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High Renaissance

How did Michelangelo’s David become a political statement?
The placement of figure near the west door of the Palazzo della Signoria
In Raphael’s Stanza della Segnatura, he reconciled the philosophies and teachings of Plato and Aristotle. Which of the following have also been reconciled?
Paganism and Christianity
His remarkable sense of color and his ability to convey light through color emerge in the altarpiece, Assumption of the Virgin. Who was this artist?
High Renaissance

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How does the Portrait of the Artist’s Sisters and Brother by Sofonisba Anguissola differ from her contemporaries?
It portrays informal intimacy
What is Poesia?
Painting meant to operate in a manner similar to poetry
Increasingly artists of the High Renaissance paid particular attention to the subject’s personality and psychic state. This could also be said to describe the portraiture of which of these artists?
Michelangelo’s fascination with the human body was a lifelong pursuit. In his David he presented a perfect body with an attuned mind, prepared and ready for action. Which of the following descriptions of this work would support this statement?
It is a combination of athletic tension and psychological insight
Paul III convened the Council of Trent in 1545. It was part of which of the following?
the Counter-Reformation
The term terribilita is most often used to refer to
Raphael’s Galatea is described as a pagan myth represented in monumental form. Which of the following could also describe this work?
It could be the poetry of the classical world
Which sculptor believed that the artist must proceed by first finding the idea ― the image ― locked in the stone and then release it by chipping away the stone?
Which painter created dynamic compositions, often by means of swirling clouds and fitful light?
Which artist painted groups of soaring figures on the dome of Parma Cathedral that seemed to ascend through rings of clouds into the sky itself?
What is the definition of Renaissance?
An era of intellectual and artistic brilliance, Rebirth
Titian’s Meeting of Bacchus and Ariadne was most likely inspired by
Classical art
Michelangelo’s interest in urban planning can be seen in
the Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill)
The major center for artistic development in the High Renaissance was
Which artist applied for a position by telling his prospective patron that he could do the following: “contrive various and endless means of offence and defence … In time of peace I believe I can give perfect satisfaction and to the equal of any other in architecture and the composition of buildings … and in guiding water from one place to another?”
Leonardo da Vinci
What is the definition of Humanism?
The belief that humanity has great potential
The humanists of the Renaissance differed from the traditional medieval philosophers in the humanists’
emphasis on the importance of the individual
Which of these is not a key part of humanism?
The belief that, if we do good works for our fellow men, that we will return to God
Which characteristic was common to the Golden Age of Greece and the Italian Renaissance?
prosperity led to the creation of many works of art
In the Renaissance period, which factor was emphasized by the philosophy of humanism?
value of the individual
Choose the three artists below that best represent Florentine Art?
Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo
Which societal condition was basic to the development of Greek philosophy and Renaissance art?
emphasis on individualism
“Europe is waking out of a long, deep sleep … time was when learning was only found in the religious orders … learning has passed to secular princes and peers.”
One factor that enabled the Renaissance to flourish in Northern Italy was that the region had
a wealthy class that invested in the arts
Which statement describes a direct effect of the Renaissance on Western Europe?
the philosophy of humanism brought about a decrease in the power of the Roman Catholic Church
Which was a major characteristic of the Renaissance?
An example of a sacra conversazione is
Bellini’s San Zaccaria Altarpiece
Ignudi are figures that appear in
Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling
Which statement best describes a characteristic of the Renaissance in Europe?
creativity in the arts was encouraged
European society during the Renaissance differed from European society during the Middle Ages
because during the Renaissance the emphasis on individual worth increased
Which of the following sculptural conventions did Michelangelo use for the figure of Moses in order to create an expression of “awful wrath”?
The bulging muscles and swollen veins of the figure
Michelangelo’s figure of David is different from other versions by Donatello and Verrocchio
because it takes place before the battle with Goliath
draft of a painting r picture
Lambskin prepared as a surface for a painting or writing
Sacra Conversazine
style of altar piece popular during the high Renaissace
Figura Serpentinata
twisted figures (Mannerism)
a smoke like or hazy effect that distances the viewer from the subject of the painting
a wedge shaped or tapered stone used to construct an arch

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High Renaissance
How did Michelangelo's David become a political statement? The placement of figure near the west door of the Palazzo della Signoria In Raphael's Stanza della Segnatura, he reconciled the philosophies and
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High Renaissance
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