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My Dream Essay

Ever since I was a child I dreamed of becoming a successful woman. Success to me is when I have a master’s degree in Business management, a career, and a family. I’m determined to have it all. Education is very important to me. I believe knowledge is the utmost valuable tool for life, therefore going…

My Most Embarassing Day Ever Essay

Dear Diary, Today was the most embarrassing day of my life. I hope this will never happen to me again. Here’s how my day went. I woke up this morning around 7:30am. It was the Grand Final day for my Under 17’s football side. We were undefeated. I was the full forward and so far…

My Sunshine Essay

There are many instances in this journey we call life that darkness befalls the heart and soul of the journey man or woman. In those times, a light is needed so that you are able to see the path ahead. When that light comes in the form of a human being, you have a tendency…



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My Magic Mirror Essay

I often wonder who the girl is whose face I examine every morning in the large mirror hanging above my desk. In some ways I do feel as if I know her, but only on a superficial level: the same way we think we know the actors in our favourite soap operas. We may know…

Wiping the sweat from my brow I called a halt to the crew Essay

Wiping the sweat from my brow I called a halt to the crew. Phil and I dumped our packs and found a comfy boulder to rest on. I looked back to where the last guys were coming from back down the trail. They had stopped talking a while back and marched slowly along the dirt…

My Alarming Dream Essay

My little old copper alarm clock rests on my desk tick tocking away each inevitable second of the day, only to shake, rattle, and ring me to wake every morning. As I lay there in bed, half dead, sometimes wishing maybe that I was, achy and tired stretching and scratching like a jungle cat, I…

My Memories Essay

These are some of my memories that I can remember clearly. Some are from a very long time ago and some are quite resent. I have three, some parts of them are bad memories and other parts are that good that I’ll never forget them. One of my earliest memories was when I was about…

Sitting under the white moonlight, Gazing at the silver stars I await the colorful morning to know my fate Essay

Sitting under the white moonlight, Gazing at the silver stars I await the colorful morning… …to know my fate. Until I feel – to take A step ahead of my fate. Let my fate lead Me wherever it wants to lead But will I have control Over my fate Whenever I want to control Let…

My Dream Meal Essay

High on a mountaintop overlooking the shoreline of Cruz Bay in St. John of the U.S.V.I., there sits a small restaurant called “Chateau Bordeaux.” A mid-sized deck protrudes out the back of the restaurant. Nine tables are randomly placed on this patio, each with its own single white candle in the center. It is night,…

You better enjoy ’em while you can, a man says as he passes my son and I playing at the park Essay

“You better enjoy ’em while you can,” a man says as he passes my son and I playing at the park. “I know, ” I reply glancing at my son, “it seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby. I wish he wouldn’t grow up so fast.” I have had this conversation with many passing…

Suicide: My Thoughts Essay

I have known many adolescents who have thought about suicide. People’s reasons for suicide just cannot be legit in most cases. Some reasons are: “my girlfriend broke up with me” or “people make fun of me” or how about “I don’t have any friends?” Whatever the reason for the thought of suicide, there isn’t a…

My Goals and Aspirations Essay

It is sad how my expectations have gone down with every year of high school, but I guess that is just what the real world is all about. I started my freshman year out talking about wanting to be a doctor or a scientist or a millionaire. I am about to leave high school not…

Fine white sand clung on to my damp feet as I ambled along the beach Essay

Fine white sand clung on to my damp feet as I ambled along the beach. It was a lovely afternoon and the sun was shining brightly above the horizon, with the sea soaking up some of its radiant rays, reflecting the others, and shimmering vibrantly under the sky. I could see dark outlines of birds…

Bless Me Essay

Bless me, Ultima Essay What is faith? Does everyone have faith? Is faith believing in something you haven’t seen but you think is true? All of these questions have an answer and in Bless me, Ultima by Rodolfo Anaya these questions are important. In fact, many people question their faith because they are confused about…

My mind’s in turmoil Essay

My mind’s in turmoil My heart is torn two ways Little did I know That tonight would be in such dismay As tears streak down my cheeks Down Memory Lane I take a peek There he sat in a small cage, A contented yawn and sleepy gaze. Midnight black with two white socks, Emblazoned on…

Oh my God, anything but rain, I whispered into the night air that suddenly turned cold Essay

“Oh my God, anything but rain”, I whispered into the night air that suddenly turned cold. Although I knew that my prayers wouldn`t be heard I had to try, but the sound of thunder, that somehow resembled a laugh, turned my dim hope into pieces. I carefully looked around, looking for anything that could be…

How to Write an Essay About Yourself

Purpose of myself essay Writing an essay about yourself is not an easy task because you have to be self-critical. Sometimes universities or colleges require such an article to understand the student’s personalities. Depending on the main purpose of this paper, the essay about myself can differ. Other reasons may include competition participation, writing novels,…

My Dance Performace – Anointed for Agency Essay

The Junior and Senior class of 2015, with the direction of Ms. Eubanks, superbly choreographed and performed Anointed for Agency. This ensemble reflected the emotions and expressions of anger and strife brought about their personal experiences with racial, gender, and class inequalities. Discrimination being an illness that has plagued every generation, including Dr. King’s era…

My Favorite and Least Favorite Building Essay

My personal interests and professional work of scope in architecture have been about how to better create landmark building for cities. The basic characteristic of landmark is that people can use the simplest form and a minimum of strokes to evoke the memory for it. Just like the Pyramids of Egypt, Opera House of Sydney,…

Confirmation of My Sins and The Stone Show Essay

In 1963 Zachery Longboy entered this world. His parents were Chipewyan, specifically Sayisi Dene. Only a week into his life Zachery was taken away from his native community. Under circumstances which still remain a mystery Zachery was adopted by a white family. Since the event Zachery has been engulfed in a cloud of confusion: a…

I’m Going to Mums – Directed by Lauren Jackson Essay

In the short film “I’m Going to Mums?,” the director, Lauren Jackson forms the film through different aspects such as soundtrack, camera work and symbols. The second act is a good example of these aspects. I chose this act because it portrayed how the director shows divorce through a Childs perspective, also how Jacob takes…

My Beautiful Polotsk Essay

There are many beautiful cities and towns in the world. I would like to visit some of them, to see with my own eyes what I have read or heard about. But there is no place like home. I love my native town and that’s why I want to tell you about it. The Polotsk…

My Last Name Starts With A G So I Have Essay

My last name starts with a GAG 1 have the following topics Discuss the pros and cons of two-way immersion programs. Children who introduced to immersion programs at an early age learn how to speak in a new language learn it fluently without accent. These children also have been seen to be more thoughtful about…

Album – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me Essay

“The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me” is the third studio album by the American alternative rock band Brand New. It was released on November 20, 2006, through Interscope Records. The album’s name came from a conversation that Jesse Lacey, the lead singer of Brand New, had with a friend regarding the musician Daniel…

The Soundtrack of My Life Essay

My name is Marian _______________. I am a person who loves all kinds of music, especially romantic. I grew up in a free and healthy environment. My hometown of Ciego de Avila, Cuba is a place full of gentle and friendly people, where I used to listen loud music without bothering my neighbors. After I…

When I’m Gone by Eminem Essay

The song, “When I’m Gone” by Eminem, is about the artist’s relationships with his daughter and wife. It is clear from the song that Eminem is a violent, abusive man, yet one who loves his daughter. The central message of the song is the idea that “You’ve got one more chance to do it right….

A Day In My Life Essay

Barstow, CA 5:20 a. m. The first rays of sunshine blind my view. I feel my heartbeat strong in my chest and my breath hot as fire. The smell of fresh gravel makes my nose itch in conjunction with the sweat dripping off my forehead. The earphones hurt my ears a little and the loud…

A Day on the Trail with My Dirt Bike Essay

One summer day I was looking outside, staring at the tall fir trees waving back and forth as the wind blew through the thin branches. It was the perfect day to go ride my dirt bike. Almost an hour had gone by and I finally made my decision if I wanted to ride behind my…

A Day with My Roommate Essay

Studying abroad was one of the biggest I’ve ever made. I didn’t know anyone when I arrived in United States and I was just really a freshman like other students who came to Edmonds community college in last spring. Although I was incredibly nervous trying to get to know people and to make friends, I…

A Life Changing Moment – The Birth of My Daughter Essay

Most people can say they have experienced a life-changing or defining moment. It’s an event which changes their perception of the world and themselves. It can make the world feel upside down, and that can be either for the better or for the worse. The event can be usually dramatic and it can cause extreme…

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