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Renaissance in the North

Who is Johann Gutenberg?
Produces the first complete Bible using a printing press.
What was the printing revolution?
It made printing books cheaper and easier to produce. Books become more readily available. More people learn how to read.
Who is Jan Van Eyck?
A Flemish painter who portrays townspeople and religious scenes in realistic detail.

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Who is Pieter Bruegel?
A Flemish painter who uses vibrant colors to portray scenes of peasant life.
Who is Peter Paul Rubens?
A Flemish painter who blends realistic tradition of Flemish painters with classical themes of the Italian Renaissance.
Who is Albrecht Durer?
A German painter that applies painted techniques to engraving.
What did humanists do in the Renaissance of the north?
They stress education and classical learning to bring religious and moral reform.
Who was Erasmus?
Spread humanism to wider audience and calls for a translation of the bible into the vernacular.
Who was Sir Thomas More?
Writes utopia, which describes an ideal society where people live in peace and harmony.
What was Flanders?
Is a Dutch-speaking area in the country’s north, and one of 3 Belgian states. The national capital, Brussels, considered its own state, lies at the region’s southern edge. Antwerp is a port city and major diamond trade center with a reputation for fashion design, and paintings by Flemish masters in its Royal Museum of Fine Arts.
What was engraving?
An artist technique that Albrecht Durer learned in Italy and used it to etch a design on a metal plate with acid.
What was vernacular?
Everday language of ordinary people the especially appealed to a new, middle class audience who lived in northern towns and cities.
What was utopian?
To describe any ideal society society often with the implication that such a society is ultimately impractical.
How did the Renaissance develop in Northern Europe by the 1400’s?
The cities of the North began to appreciate economic growth and wealth that was used for to develop there renaissance.
What impact would the printing press have on religious reform movements of the 1500s?
Religious reform movements of the 1500s would be religious used the printing press to spread ideas to a larger number of people as soon as possible.
What factors encouraged the use of the vernacular in literature in the Renaissance society?
The printing press, the growth of the middle class, and the humanist value on education.
Who was William Shakespeare?
The towering figure of the Renaissance literature was the English poet and playwright. His genius was in expressing universal themes in everyday, realistic settings. His work explores Renaissance ideals such as the complexity of the individual and the importance of the classics.
Who was Francois Rabelais?
A French humanist that had a varied career as a monk, physician, Greek scholar, and author. In Gargantua and pantagruel, he chronicles the adventures of two gentle giants. On the surface, the novel is a comic tale of travel and war. But he uses his characters to offer opinions on religion, education, and other serious subjects. Like More and Erasmus, he was deeply in religion, but had doubts about the organized church.

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Renaissance in the North
Who is Johann Gutenberg? Produces the first complete Bible using a printing press. What was the printing revolution? It made printing books cheaper and easier to produce
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Renaissance in the North
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