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    Essay on The Path I’ll Take: Zoology

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    The Path I’ll TakeAs a child it is immediately installed in our minds that we are expected to become something, and to find a profession we want to do for the majority of our lives. We were, and still are constantly being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and “what is your major?” These are questions you are expected to know, or at least have a general idea about. I was always told how important it is to find a profession that I am good at, that I love, and that I could make a profit with. I have always had a natural attraction and love for animals.

    For as long as can remember when I was asked “Camille what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was always a veterinarian with no hesitation. As I have grown my response has not changed. I know the path to this profession and the education needed to pursue it is not easy, but necessary for my future. In today’s society it is nearly impossible to pursue a career without some sort of education under your belt, such as a high school diploma, G.

    E. D, and a higher education such as college. The type of education needed may vary according to the career that is trying to be pursued. For a career such as a veterinary higher education is a must. In order to obtain my dream job and to do something I actually like for most of my life I will have to use college as a tool, to gather the information I need to be accepted to a veterinary college. College is a way to better myself and gain the basic knowledge I need to go on to the next step on becoming a veterinarian.

    As a child it was obvious how much I loved animals, not just house hold pets like fish, dogs, and cat but even outdoor animals the average toddler would probably not be so fond of. When I was younger I would go outside and catch little lizards. I would catch buba lizards by their tails and bring them inside to show my mother. She always thought it was amazing how I could catch those fast little lizards. I would constantly watch animal planet and learn about all the exotic animals across the world.

    My mother has always encouraged me to become a vet, because she could see how interested and passionate I am about all types and of species of animals and their nature. It is not like I just like animals and think they are cute. I want to help them. I want to be able to perform surgeries and help their wellbeing.

    I am well aware that the job description is not all good all the time, I know I may get bitten or scratched quite often, and I know I will have to euthanize a good amount of animals over the course of my career, but I am willing to do it all. In the path of pursuing the career of a veterinary many steps in the education process must be made. I chose to be a biology major to strengthen my knowledge for the basics of what is need to be known in the veterinary field. Biology is the core for all medical fields including animal medicine.

    The courses I take in biology will better prepare me for my career rather than taking courses that will not benefit me in my future veterinary studies. Biology is not particularly easy for me, and I do not have natural knack for the course. I am someone who has to constantly study and pay close attention. Though I am not the best at this subject I refuse to just give up and change my major. I do not want to give up on something I have always wanted and love so much just because it is not easy for me and I may have to try harder than others who grasp the information faster than me. I would rather stay in this major and do what I need to do succeed to do what I want to do more than anything.

    By obtaining my Bachelor degree in biology I will be able to apply for a veterinary school. I plan to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) which is accepted by most veterinary schools. Veterinary schools are very competitive just like medical schools and because of this it is usually necessary to have three letters of recommendation, one from and academic advisor, one from a veterinarian, and one from a person of your choice preferably a course professor . Most college professors have no problem writing recommendations, but you have to show them that you are serious about your studies and that you deserve it.

    Good recommendation are very important those could be what determine your acceptance into the program. It helps to do a lot of volunteering for animal hospitals, clinics, shelters to increase your chances of being accepted. Doing the bare minimum is not acceptable when it comes to entering a program like this, the more you do the better. Not only do the schools want to see that persons have the grades and potential to enter the program but they want to see that they have a passion and the want to be a veterinarian.

    Along with trying to get degrees in biology and veterinary medicine I am starting to think about also getting a degree in zoology. Zoology is a branch of biology that zeroes in on the animal kingdom and the habitats, evolutions, and distributions of living and non- living animals. Zoology is biology just more detailed on the biology of animals instead of all living things as a whole. Getting a degree in zoology as well as the others may be very time consuming seeing how achieving the other two degrees will probably take a good couple of year before I can finally enter the profession.

    So instead of a degree in zoology I may just take the zoology classes offered here at Valdosta.

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