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    The Habib Bank Limited Commerce Essay

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    Habib Bank Limited normally referred to as Habib Bank is the largest bank in Pakistan and a exhaustively established banking concatenation throughout the universe.

    HBL has an extended web of 1425 subdivisions in Pakistan and 55 international subdivisions that makes it one of the largest Bankss in Pakistan today.

    Habib Bank Plaza is located in Karachi ; Sindh is the formal central office of the bank. The bank has a web outside Pakistan including USA, UK, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

    Customers are the cardinal that makes HBL a top-ranked bank and HBL continuously strives to maintain its clients happy, which is why HBL has a wide scope of merchandises that cater to the different demands of its clients.

    In footings of HR activities, HBL could be ranked as one of the best employers in Pakistan.

    The bank has a elaborate Hour policy that is continuously updated maintaining in head the alterations in engineering and even employees duties.

    This study highlights the enlisting processs, choice, preparation, compensation and benefits that HBL covers in its HR policy. The HR section is n’t the lone party responsible for all the HR policies ; HBL besides uses the services of confer withing houses that help in administrating the hour maps.


    Hbl was founded in Pakistan as on 1947, the central office was situated in Karachi.

    It started its operations in other states during 1951 when it opened its first subdivision abroad in Sri Lanka and Habib bank Plaza was built in 1972 to mark the bank ‘s twenty-fifth day of remembrance.

    It has come a long manner from its modest beginnings in Mumbai ( Bombay ) during 1941

    when it commenced operations with a fixed capital of 25,000 rupees.

    The strong public presentation and growing of Hbl in its initial old ages impressed Mohammed Ali Jinnah ( the laminitis of Pakistan ) who had so asked the Habib Bank to travel its operations to Karachi after the independency of Pakistan.

    Habib Bank Limited established itself in Karachi in 1944 and became a symbol of pride and advancement for the people of Pakistan.

    Habib Bank Ltd was runing under province ownership from 1974-2004.

    Although in 2004 it went under denationalization and as of today 51 per centum of the Bank ‘s portions are purchased by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, an bureau of the Aga Khan Development Network. The Government of Pakistan is expected to bit by bit deprive its staying portions in the Bank.


    HBL was the first commercial bank to be established in Pakistan in 1947.

    Over the old ages, HBL has grown its subdivision web and it now the largest private sector bank that has over 1,450 subdivisions across the state and a client base which is transcending five million relationships.

    HBL has its presence in 25 states, its subordinates in Hong Kong and the UK, affiliates in Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya and Kyrgyztan and representative offices in Iran and China, HBL is besides the largest domestic multinational from Pakistan.

    The Bank is spread outing its presence in chief international markets including the UK, UAE, South and Central Asia, Africa and the Far East.

    The important cardinal countries of operations encompass merchandise offerings and services in Retail Banking.

    HBL besides takes pride in keeping the largest Corporate Banking portfolio in Pakistan with an active Investing Banking arm.

    In the urban every bit good as rural Centres, the banking services that HBL offers are SME and Agriculture loaning programmes.

    In the UK and GCC, HBL focuses on trade finance and remittals for the South Asiatic diaspora in add-on to basic banking installations.

    HBL takes pride in the fact that it has ever been a bank and a trade name for the multitudes, with a history that is inextricably linked with the history of Pakistan itself.

    As it continues to turn, both locally and abroad, it strives to incarnate its trade name personality: honest, accessible, inclusive.

    HBL is presently rated AA+ ( Long term ) and A1+ ( Short term ) * . It is the first Pakistani bank to raise Tier II Capital from external beginnings.

    Mission Statement:

    To do our clients prosper, our staff excel and make value for stockholders.

    Vision Statement:

    Enabling people to progress with assurance and success.


    HBL values are the cardinal rules that define its civilization and are brought to life in their attitude and behaviours. It is these values that make HBL unique and unmistakable.

    The values are defined below:


    This is at the nucleus of everything we do. The markets in which it operates are going progressively competitory, giving our clients an copiousness of pick.

    Merely through being the really best – in footings of the service we offer, our merchandises and premises – can we trust to be successful and grow.


    HBL is the taking bank in Pakistan and our success depends upon trust. Its clients – and society in general – expect us to possess and firm adhere to

    high moral rules and professional criterions.

    Customer Focus

    HBL understands to the full the demands of its clients and accommodate its merchandises and

    services to run into these. It ever strive to set the satisfaction of its clients foremost.


    HBL ever believes in giving chances and advantages to its employees on the footing of their ability. They believe in honoring accomplishment and in supplying excellent calling chances for all.


    HBL believes in the promotion of society through the acceptance of enlightened on the job patterns, advanced new merchandises and procedures and a spirit of endeavor.

    HBL Merchandises

    Domestic Banking: Service Line

    In domestic banking HBL trades with the following assorted fiscal minutess and provides a broad array of services to its clients:

    Consumer Banking Servicess:

    Habib Bank Ltd. has continuously strived to run into this demand and along with its regular consumer banking services it has frequently introduced rather advanced services in the market in order to fulfill its clients. Some of its great accomplishments are that Habib Bank Ltd. was the first bank to present Traveler ‘s Cheques in Pakistan, and the Habib Bank Master Card was the first to be introduced in the part.

    Cash Management Services

    HBL ‘s Cash direction Services expression after the local and transverse boundary line payments, aggregations, history services and liquidness direction for both corporate and institutional clients.

    Utilities Servicess

    For the convenience of its clients Habib Bank ever is willing to stand on their side to supply as per standing order installations to the clients like, bank paid Electricity Bills, Phone Bills, Gas Bills and other public-service corporations disbursals on the behalf of client.

    Transferring of Money

    The bank provide installation of transferring of money from one topographic point to another topographic point within the state every bit good as outside Pakistan the bank receive normal alterations as per their agenda of charges declared half annually from their clients for reassigning the money. The assorted channels of remittal are as under: 1 Demand Draft ( DD ) 2 Telegraphic Transfer ( TT ) 3 Mail Transfer ( MT ) 4 Muhafiz Transfer Cheques ( TC )

    Covering in discounting of rubric to goods

    The measures section of the subdivision trades with the discounting assorted rubric to goods such as measure of ladling ( B/L ) , Railway reception ( R/R ) , Truck Receipt ( T/R ) Airway Bill ( AWB ) .

    Issue of letters of warrant

    The bank issue missive of warrant on behalf of its clients financing client governments export publicity agency Sui nothern gas grapevine, other authorities bureaus as requested by its clients.

    Merchandise Lines


    Habib Bank Auto Finance, offers the client, an expedient and economical manner of carry throughing their demands of having the auto of their pick on their footings. Options of low-cost down payments, convenient refund agreements in the signifier of monthly rental payments, which are tailored to the expected hard currency flows of the client are some of the host of value added characteristics, this merchandise offers its clients.


    Habib Bank brings the most low-cost and convenient strategy to finance one ‘s ain house. Habib Bank – House Finance, a demand / running finance installation to help an person in turning his vision into a world. With adaptable options, changing sums and flexible term of offices one can get down switching to, edifice or restituting one ‘s ain house in few hebdomads.

    Habib Bank Value Debit Card

    Habib Bank Value Debit Card is a secure and convenient payment tool. It is linked to the personal Habib Bank history of the client. When the client uses Value Card at mercantile establishments for payment of day-to-day purchases, the exact purchase sum is deducted from their personal Habib Bank history.


    Habib Bank FlexiLoans is a personal loan merchandise, which is available for salaried persons for a assortment of grounds. Whether it is for a kid ‘s instruction, a much needed holiday, a girl ‘s nuptials or even merely a shopping fling, HBL FlexiLoans is a flexible funding strategy which can really supply the much needed hard currency to carry through all such demands.

    Habib Bank Master Card

    Habib Bank MasterCard opens a universe of convenience for its clients. Be it shopping or going or medical disbursal, HBL MasterCard sets you free from the fusss of transporting hard currency, wherever you are. You have the option to take from our Domestic or International cardaˆ¦ depending on your demands

    Habib Bank Lifestyle

    Habib Bank ‘s Lifestyles Financing Scheme provides funding for family contraptions and consumer electronics on easy footings and flexible term of offices. The merchandise aims to convey comfort into each domestic unit by supplying funding for indispensable domestic points, the purchase of which may be postponed by families due to dearth of financess. The bank aims to supply speedy funding so that households do non postpone purchase of such necessities, and all such points are effortlessly accessible as and when required.


    Job Analysis at HBL

    This is the process that is undertaken in finding the responsibilities and undertakings of a place in the organisation, the needed features of the people make fulling in those occupation places.

    There are particular consultancy houses that could help in an organisations human resource planning ; HBL is utilizing the services of ‘Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates ‘ which is one of the pioneering direction consulting houses.

    SMHA provides occupation analysis services to HBL and for that it collects information through:




    Interviewing is a important beginning that is used in roll uping information for the occupation analysis process. Employees, group of employees every bit good as the supervisors are interviewed due to the huge cognition they have about the occupation place.

    The interviews are normally structured and sometimes may even be unstructured.

    In the structured interview a sequence of inquiries are followed by the interviewer.

    However, in the unstructured interview the interviewer pursues any interesting subjects that may look relevant to them in the procedure of responses to inquiries.


    Herein employees are given a questionnaire which they have to the reply and it helps in quantifying their job-related responsibilities and duties.

    Questionnaires are besides of assorted formats although chiefly their either open-ended [ more qualitative ] or structured [ quantitative ] .

    Amongst the quantifiable questionnaire methods used, HBL chiefly uses the ‘Position analysis questionnaire ‘ .

    The place analysis questionnaire is used to roll up quantifiable informations refering the cardinal responsibilities and duties of the assorted occupations. It analysis a occupation harmonizing to five chief activities, which are:

    Decision making/communication/social duties

    Performing skilled activities

    Bing physically active

    Operating vehicles/equipment

    Processing Information

    In Habib Bank occupation analysis is normally conducted:

    When it ‘s opening a new subdivision, or presenting a new engineering or a new product/new services etc.

    The intent of occupation analysis at HBL is:

    aˆ?To cod information refering the varied degree of activities to be performed

    aˆ?Collection of informations about the accomplishments, instruction, experience, forces qualities that are needed in choice of the suited individual for right occupation.

    Job Analysis for Top Level Management:

    The occupation analysis for the top direction is supervised and administered by the HR section at the caput office situated at Karachi. For make fulling the respected vacancies the caput office uses internal every bit good as external beginning of enlisting.

    An illustration of occupation description and occupation specification of a managerial station in HBL is as follows. This was constructed with the assistance of a thorough occupation analysis.

    Managerial Job Description

    Job Title: Branch Manager

    Job Summary: Promotes banking in the community and manages branch operations in

    coordination with the caput office.


    aˆ?Highlight the services of the bank in the community to pull people for opening their

    histories to increase the bank assets.

    aˆ?To operate the subdivision in such a manner that the cost of operation is minimized and the services

    are maximized.

    aˆ? To look into and publish loans on virtue for the addition of bank grosss.

    Managerial Job Specification:


    This occupation is for the trained individual and should hold minimal 2 old ages of working experience.

    Previous occupation public presentation should be good.

    Personality: Attractive

    Qualification: MBA or MS in relevant field.

    Forces Planing at HBL

    The HR Department at HBL is responsible for effectual HR planning specially the sing demand and supply of employees and besides calculating for prospective demands and supply that may be needed at a ulterior clip.

    The aims of human resource planning for HBL the is same like all the other organisations which chiefly centres around prediction and planning for acquisition, keeping, betterment and the use of HR.

    At HBL, Human Resource Planning encompasses determination devising in three countries that have combined activities:

    Measure 1: Habib Bank Limited makes a list of demands refering the specified occupation maintaining in position the demands, aims, extra human resource and accomplishments required, so bank is able to engage the services of right sort of individual to make full the peculiar occupation.

    Measure 2: HBL make programs for motive of their employees by giving them different types of marks and inducements on their achievement and for conveying excellence in the public presentation of employees in the organisation.

    Measure 3: There is an interlinking between the employee ends and the organisational ends.

    Human resource planning is specifically performed in these two activities:

    Forecasting employee demand

    Introducing new services

    Opening new subdivisions

    Changing client demands

    Puting up new engineering

    Forecasting employee supply


    Job rotary motions


    Internal Promotion

    Recruitment and Choice at HBL

    HBL has a really systematic process of enrolling its employees, which is wholly based on its value ‘Meritocracy ‘ .

    The merit-based enlisting procedure at HBL incorporates the rules of equal chance and this consequences in the assignment of the most efficient and capable campaigner.

    Such a procedure ensures openness every bit good as transparence, and allows a greater assurance in the result of the choice procedure.

    The virtue rule at HBL chiefly aims in placing the most suited individual for the occupation assessed on the footing of the undermentioned parametric quantities:


    Educational Background


    Skills and Competences


    Abilities and Attitude




    Interpersonal / Communication accomplishments

    Campus Hiring:

    HBL has a really active hiring process for pupils and it yearly visits universities in hunt for prospective occupation campaigners.

    As portion of HBL ‘s human resource scheme, it on a regular basis visits assorted universities across the state to invest & amp ; groom fresh concern alumnuss every twelvemonth.

    Enthusiastic and gifted young person signifier is important and therefore they are even nurtured to go future leaders at HBL.

    To pull the best immature endowment, the resourcing section employs a pro-active scheme. HBL actively participates in campus seminars by giving presentations that highlight HBL ‘s background, vision, mission, values, enlisting & A ; choice procedure, future calling chances and overall concern schemes.

    Fresh endowment is hired on a lasting footing and their offered a broad scope of calling chances from assorted sections across the organisation such as Information engineering, Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR.

    This is the procedure that is undertaken at HBL in make fulling in places:

    For choice HBL normally does:


    Written trials

    Background Checks

    After the enlisting procedure, choice of most dependable and capable appliers is made at HBL under the supervising of HR personals.

    First HBL advertises in all types of media which includes newspaper, magazine, website etc ) where the populace is informed that a peculiar state of affairs is vacant for the undermentioned station, for which their standards [ usually in HBL ] are:

    O Candidate must be a citizen of Pakistan.

    O Should be qualified in the relevant field holding alumnus or post-graduate grade.

    Campaigners so send their filled applications against the vacant stations advertised in the newspapers, after advertisement different people apply for the occupation.

    In the preliminary phase of enlisting, the CV ‘s that are of irrelevant applications are screened out and relevant applications are called for written trial.

    This trial is examined by IBP ( Institute of Bankers Pakistan ) . The trial form is of GMAT format in which the institute Judgess the individual occupation behaviour and accomplishments of making single every bit good as group undertakings.

    Normally interviews are single, nevertheless when a group interview is conducted herein the campaigners are given a specific subject to debate approximately, this group treatment chiefly helps in judging personality traits every bit good as leading qualities that give the campaigner its USP.

    The External beginnings of engaging HBL utilizations are:

    Ads through newspapers ( Jang, Dawn and The News viz. )

    Trade and Professional Journals ( Aurora Magazine )

    Online Job web sites ( )

    The external beginnings that supply possible campaigners are:

    Sidat Hydey Morshad Associates

    Employee referrals


    Walk-in interviews

    The internal beginnings that supply campaigners:

    Rehiring former employees

    Job Posters

    Training at HBL

    Habib Bank believes that developing plays a critical function in the development of the gifted and energetic young person of the state. History reveals that HBL pioneered its first preparation programme in 1946, which was followed by many other plans since so onwards. The preparation division carries out a endowment Hunt programme on a regular basis that so makes the choice of the possible campaigners for the banking profession on analyzing their virtues.

    The preparation methods that are undertaken by HBL are:

    Soft skill functional preparation: This is normally done in order to better the personality traits of HBL employees and besides other physical idiosyncrasies such as societal grace, personal wonts, eloquence of linguistic communication etc.

    On-the-job preparation: Different methods are employed such as coaching and mentoring. The trainee is taught every bit good as supervised besides a batch of occupation rotary motion activity happens in this scenario.

    Class room lectures: HBL had launched a two-day standardised preparation programme on ‘Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering ‘ , in joint coaction with Global Compliance and HR and OD groups for all its employees.

    Class room lectures aid beef up the unity of concern relationships, mitigate turning hazards and make awareness amongst HBL ‘s work force.

    HBL besides launched an Urdu version of the policy papers every bit good as doing usage of province of the art preparation tools.

    Besides these there besides other preparation processs for new employees such as:

    Management Trainee: This keeps a ticker for extremely motivated persons who have the possible and capableness and exhibit a future leader ‘s qualities.

    This plan offers extended synergistic schoolroom preparation, occupation rotary motions, and personal mentoring which makes this whole procedure a comprehensive acquisition experience.

    Management Associate: This is a preparation and rotational plan that chiefly emphasizes in subdivision dealing and the banking demands in a subdivision. This offers accelerated development chances across different banking divisions such as retail, commercial and priority banking.

    Cash Military officers: HBL does believe in the fact that employees of the bank are its trade name embassadors, which is why they should expose model accomplishments when managing clients. This is a one month preparation plan that is based on subdivision banking operations before any arrangement in the subdivision.

    HR Centre




    Identification & A ; choice

    Of competent employees



    Adapted and competent employees with up-to-date accomplishments and cognition

    Performance Appraisal at HBL

    The Job Evaluation Criteria of HBL:

    The basic wage

    The fixed wage

    The rewards which comprises of the rates for the occupations, these are fundamentally for accomplishment based occupations wherein these rates may change harmonizing to the accomplishment and competency of a individual. Management judgement is used in the repair of these rates when recruiting and retaining an employee.

    Equally far as public presentation assessment is concerned HBL adopts two types of attacks and those are: The traditional attack and The modern attack.

    a. Traditional Approach:

    In this attack of assessment a holistic position is undertaken about the overall organisation, which is based on its past public presentation. In HBL a reappraisal is done at subdivision degree. Each subdivision has the duty of demoing its public presentation in conformity with the ends that have been set and that excessively heading towards a positive way.

    B. Modern Approach:

    With this method, all the employees are allocated certain specific ends or marks that are to be fulfilled in a given clip period that has been allocated to them, this finally shows the overall public presentation of each employee e.g. the sedimentations that they collected and whether they matched it up to the sum bounds.

    The public presentations of all the subdivisions are reviewed at the terminal of the fiscal twelvemonth which is December.

    Compensation and Benefits at HBL

    HBL offers its employees compensation in assorted forms such as:

    Cancelled vacations fees

    Injuries during a occupation undertaking

    Cost of medical interventions

    Repair of vehicles

    Employees can claim these types of compensation at any clip, when such an incident occurs.

    HBL is one of the most employee-centred Bankss in the state, which is why they have a really elaborate benefits program, which includes:


    Paid clip off

    Training Plans



    If employees are on a vacation, or either on ill they are still compensated, which is indicated by the ‘paid clip off ‘ program.

    Employees approaching the age of retirement are compensated in forms of tip, pensions, ace annuation fund and provident fund.

    In the instance of any disablement the bank assures fiscal support, when the employees are sick and are either unable to make their occupation the bank offers different types of instruction and preparation plans to the employees so that they could supply and sharpen their accomplishments.

    Presently, HBL is one of the first few companies that if offering its employees free of cost 12 % of GOP portions under the ‘Benazir Employees Stock Options Scheme ‘ [ BESOS ] .

    Motivation at HBL

    Motivation is the willingness of employees to exercise high degrees of attempt in the achievement of ends. With motive nowadays there is a higher success rate in the accomplishment and fulfilment of any undertaking.

    Directors at HBL are watchful about the demands of the employees that match “ Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands ” this is indicated even in its moralss policy, which is discussed subsequently on.

    Since Bankss are all about services that are rendered by worlds, therefore it is a known fact that there are different types of workers. HBL recognizes the fact that it has both types of workers that are discussed in “ McGregor ‘s theory X and theory Y ” , although most of the employees belong to the “ theory Y ” class, herein the leaders/supervisors know that actuating these persons warrants effectiveness, action and duty fulfilment.

    Ethical motives at HBL

    Hbl strongly emphasizes on carry oning the concern with full conformity with the jurisprudence, the regulations and the ordinances that have been determined by the community.

    Therefore, the employees of HBL at all times have to expose the highest criterion of ethical interaction and fairness in conformance with the set codification of moralss and the professional concern behavior.

    The aims that reflect HBL ‘s codification of moralss are:

    Code of moralss at HBL

    Honest and ethical Behavior

    Conformity with applicable Government Torahs

    Promotion of

    Internal coverage

    Any behavior that may be damaging or harm the repute of HBL is non tolerated.

    A transcript of codifications of behavior is given to every employee and it is compulsory for them to stay by it and this is indicated by a written signature.

    Keeping office decorousness:

    It ‘s indispensable for all the employees to follow with the office timings and assure that there ‘s no break in any work committedness.

    A proper frock codification is required to be maintained by the employees, they need to be well-presentable every bit good as good groomed at all times. The other accessory staff needs to be in uniforms.

    At all times the employees have to show a high criterion of behaviour, attitude, there needs to be positiveness in their organic structure linguistic communication. Patience and niceness is the key in managing clients.

    Every employee needs to guarantee their work country is clean.


    Every policy refering HBL ‘s concern, merchandises or services, advanced engineering, new selling methods or systems should ne’er be disclosed or discussed with any 3rd party.

    No 3rd party should be given any of import fiscal information sing the clients unless the revelation is necessary for the jurisprudence illustration money laundering ; or protects the bank ‘s involvement illustration suspected fraud.

    Conflicts of involvement:

    Personal involvements of the employees should ne’er conflict with their responsibilities in the bank or in their services to the client.

    It is compulsory for an employee to avoid struggle between all degrees i.e. fiscal, political, societal and personal involvements.

    For higher degree employees, it is important they do non reexamine a loan for an organisation they may be a manager of.

    Gifts and Incentives:

    There is no permission at any cost given to employees to accept gifts, favours or any amusement from bing or prospective clients.

    Outside Pressure:

    At all times, employees should forbear from motivating any external force per unit area or influence for the attainment of their ain personal ends and benefits in the bank. If any employee exerts such a behaviour they would b subjected to disciplinary action.

    Insider Trading:

    Employees should forbear and purely reprobate any insider trading in HBL portions, even they should avoid doing a trade, reding or set uping a trade for person else, even if its for securities listed in the stock exchange.

    There are certain internal regulations refering personal trading in securities which have been placed by HBL and they apply to all employees.

    HBL has full cooperation in the thrust against money laundering and the governments have been giving full authorization to impound any returns of offense.

    The assorted concern divisions in the bank have been given guidelines that aid them in the conformity of the anti-money laundering policy.

    Cardinal Principles:

    The aureate regulation at HBL is to “ cognize your client ” .

    The assorted concern divisions are required to maintain a record of client designation for at least five old ages, since the shutting of their history. In the instance of minutess, the jurisprudence in Pakistan provinces that for five old ages at least the record should be maintained.

    Employees should non inform any client if their history ‘s being investigated for any condemnable activity.

    Protecting Bank Resources:

    It is the duty of all the employees to safeguard the bank and even its client ‘s touchable assets which includes hard currency, securities, physical belongings and services and client information.

    Interaction and personal communicating between the clients and their directors should be kept at lower limit.

    Stationary which includes letterheads should merely be used for concern intents merely.

    Discrimination or Harassment:

    HBL employs equality in footings of gender and faith.

    Its purely prohibited to hold any torment or any sorts of sexual favoritism whether its committed to the clients, subordinates or even supervisors etc.

    Its purely condemned to know apart or hassle any employee because of gender, credo, age, faith, matrimonial position or any physical disablement.

    The other regulations that HBL moralss policy screens are right of first publications, accurate coverage and record maintaining, scrutinizing and regulators, zero tolerance to workplace force and most significantly equal employment chances which in inside informations screens issues such as nepotism.

    Career Planning and Progress

    This is a calling ladder that has shown the growing from a hard currency officer to a subdivision director.

    It suggests that a strong sense of way if coupled with duty encouragements motive degrees and enhances non lone public presentation but even productiveness.

    A holistic calling patterned advance program is covered below in the chart:

    Career Progression Plan

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