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Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance 17.1

During the Middle ages, what did the Europeans suffer from?
War and Plagues
literally means
How long
Caused what?
Where did it start at?
What led to it?
– the revival of learning and culture
– (means rebirth),
– 300 years
– When Italy cause explosion of creative art
and writing.
– Italy then spread to rest of Europe

– City dwellers…. suffered bubonic plague …..few workers so bad business so pursued. things like art…. also beleif in individal achievement

What did they hope to bring back?
Culture of classical Greece and Rome

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Since Italy was the birth place of the Renaissance, what advantages did they have?
thriving cities, wealthy merchant class, and the classical heritage of Greece and Rome.
How many people died during the 1300 bubonic plague and what economic changes happened?
60 percent of the population
brought fewer laborers and demanded higher wages which led to higher prices
During this time the Merchants dominated what?
politics, instead of using social rank they used their wits
What did the Medici family have that was very important?
a bank
Who was the dictator of Florence because of how rich he was?
Cosimo Medici
Cosimo Medici
Gained control of Florence and lead the Medici’s uncrowned rule for years to come.
Who became the next dictator?
his brother Lorenzo de Medici
What did Rennaisance scholars turn there study from and to?
– From the Art and Literature of the middle ages
– To the art and literature of the ancient Romans and Greeks
How did they accomplish returning to the learning of the romans and greeks?
1)artisans and scholars started to draw inspirations from the ruins of Rome that surrounded them
2)western scholars studied ancient Latin manuscripts (preserved in monasteries)
3)Christian scholars fled to constantinople bringing with them with greek manuscripts
What is the study of humanism?
intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements
What did humanist study and what did they influence?
-studied them to understand ancient greek values
-influenced artists and architects
Branches of knowledge concerned with human beings and their culture
– history
– literature
– Philosphy
How did some people demonstrate their piety?
By wearing rough clothing and eating plain foods
devotion and reverence to God
Humanist suggested what?
What did the people become like?
– You could enjoy life without offending God
– Secular
What does secular mean?
– a type of society that preferred worldly rather than spiritual things
– and concerned with the here and know
What did Church support during the Renaissance?

What do you call these People?

Who else supported the arts and how?

– The Arts
– Patrons – Someone who supports the arts
– The Wealthy (got paintings done of themselves)
Renaissance Man (Universal Man)
Some who is well-rounded and excels at more than one thing
Who wrote the courtier and what did it talk about?
Baldassarre Castiglione, talked about what men and women should be by being good at many different things (art, literature etc….)
Isabella d’Este
Example of a Renaissance Women

– First lady of the Renaissance, she was an example for women to break away from traditional roles, and even founded a school for young women. She ruled Mantua, was well educated and a big patron of the arts.

What was a Rennasance man supposed to be good at?
-good dancer
-play music
-write poetry
-skilled rider
What was a women supposed to be?
upperclass women should know classics and be charming and were expected to inspire art
During the Renaissance what technique in art was new?
perspective – which shows three dimensional on a flat surface
Renaissance art was more ________________ in style?

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Give two known examples?

– Donatello’s David
– Michelangelo’s David
– Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”
How did Donatello make sculptors more realistic?
By carving their natural posture and the expressions and personality
Who built the David sculptor?
Who was Leonardo da Vinci and what was his famous project?
a painter, and his famous project was the, “Mona Lisa”, plus, “The Last Supper”
Who was Raphael Sanzio?
a younger man than Michelangelo and Leonard and studied their works and painted the walls of Pope Julius II’s library
Who were the two main painter women and how did they become noticed?
Sofonisba Anguissola
-painted portraits of her sister and of prominent people
Artemisia Gentileschi
-painted pictures of strong heroic women
An Italian poet famous for writing the Divine Comedy

– He wrote in Vernacular (Italian)

– writing in native language (Italian) versus latin
Who is Francesco Petrarch?
– most influential humanist (also known as the father of the Renaissance humanism)
What two languages did he write in and what was he mostly known for?
Italian and Latin
mostly known for sonnets
What is a sonnet?
14 line poems
What was his sonnets mostly about?
a mysterious women named Laura but little is known of her cause she died in the plague
Who is Giovanni Boccaccio?
a Italian writer, that is known for the Decameron a story sometimes off-color
Literary work by Boccaccio which was composed of 100 vulgar tales
What book did Niccolo Machiavelli make?
The Prince
What is the Prince about?
– shows how a ruler can gain power and keep it in spite of his enemies (what was politically effective)
– strong as a Lion and shrewd as a fox
– must sometimes lie then
Who is Vittoria Colonna?
a woman writer who published, The Courtier, which expressed her own emotions

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Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance 17.1
During the Middle ages, what did the Europeans suffer from? War and Plagues Renaissance? Define literally means How long Caused what? Where did it start at? What led to it?
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Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance 17.1
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