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The Impact and Importance of Engineering Drawings





Words: 1561 (7 pages)

Engineers did some of the most famous technical drawings, and this was because they had the particular skill to bring meticulously out a representational model of anything with the precision that it deserved. For engineers to come up with any physical structure where it is a new invention or something that exists, they first have…

One Of The Earliest Inventions Of The Ancient World, The Candle Is Sti Essay

Ancient History


Words: 793 (4 pages)

ll favored for the beautiful light cast by its flame. In its most basic form the candle consists of a cylinder of wax, tallow, or similar material surrounding and saturating a fibrous wick. Ancient Egyptian tombs at Thebes bear relief carvings of cone-shaped candles on dish-like holders, or candlesticks. The oldest known candle fragment was…

Wheel Invention Essay (1201 words)


Words: 1201 (5 pages)

The invention of the wheel was a miraculous invention, along with the airplane,and the telephone. All the inventions that have ever been created weren’t justsomething that was already drawn out on a piece of paper for the inventors. Theyhad to think. They had to imagine the masterpiece before it was even a physicalobject. These people…

About Compass’s Invention Essay


Words: 357 (2 pages)

The compass has served as a navigational aid to many tourists, travelers, and numerous explorers. Though the compass has served well in navigation, it has affected and improved mankind greatly. In China, building was refined in many ways by the compass. It has enabled many to find positions, direction or route. No one knows when,…

The Invention and History of Indian Film Essay



Words: 1851 (8 pages)

“The history of film cannot be credited to an individual. Each inventor added to the progress of other inventors, ending in progress for the entire art and industry. These achievements began with the creation of a machine that captured moving images that led to one of the most celebrated and unique art forms at the…

Leonardo’s list of inventions Essay


Words: 431 (2 pages)

Anemometer- helicopter- ornithology-Dad Vinci was fascinated by birds. He watched them, sketched them and borrowed ideas from them for his inventions. One of the results of this fascination was the ornithology, a device conceived by dad Vinci that would theoretically have allowed humans to soar through the air like birds. While dad Vine’s parachute would…

The Second Print in the Series: Christopher Columbus




Words: 7354 (30 pages)

COLUMBUS AS HEROIC CRUSADER The second print in the series following the frontispiece features Christopher Columbus and, like the other prints of the navigators in the series, it is aturated with symbolic imagery and formatted with a central image an a caption below. Here the caption describes Columbus’s accomplishment: ‘‘Christopher Columbus of Liguria. With the…

Giovanni Stradano’s Engravings of the Discovery of the Americas




Words: 6570 (27 pages)

by LIA MARKEYThis essay situates Giovanni Stradano’s engravings of the discovery of the Americas from theAmericae Retectio and Nova Reperta series within the context of their design in late sixteenthcenturyFlorence, where the artist worked at the Medici court and collaborated with the dedicateeof the prints, Luigi Alamanni. Through an analysis of the images in relation…

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What are ten important inventions?
Top 10 most important inventions of all time
  1. Printing Press. Johannes Gutenberg is known as the inventor of the printing press who developed the first ever...
  2. Compass. This navigational device is known as the sailor’s best friend. It first originated in China in the 4th...
  3. Telephone. Today, telephones are impossible to live without. Telephones have made it...
What are the 10 Greatest Inventions of our time?
Top 10 Greatest Modern Inventions
  • 1. Electricity It was in the year 1570 when William Gilbert described the electric effect of Amber as well as the magnetic effect of lodestone to coin the tem “Electricus”. ...
  • 2. Banking, Credit Cards ...
  • 3. Robots, Artificial Intelligence ...
  • 4. Radio, Television and Internet ...
  • 5. Calculator, Telephone and Smartphone ...
  • 6. Automobile, Airplane ...
  • 7. Camera ...
  • 8. Penicillin ...
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