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How is humour created in Roger McGough’s Essay


Words: 360 (2 pages)

  The intended audience of this poem is teachers in general, as this is the audience it would be most humorous to. The effect on the audience is rather strong, as they understand the situation and instead of sympathising with the students, laugh along with the teacher who is punishing them. It tells them that…

Tituba and Sarah’s Humour Essay


Words: 1509 (7 pages)

Act 4 is the most significant of all scenes because all questions are answered and all strings are tied. It is, by far, the most tension-pulling and heart-wrenching scene in the whole play. Miller lures us into a false sense of security by decreasing our tension level at the start of the scene with Tituba…

Humour as an Aftermath Effect Essay

Effects of Computers


Words: 10639 (43 pages)

In her study Screening Sex, which traces the historical development from the very first film kiss in The Kiss (Thomas Edison, 1896) to the online possibilities offered by cam. whore experiences and Virtual Sex Simulators, Linda Williams introduces the concept of ‘on/scenity. ’ According to her, the obscenity of the public display loses its scandalous…

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