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    The Inspector in An Inspector Calls? Essay

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    ‘ As we see from these extracts that he was wrong about another thing, and that was when he mentioned peace and prosperity… By this time there are numerous strikes and feuding one of the major ones were from the action taken by the suffragettes – for the women’s vote. If the audience thinks Mr. Birling is unreliable and questionable, this will affect the audience, when the Inspector questions him. They will always have the impression that he isn’t reliable and that he is not honest. This means that Mr. Birling will get no sympathy from the audience. The social situations in 1912 and after were cruel.

    There was a huge division between the higher class and the lower classes. Who were discriminated against and used for cheap labours, long hours and harsh treatment. The suffragettes decided to take action as women in those days, were treated as second class citizens, always overpowered by arrogant and egoistic males. The suffragette’s protests were clearly for the improvement in women’s lives. World war 1 had started because of the tension between Russia (Siberia), and Austria-Hungary. This was a devastation, many thousands were killed, many left homeless and with no shelter – especially children.

    Fortunately this ended in 1918. World war 2 happened because countries including England intervened to prevent Hitler from taking over Europe. The Inspector was well aware of the problems in the social system; we know this from what he said. These were normally from the things referred on Eva. ‘There are lots of young women living that sort of existence…… If there weren’t, the factories and warehouses wouldn’t know where to look for cheap labour. ‘ This is saying that as people normally take women for granted – who live like Eva Smith. And if there weren’t, then people wouldn’t know where to get cheap labour from.

    The Inspector also says that, ‘one Eva Smith is gone -but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smith’s and John Smith’s still left with us, with their lives hopes and fears all intertwined with our lives. ‘ This tells us that the Inspector’s view on the social system is that we should all unite and support each other. We should realize our responsibilities and where our top most important priorities lie. Taking care of each other whether, they are black or white, rich or poor. That if we don’t redeem the situation and improve it then we don’t have a chance of surviving.

    In my opinion, Inspector Goole represented many aspects of the social situation, whether it was the discrimination of the working class, or the way the social situation was in 1912. J. B Priestly intended to create the Inspector, so that he would stand out as the voice of the social conscience. This play was created in order to reach out to people of all kinds to support one and another. If we fail in taking up our responsibilities and caring for people, no matter of financial or racial status, then the whole social cohesion might collapse. The main role of the inspector in J. B Priestley’s social play An Inspector Calls.

    Was that of the social conscience. To make people realise what their responsibilities were socially as well as professional and personal. The Inspector, was created so that he could be used to reach out to people. Therefore, it is our responsibility and our job to maintain social harmony and peace, otherwise we would be heading for world domination and many wars.

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