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music exam #2

is traditionally associated with collecting and organizing the chants of the church
pope gregory
a setting of gregorian chant with one note per syllable is called:
a setting a gregorian chant with two to four notes per syllable might be considered
music exam #2

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early notation suggested melodic contours using small ascending and descending signs called:
the portion if the Mass that remains the same in every celebration of the service is called:
the ordinary
the portion of the Mass that changes from day to day, depending on the feast celebrate, is called:
the proper
what is the primary language of the Mass?
why does the Kyrie evoke the number three?
it symbolizes the trinity
in what part of the liturgy does the Alleluia occur?
mass proper
which religious figure is praised in the text of Hildegard’s Alleluia, O virgamediatrix?
the virgin mary
the earliest type of polyphony was:
in germany, artisocratic poet-musicians were called:
summer is icumen in exemplifies what compositional device?
music of the fourteenth century developed a style that became known as
the ars nova
the outstanding composer-poet of the ars nova was
the french courtly love song of the middle ages was called the:
who composed the chanson puisqu’ enoubli?
medieval instruments can be classified as bas of haut, meaning:
soft or loud
the fixed melody used as a basis for elaborate polyphonic writing in the Renaissance was called:
a cantus firmus
the first section of the Ordinary of the Mass, a plea for mercy in A-B-A form, is called:
the kyrie
how does the Renaissance motet differ from its medieval predecessor?
it has only one text in latin
which early Renaissance composer exerted a powerful influence on generations of composers who followed?
which of the following make up the movements of the Ordinary of the Mass?
kyrie, gloria, credo, sanctus, agnus dei
Josquin’s Ave Maria… vigroserena is an example of:
a motet
the test of Ave Maria… virgoserena is:
in praise of the virgin mary
After the protestant revolt of the early sixteenth century, the Roman Catholic Church responded with a movement to recapture the loyalty of its people. This was known as:
the counter-reformation
which composer responded to the reforms of the Council of Trent in an exemplary fashion?
of the following, which best describes the texture of the Pope Marcellus Mass?
six-voice polyphony
the expressive device used by Renaissance composers to pictorialize words musically is called:
word painting
which of the following was the most important secular genre of the sixteenth century?
the madrigal
where was the madrigal first developed
the vivid description of the text through music, known as word painting, is a hallmark of:
the madrigal
the late renaissance madrigal came to full flower in the music of:
claudio monteverdi
instruments used for outdoor performances, such as the shawm and sackbut, are categorized as
which of the following would be considered an appropriate outdoor instrument?
the shawm
which of the following was a lively circle of line dance, often performed outdoors?
the standard form of dance pieces, whether drawn from vocal models or popular tunes, is:
the structure known as binary form is performed:
a fragment of Gregorian chant or a secular time used as the formation of a polyphonic Mass
a cantus firmus

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music exam #2
is traditionally associated with collecting and organizing the chants of the church pope gregory a setting of gregorian chant with one note per syllable is called: sylla
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music exam #2
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