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Renaissance Lesson 1

Which attitude is most typical of Italy during the Renaissance?
emphasis on the individual
The economic power of the Italian states led to
their increased political power.
Of the European population, peasants and townspeople
made up the largest group.
Renaissance Lesson 1

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The Italian Wars, fought between France and Spain, reached a turning point when
Spanish forces sacked Rome.
Which famous family ruled Florence?
Visconti family
Machiavelli believed that moral principles
should not influence political activity.
The monarchies of France and Spain were attracted by Italy’s
When did children become emancipated in Renaissance Italy?
when their father freed them
In The Book of the Courtier, Castiglione stated that
nobles should follow a standard of conduct.
Why did Savonarola gain power?
He condemned the corruption of the Medici family.
What were the five major territorial states that had come to dominate the peninsula, why?
Milan, Venice, and Florence, the Papal States centered on Rome, and the Kingdom of Naples because of their economic power
soldiers who fought primarily for money.
An elected leader
Niccolò Machiavelli
His book The Prince is one of the most influential works on political power in the Western world.
In the Middle Ages, many writers on political power had emphasized what?
the duty of rulers to follow Christian moral principles.
He believed that morality was unrelated to politics.
Niccolò Machiavelli
What does Machiavelli use as the basis for his argument about how a prince should act?
a leader must do good when possible, but be ready to do evil when necessary.
What are the three social classes that divided the Middles Ages society?
the nobility
the peasants and townspeople.
What were the Characteristics of a noble or well-developed individual?
must come from a noble family
character, grace, and talent
a warrior
classically educated
interested in Arts
follow certain standards of conduct
The aim of the perfect noble
to serve his prince in an effective and honest way.
With their wealth from trade, industry, and banking, they dominated their communities and were At the top of urban society.
the shopkeepers, artisans, guild masters, and guild members.
What did the Statue David Symbolize
The word Renaissance means
a system of values and beliefs that is based on the idea that people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion
burgher republic
a form of government in which the leader is not a king
and certain citizens have the right to vote
to influence or control
a change to a lower state or level
an amount of money that the wife’s family gave to the husband at the time
of marriage.
In the Renaissance, who made up most of the European population?
In the Renaissance, who were the middle class?
In the Renaissance, who were the upper class?
Townspeople that were wealthy from
trade, industry, and banking
How did Machiavelli’s view of the responsibilities of a ruling class differ from Castiglione
Machiavelli believed that results, not morality, should control political decisions.
Where and When did the Renaissance Begin
Italy in the late 14th century
Medici Family
controlled Florence during the Renaissance
Why was Florence considered the most influential city during the renaissnce
because its scholars, writers, artists, and architects defined the culture
How did the Renaissance spread?
by trade.
an association of people who made or sold goods in the Middle Ages
an upper class whose wealth is based on land and whose power is passed on from one generation to another
one of a group of people who are born into a high social position and who have more wealth and privileges than others
an emphasis on the individual non religious
The goal of humanism
They wanted to use classical values to revitalize their culture
Francesco Petrarch
the father of Italian Renaissance humanism.
Cicero for prose and Virgil for poetry.
were two Roman writers as models for using classical Latin in writing
Petrarch had described the intellectual life as
one of solitude
What did Humanist believe the duties of an Intellectual were?
to live an active civic life and to put their study of the humanities to the state’s service.
the local spoken language
The Divine Comedy
a long poem describing the soul’s journey to attain Paradise.
Why did Dante defended his use of the vernacular in the Divine Comedy?
if he had written in Latin, only scholars would have understood him.
Christine de Pizan
An Italian who lived in France and wrote in French., known writting in defense of women. In The Book of the City of Ladies, written between 1404 and 1405, she denounced male writers who had argued that women, by their very nature, are unable to learn.

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Renaissance Lesson 1
Which attitude is most typical of Italy during the Renaissance? emphasis on the individual The economic power of the Italian states led to their increased political powe
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Renaissance Lesson 1
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