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Exploring Various Research Methods: Case Study, Regression Analysis, and Experimental Survey Analysis


Research Methods

Research Paper

Words: 1278 (6 pages)

There are various research methods utilized in not only the political but also in other broad range of scientific fields. Using them is significant in order to make the argument less biased and more valid and convenient. As in other scientific fields, there are several types of research methods, which are used in political sciences…

Rock Mass Classification System for Slope Stability Determination in a Region of Saudi Arabia


Research Methods

Scientific method

Words: 1006 (5 pages)

Abstract Rock mass classification system used to determine stability of rock slope mainly in highways passing through rock cuts. Several rock mass classification systems developed to know stability against rock slope conditions. In a region of Saudi Arabia, slope cuts located in uneven rocky area is considered. Different empirical methods have been applied to 22…

A Comparative Study of Learning Vector Quantization and Adaptive Adaptive Regression



Research Methods

Words: 877 (4 pages)

Motamarri and Boccelli (2012) proposed the application of learning vector quantization (LVQ), a direct classification approach, for comparison with multivariate linear regression (MLR) and ANN approaches and integrates input selection for model improvement by concerning primary and secondary water quality standards. They showed that ANN performance was more similar to LVQ when a larger number…

Essay about Sociological Research Methods And Research Essay


Research Methods

Words: 402 (2 pages)

As society and individuals are continuously changing it makes it difficult to study society as a whole due to the many challenges in terms of the correct method to utilize if wanting to achieve appropriate results. Although, sociology is viewed as a form of science the research methodologies differ. Nevertheless, when studying about society, sociology…

Silk – research method Essay (749 words)


Research Methods

Words: 749 (3 pages)

Do you know the process that goes into making silk? Many people over look this fine, luxurious garment. When I first heard that we had to do an I-search, I was overwhelmed by the choices. I made many changes before finally settling on this topic. When I first though of how to make silk, I…

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