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    How I Get Inspired to Learn (675 words)

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    Before walking into science class on the first day of 7th grade, I thought science was a laborious and foreign subject. Having no knowledge or insight of the year ahead, I was extremely apprehensive to walk into class and meet the instructor. I was frightened that she would be strict and unforgiving, and make the subject more confusing than it already was. All of my fears and misconceptions about science disappeared into thin air when I met Mrs. Spaeny.

    From the first day I met her to the last day of 7th grade, my science teacher amazed me. In my seven years of schooling, I’d never come across anyone who had such a passionate heart for a single subject. Her love for all things science-related blossomed in every sentence she spoke and every assignment she handed out. At first, I couldn’t grasp the concept of our projects and struggled with understanding the topics. But, as the year went on and I got used to her class, I began to realize why she was teaching us in a different way.

    Mrs. Spaeny used creative thinking to really drive me to find the roots of my misunderstandings and forced me to come face-to-face with what I truly didn’t perceive and needed help with. After we had identified the problem, she’d would always aid me in comprehending the subject, and often going above and beyond what the curriculum taught. She inspired a love for science in my heart, but she also shaped the person I am today. Mrs. Spaeny taught me critical thinking skills and strategies that helped me in every class I took. To this day, I thank her for pushing my creative mind and plunging me deeper into my learning and achievements. Mrs. Spaeny does not only inspire me as a teacher but as a person overall. Her persona is always so poised, composed, and patient. She inspired me to never give up, and my science teacher showed me that you can achieve the impossible with the right help and work ethic. It is very likely that I would’ve struggled and possibly had to drop to a lower level science class if it weren’t for the benevolence and dedication she showed me as I grew as a student during seventh grade. I always knew that if I was staggering behind, have it be academically or socially, I could talk to Mrs. Spaeny.


    She’d always tune out everyone and listen to me only, and I trusted her and heeded her advice often. Mrs. Spaeny guided me to show other students and people that needed help or advice the same kind of respect she showed me. I grew to be more cautious and thoughtful of what I did and said, and her compassion directed me to reach out to people I noticed who were struggling. Without the bright mind of my science teacher, I most likely wouldn’t have learned how to debate well, strategize, or present in an eloquent fashion.

    One of my fondest memories of my seventh-grade science class was our natural energy sources debate on the last day of the school year. I recall feeling fearless and self-assured, all thanks to Mrs. Spaeny who helped me coordinate my speech and get my points across for my argument. The moment my team won the debate was an astounding feeling, and that was when I knew all my hard work and guidance from Mrs. Spaeny had paid off. I would have never reached that point or been able to debate like that if my science teacher hadn’t taken the time to coach me.

    In conclusion, there are countless reasons why Mrs. Spaeny is the most inspirational person to me. Her admiration for science and her leadership for women in the STEM workforce alone are incredible and awe-inspiring. Robert Frost once said, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” and I believe that Mrs. Spaeny has ignited a spark inside of me that will continue to burn forever.

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