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Northern Renaissance-Printing Press, Writers, Humanism

Who invented the movable type printing press?
Johann Gutenberg
Johann Gutenberg
German inventor/craftsman, created movable printing press, considered the greatest invention of all time. printed first complete edition of the bible in 1455
When was the first printed edition of the bible? How were they created before
1455. The were written and copied by hand so only a few 1000 books, very inefficient and expense
Northern Renaissance-Printing Press, Writers, Humanism

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What did Gutenberg do to create the modern printing press?
Created letterpress mold for each letter that could be put into sentences
Johann Fust
wealthy man that partnered with Johann Gutenberg to help print mass produced books on the printings press
Why was the printing press considered the greatest invention of all time?
would mass produce books and allow renaissance ideas to spread throughout Europe
Humanism in Northern Renaissance
different than Italian as focus on religious reform versus secular
People who believe in humanism and the humanities
an intellectual movement at the heart of Renaissance focused on education and the classics
the subjects of grammar, rhetoric, poetry and history
Desiderius Erasmus
Holland born humanist, family very religious, parents died from plague in 1479 and along with brother sent to monastery
What did Desiderius Erasmus thing of the monks rulers?
they were very unfair
What was one of the books of Desiderius Erasmus
The Praise of Folly
What was the Praise of Folly about
pokes fun at the church, says the behavior of clergy was immoral for wrong decisions and setting bad examples
Who did Martin Luther ask to be part of the reforming the church but declined?
Desiderius Erasmus
What did Desiderius Erasmus translate the Bible into language?
vernacular, so everyone could read it
everyday common language spoken by people, not Latin
Sir Thomas More
humanist writer, wrote the book Utopia. Friend of Erasmus
Who wrote Utopia and when
Sir Thomas More, 1516
What was Utopia about?
ideal society where everyone lives together in peace
perfect societies, but the idea is certainly impractical
What was Utopia like
no crime, everyone has a job and its peacheful
When did More write Utopia and where was he
1515 in Antwerp, Belgium on a diplomatic mission
How did More die?
Beheaded for refusing to support the marriage of Henry VIII to his second wife
William Shakespeare
English writer of the Northern Renaissance most important writer, from Elizabethan London where there was high demand for the arts
How many plays and sonnets did Shakespeare write
38 plays and 154 Sonnets
short poems often written in free verse
free verse
poetry that doesn’t necessarily have to ryhm
What types of plays did Shakespeare write
comedies and historical tragedies
What was some of Shakespeare’s importance?
Added numbers words and phrases to English vocabulary, allowed women in lead roles in his plays, showcased many different types of characters, changed the way plays were written and acted
What was the significance of Shakespear’s writing style?
wrote in easy to understand language, expanding the world of theater beyond the rich and well taught?
What are some of Shakespeare’s plays?
Hamlet, Midsummer Nights Dream, Romeo and Juliet
Miguel de Cervantes
Spanish writer, wrote Don Quixote
Who wrote Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes
What was Don Quixote about
about knights during medieval times and pokes fun of chivalry
code of conduct that knights lived by

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Northern Renaissance-Printing Press, Writers, Humanism
Who invented the movable type printing press? Johann Gutenberg Johann Gutenberg German inventor/craftsman, created movable printing press, considered the greatest invent
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Northern Renaissance-Printing Press, Writers, Humanism
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