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    Music and Concert Essay Thesis (704 words)

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    This genre of music is amusing and very pleasing to the ears. The band members are some of the most talented musicians Vive heard. This was my first time attending a Jazz concert. Therefore, I didn’t know what kind of music to expect. This concert was a new experience for me. It was far different from any rock concert held in some big venue. The purpose of this concert was to give people a taste of jazz. This was a Jazz concert, but some of the pieces they interpreted were modern. The music that was played was not the kind that makes you does off.

    I was somewhat excited about attending this concert; I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed or get board. Vive always loved the sound of a trumpet. My favorite musical group the Dave Matthews Band has a trumpet player, and this is how I started enjoying the sound. Therefore, I knew that this concert must be worth going to. This concert gave me a chance to look deeper into what Jazz music is all about. When I got there I really liked what I heard. I am going to look more into this type of music. This is the type of music that you Just want to sit back and relax and listen to.

    It’s not to slow where you are at the point of falling asleep. Jazz music has got a certain element to it that no other type of music has. In all, this concert was a wonderful experience for me. I found a passion for a different brand of music. The first question I asked myself at the beginning of the concert was how much do I actually know about Jazz? I have always characterized Jazz music as a rhythmic and instrumental form of music. My impression on the basis of the Jazz has always been portrayed with that Jazz is noticeable, but not necessarily understandable by words.

    Tickets weren’t sold given that it was a high school band performance. The theater itself was a standard high school theater. The stage was set up well with nice lighting. The entire band consisted of eighteen musicians. There were sixteen males and two females. In the front of the stage was the director. Also in the front were the base guitars, the girl playing a keyboard, and the clarinets. Behind them were the saxophone players and the trombone players. In the rear were the trumpet players as well as the drummer. I believe this setup allowed for their superb sound.

    Over all our seats were incredible and made the performance much more enjoyable. Between songs the director (Matt Young) gave a short introduction to each of the peaces they would be playing. Off the hook, The girl from Panama, Song for my father, Back and forth, The mask of the chili pepper, Velvet rain, Hocus pocus, orange drink, Suit and Tie were the songs that were played. Each song had its own unique style and sound, my favorite by far was their interpretation of “The girl From Panama”, it had a constant tempo, it also had a slow, inky, and earthy sound to it.

    The saxophonist seemed to be improvising during his solo. The drummer acted like the timekeeper in this piece. It had a standard tune Music and Concert By summarizer Cop Cabana beach. The tone of the Jazz band that I saw was smooth and inviting. This made the bands easier to listen to. They were polyphonic in structure, where all of the different instruments were playing different melodies. Through the entire show the musicians gave an outstanding performance. Each soloist perfectly captured the music’s emotion.

    Even when there wasn’t a solo, each musician played with an almost tangible energy. The first half was filled with noteworthy pieces. Everyone in the concert was polite. Whenever the conductor came to the stage or the song end, everyone would stand and applauded the performers; the applause lasted for a pretty long time. Besides the music, I had deep impression of the performers; the performers in the concert showed much passion when they performed. Because of their wonderful performance, I will definitely be listening to more Jazz in the future.

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