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    Names: Name and Famous Armenian Poet Essay

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    A name Is an Important part of a person’s character. Some people are happy with their names and others wish to change them. I happen to love my name for many reasons. I was named after a very famous Armenian poet and writer, although growing up In La Crescents that wasn’t well known. My elementary school teacher’s had particularly hard time pronouncing my name correctly. It was then that my nickname was born. After that day I would be called Sis by my peers, family and instructors. I didn’t always like my full name, Summation.

    I was embarrassed at times and never allowed anyone to know my real name. As I grew up I gained a new respect and love for my name. I saw the beauty in my name, that there was nothing to hide. My name also gives me something that many don’t have. Summation Is a very unique name and one that Is unlikely to encounter even once In a lifetime, beside twice. The second part of my name possesses its own unique character because of the final “s. ” This represents the next generation of the Cutthroat’s family.

    The name Is passed room my ancestors, to my father, to me and eventually to my children and so forth. The name Summation was a famous Armenian poet’s pen name. He lived in the late 19th century to early 20th century before dying in the Armenian Genocide. I learned of my names origin in my teens which I am grateful for because it was a great surprise. I am a poet myself and find poetry to be an escape and outlet for my feelings. The relation between the former Summation and I was very intriguing. The one part of my name I would never wish to be any different is my middle name.

    My middle name is Robert from my grandfather. This means a lot to me because I was never able to meet my grandfather before he passed but his name will always live on with me. The meaning of my last name was apparent to me at a very young age because of the beginning. Coach means cross In Armenian. Our line comes from a historically very religious family. If my friends were asked what my name is they would reply Sis, but if asked what my real name is, those who are true friends would respond Summation.

    Although those lose to me know of my real they prefer the shortened version as do I for its simplicity. The name was born out of a necessity accompanying the difficulty to pronounce my name. I adopted Sis in my early years in elementary school and it stuck. The name started as just a shortened version Summation and became its own very quickly. I was given deferent nicknames by all my friends. I was dubbed “Ceo” by some to represent the closeness between my shortened and the shortened version of chief executive officer.

    It spawned my business obsession to one day prove the imprison correct. The other major act to come from my nickname would be the hand signal for the letter “C” then “O” while calling out my name. Only a very few people do this because it is specific to those who invented it. Its own meaning and each individualized from any other name. Summation is a name of great history of my culture that is very rare to see. Robert is a name of great meaning that most do not have. Octogenarians comes from the cross for the future generation. All three together represent who I am and where I come from.

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