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    The Era of Innovation – Cubism and Fauvism Essay

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    The era of change, during the early 20th century two forms of artistic techniques were born referred to as cubism and fauvism. Fauvism was the first technique born in 1904 by a leader named Matisse of a new group of experimental painters known as the Fauves (wild Beasts). This form of art was known for their application of color to bring the object to reality to evoke strong emotion from the viewer. Cubism is a technique that formed later on around 1908 by two painters named Picasso and Braque.

    This technique questioned the very nature of reality by forming art outside of reality introducing two and three dimensional elements of space known as collage. Cubism and Fauvism share similarities, but they also are very different forms of art. Cubism was one of the most influential movements born out of the collaboration of the 20th century. Inspired by past impressionists and post-impressionism of French painters in the 19th century a new era of change occurred.

    Taking the very theory of complementarity art, discoveries in physics, and producing modern art by a new technique where illusions itself lied truth (pg. 125). Relatively, similar to that of Fauvism, as the second most influential movement inspired by both impressionism and post-impressionism that introduced the notion of speed and motion. These two techniques collided together forming a contrast of similar and dissimilar pieces of art. Cubist and Fauvist painters like Picasso and Matisse illustrate the very concept of both techniques in their details. In Picasso painting Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon, the artist presents a group of nude figures, as well as the fauvist style in Matisse painting called Le Bonheur de vivre (The joy of Life).

    Picasso figures of the five women set in a rendering position, similar to Matisse figures of men and women set in a posed position. Picasso painting forms squared and angular composition in the background, unlike in Matisse painting that shows circular and round composition in the background (pg. 1122). Picasso painting figures stand still like without movement while Matisse figures are active in moment (pg. 1122). Additionally, Picasso canvas shows unrealistic geometric form of the curves of the women’s bodies, unlike the women and men in Matisse scene that shows realistic forms.

    Picasso has two-dimensional space in the background between the curtains. However, Matisse background has flat and erotic two-dimensional space. Picasso lacks emotion through sense of color yet adds the use of an imitative color like black, beige, blue, and brown-red of the figures hair, bodies, faces, and background. On the other hand, Matisse has a contrast of colors like red-orange, green, and blue-violet, throughout the scenery and figures that evoke strong emotion to the viewer (pg. 1122).

    Picasso’s scene takes places at night, whereas Matisse takes place during the day (pg. 122). Picasso’s painting dominates tension that grabs the viewer inwards, unlike in Matisse that is completing absently (pg. 1122). The figures in Picasso’s painting show more than one aspect of emotions, rather only one emotion is shown in Matisse’s. The sense of control is tightly managed on every line and shape in Picasso’s work, yet in Matisse’s work it’s freely expressed and unrestrained. The painting that appeals to me the most is Picasso oil canvas Houses on the Hills, Horta de Ebro, done in 1909.

    The painting appeals to me the most, because the artist creates a battlefield between perception and illusion. Allowing me to see the object of the cubes from multiple viewpoints. In addition, this is not to mention the fact, that Picasso took a huge risk in painting illusions and the very logic to reality outside of the frame (pg. 1122). For example, the artist use of optical effects of 3-dimensional cubic distinction, creates a scene to be viewed from a closer perspective when in reality it would be further.

    At the same time, use a contrast of dark green and light brown colors to bring the focal point forward. In addition, the colors bought the drapery that recede near the background, and into the shadow areas between the cubes. This a brilliant masterpiece that brings forth the value of abstract arch sculpture and landscape. The change that occurred through the two new forms of art techniques fauvism and Cubism transformed the 20th century. The theory of complementarity and physics, where realistic and unrealistic art produced an artistic innovation led to the revolution of visual arts.

    Painters like Picasso, Braque, and Matisse produced art that challenge this very concept of modern art. The painting Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon by Picasso, became the inspiration that started this era of change from complementarity to modern art and the form of cubism. Where the painting of Le Bonheur de vivre (Joy of Life) by Matisse, inspired the application of new colors and the idea of speed and motion that formed fauvism. All of which capture the moment of time, emotion, harmony, and sexuality.

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