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    Illiterate in some terms. Essay

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    This part of the scene, in particular, the quote will be acted out in a way that the audience can interpret from the brothers that the two are completely clueless on the type of plate. This could be done with the use of facial expressions, which will give an indication to the audience about the confusion the two are experiencing. By doing this, a sense of friendship forms between the two as they are sharing a joke amongst themselves. To the audience this will be a slight relief as the twins are getting along well, and releases some of the tension created earlier during the play.

    If I was directing the play, I would stage this part of the scene outside the house that Sammy fell from, as the two, Mickey and Edward could be looking over the roof from where Sammy fell from. Edward may look reluctant due to the fact that, because of the social differences, no child would dare climb the roof of a house from where Edward is from, however again, the contrast proves how the two brothers who come from two completely different backgrounds are dissimilar.

    This scene would be performed with the blazing hot sun overlooking the two boys who are on the roof, with Edward wearing sun lotion and a cap with a t-shirt and shorts and sandals. Whilst on the other hand, Mickey would be bright red from the scorching heat and he would be wearing shoes that soles have been partially ripped, alongside a pair of ripped baggy jeans and topless. This immediately would strike the audience with the major social differences between the two. Also as the boys are sitting on the roof of the house, there are terraced houses crammed together surrounding them in all directions. This gives an indication to the audience of the social class of the area.

    Another part I have a high regard for is the section where Edward humiliates Mickey through the joke about the “F” word. Due to the upbringing of Mickey this type of language and the knowledge of informal language and swears are expectable, and this is in complete contrast to Edwards nurture. The impact amongst the audience would be that, Mickey seems like a common child from Liverpool, where a low means of education is possessed by the majority. The audience will also react to the way that Mickey pretends to know what a dictionary is just to show himself up in front of Edward, however he achieves the complete opposite in humiliating himself. This shows Mickey’s personality as he wants to be known as someone who is intelligent; however he is illiterate in some terms. This scene would clearly indicate to the audience of the vast difference between the two in terms of class.

    If I was directing this scene I would have the two standing opposite each other on a pavement in one of the estates, where Edward would be nibbling onto some sweets whilst Mickey staring and craving some. The weather would be mild with the time being around midday; therefore the sun is at its highest point in the sky and will be beaming upon the two. This can be shown with a bright yellow spotlight shining down on the two siblings.

    By Russell conveying the ideas of class differences it makes this play extremely effective towards the audience. My perception of the audience’s reaction towards my chosen scene (Scene 1) is positive and can enlighten those who are unaware of the facts of how the social class is possible of even dividing brothers, and I think that this difference has been emphasised in my chosen scene. This draws the attention of the audience as it is an effective piece, but also it is the opening scene, therefore it gets a positive response from the audience. Another way, in which the audience would find this particular extract of interest due to the character of Mickey, as he is quite funny and stupid, hence is a crowd favourite. With his constant informal language and swears it shows to the audience Mickey’s personality of how he does not burden on what others think of him.

    Russell presents the ideas of social class differences through numerous quotations in my chosen extract. The main social class differences are expressed through Edward and Mickey by means of comparison of the two. One way in which the social disparities are revealed through speech, as Edward is well spoken and formal, in contrast to Mickey who is informally spoken and uses abbreviated words vastly throughout his context. Another way that the differences are presented are through the behaviour and the way the two characters conduct themselves. Edward is straight forward in terms of personality, whilst Mickey is sly in the way he conducts his actions and his personality is quite difficult to understand.

    In my opinion Russell demonstrates the idea of human nature and society differences throughout the book effectively. My perception on Russell’s main intention is that he is trying to illustrate the idea that, human nature does not affect the individual’s actions, however society moulds the persons personality, due to the culture that the person is grown to be used to can change ones personality.

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