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    Leadership Dead poets society Essay

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    Vision Mr. Keating has a global vision of what he wants to achieve with his students. He knows how he will lead them to achieve it. He arrives very relaxed in class, begins to whistle which was meant to appeal the student’s attention. Teaches in unconventional ways by not following 100 years of conventional education like his predecessors have done, he chooses an alternative: teach the students how to become free men and “seize the day’. For example, First lesson was done outside the classroom showing them how life is short using the pictures of the former students who has passed away.

    The objective was to make the students become free thinkers, ND push them to dare express their opinions, experiment life “Carper Diem” and follow their dreams. In another class, he will ask his students to get up on his desk, just to demonstrate interest of stepping forward to have a different vision of the situation. This class will teach the students the importance of considering all different opinions, to have a global view of a case before doing something. 2. Value He demonstrated respect, integrity, sense of humor and availability. These attributes are what made the students trust him and can count on him for support.

    He was steadfast on his teaching methods and his goal for his students to have the ability to think for themselves, even when his belief was against the strict teaching code of the school. He was frank and strong enough to defend his ideas. He also inspires the student to create their own identity, opinions and ideas. He goes against the school’s rules. He believes in the students and they in turn, in him. Mr. Settings aim was for the students get more confidence in themselves and dare go further to take own initiatives. He encourages critical thinking.

    He also shows close relation with students. 3. Communication skill He knows how to speak and listen to people, and also how to be listened to. He knows when to raise or lower with tone of voice. He had a speaking gift. He knows how to raise the interest of his students, and then as he discreetly studied the personality of each student, he knows how to adapt his speech to everyone. He adapts his style of communication to every student, with an extrovert and self-confident student such as Mr. Richard Cameron, he will speak directly and loud, but with a shy student such as

    Todd Anderson, he will go smoothly, and force him to gain self-confidence. E. G. When they were citing their poems. He adapts his speech and his posture, lead people to respect him and listen to him. For instance when he speaks about passion, love, romance and poetry, all the students gather around him and listen very carefully to what he is saying. He has that gift of captivating the interest of his audience. He was able to speak to them looking directly into their eyes. 4. Personality He is dynamic, enthusiastic, very dedicated to his students and very excited about schooling.

    He is a very eccentric teacher which contrasts with the school’s strict atmosphere. He made a strong impression on his first day of class. He was seen as a guide, a spiritual leader, preacher, who is providing an alternative way of learning, usually a funnier and engaging one. He pushes the students to go find answers by themselves using words as “find your own walk”, “strive to find your own voice”, “free up your mind” ,”dare to strike out and fine new ground”. 5. Passion He is so passionate about his Job, and wants to convey that passion for poetry that he rates like a mentoring relationship with his students. L love teaching; I don’t want to be anywhere else”. His reply to Nil’s question on reason he came back to Walton Academy. He speaks with all his heart, changes his voice tones 6. Emotional Intelligence Mr. Keating is well aware of himself and those around him. He controls his emotions and knows how to stay calm under severe provocation. Despite being reprimanded for his unorthodox methods of teaching and being blame for Charlie’s mistakes. He always seems to stay unruffled and hold his head high. As well as managing his motions, he encourages his students to do the same. E. G.

    When Mr. Nolan provokes him, the incident with Nil’s father outside the theatre show and finally, on his dismissal. 7. Team spirit Keating wants every single student to blossom as well as find his own way of thinking. He wants to reinforce the team spirit by being all different but all together. He encourages them to partake in sports – Football which involves shooting the ball whilst citing a poem which reminds them that passion is a key element if you want to achieve your own personal goals. He created cohesion and respect among them but also to push them to surpass themselves.

    The name “Г? Captain! My captain”! Was to acknowledge his ability to fuse the different characters and learn from one another. 8. Inspiring He was master of orchestra, trying to get the best of everyone. Mr. Keating shows great respect toward each student. Indeed he calls them by their name, knows their character and shows interest in their abilities. Sees the best in every student, and even when a student shows no interest in his class. He never uses bad adjectives to qualify his students Works “It’s not stupid, good effort! … )That’s excellent! Wonderful! (… ) You have the gift!

    What a performance! ” and when he does not like what students did, he does not Judge he Just gives advices such as “Just don’t let your poems be ordinary’ or “Keep your head about it” when he encourages Mr. Dalton to think before acting 9. Risk taking He was a risk taker. He had the guts to do things differently, to take initiatives. He asks the students to rip out the pages of a literature book, which was unbelievable for the students. Doing this, Mr. Keating wants to teach them that what was written in kooks is not always right and that they must think of themselves as free men.

    He took the students to the courtyard to carry out a walking exercise that could seems silly but proves the danger of conformity. Conclusion Overall, the movies show a clear distinction between charismatic and authoritarian leadership style. Mr. Keating displays democratic leadership style by not trying to impose his ideas or doctrines on the students, allowing them to feel part of the process to achieve higher goals. He was able to manage the characters while valuing their differences.

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