The Bank provides assortment of merchandises of standardised nature which encourages the bank place to be stable in that sector. Against other rivals in the Banking sector, the Faysal Bank has provided advanced merchandises and services to their clients and to concern. Supplying loans to concerns and promoting different concerns and supplying standard services by Faysal Bank is stand foring that the bank has given full response towards the industrial policy.

    Solution: –

    Harmonizing to my research Faysal Bank is non yet confronting any major jobs sing Social Welfare Policy and Industrial Policy.

    P6: – Measure the impact of macroeconomic policy and its influence.

    Macroeconomic Policy Measures: –

    Macroeconomic is one of the two most general Fieldss of economic sciences that literally means pull offing economic sciences at big. It deals with the full economic system ‘s public presentation, entire sum of goods and services produced, determination devising, construction and etc. It can be national, regional, or planetary economic system. It includes the survey of GDP, unemployment rates, and general behaviour of monetary values to understand how the economic system works. It besides develops theoretical accounts for analysis of national income, rising prices, nest eggs, investing, international trade and etc. ( Dunnet, 1997 )

    Fiscal Policy: –

    Measures employed by authoritiess to stabilise the economic system, specifically by seting the degrees and allotments of revenue enhancements and authorities outgos. When the economic system is sulky, the authorities may cut revenue enhancements, go forthing taxpayers with excess hard currency to pass and thereby increasing degrees of ingestion. An addition in public-works disbursement may likewise pump hard currency into the economic system, holding an expansionary consequence. Conversely, a lessening in authorities disbursement or an addition in revenue enhancements tends to do the economic system to contract. Fiscal policy is frequently used in tandem with pecuniary policy. Until the 1930s, financial policy aimed at keeping a balanced budget ; since so it has been used “ countercyclical, ” as recommended by John Maynard Keynes, to countervail the rhythm of enlargement and contraction in the economic system. Fiscal policy is more effectual at exciting a flagging economic system than at chilling an inflationary one, partially because disbursement cuts and revenue enhancement additions are unpopular and partially because of the work of economic stabilizers.

    ( Dunnet, 1997 )

    Monetary Policy: –

    Measures employed by authoritiess to act upon economic activity, specifically by pull stringsing the money supply and involvement rates. Monetary and financial policy are two ways in which authoritiess try to accomplish or keep high degrees of employment, monetary value stableness, and economic growing. Monetary policy is directed by a state ‘s cardinal bank. In the U.S. , pecuniary policy is the duty of the Federal Reserve System, which uses three chief instruments: open-market operations, the price reduction rate, and modesty demands. In the post-World War II epoch, economic experts reached a consensus that, in the long tally, rising prices consequences when the money supply grows at excessively rapid a rate. ( Dunnet, 1997 )

    Impact of Monetary Policy on Faysal Bank Limited: –

    The supply of money will cut down, and the flow of money will be a smaller sum due to all this it will impact the concern public presentation. Decrease in concern actions will diminish purchasing power of people and income rate. Due to more involvement net income will diminish and people will purchase less services and installations from the selected organisation.

    Impact of Fiscal Policy on Faysal Bank Limited: –

    Due to lift in rate of revenue enhancement the selected organisation has to pay excess revenue enhancements, and due to this it will do decrease in investing because of less net incomes and high revenue enhancements. The expansion in the authorities disbursals or payments will increase employment rate every bit good as the buying power of the people means they will pass more. This will do rise in demand of infirmary installations and services.


    Faysal Bank Annual Report

    Faysal Bank Website

    Business Studies Book ( 2nd edition ) by Dave Hall. Rob Jones. Carlo Raffo, edited by Ian Chamberss and Dave Gray.

    Brewster, D – Business Economics ( International Thompson Business Press,1998 )

    BPP Learning Media – Business Environment ( BPP Learning Media,2007 )

    Dunnet, A – The Macroeconomic Environment ( Prentice Hall, 1997 )

    Lecture Slides

    Personal visit to the office of Faysal Bank Limited

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