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    Overview of Careers for Zoology

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    You’re on vacation with eight of your closest teenage girl friends and are staying in a cabin house at the mountains.

    It’ the middle of the night, you’re sleeping soundly in your bunk, suddenly you hear noise outside of your window. You begin to panic, yet you don’t want to wake anybody up, convincing yourself it’s nothing you fall back asleep. Plenty of minutes later you hear a louder noise and decide to look outside your window, little did you know a six-foot black bear would be staring you down. After waking everyone up, you decide to call Animal Protection Hotline and explain to them that a black bear appears to be outside your cabin. They send a specialist to remove the bear, so out of curiosity you ask where the bear is going to be taken. They say that it will be held at the local zoo where he will be residing now and a zoologist will care for it.

    While many people think that zoology only deals with zoo animals, conservation and animal relocation are important parts of the field of zoology. Zoology is the intense research of animals, dead or alive, and the caring for their well-being as well as ensuring species management and survival. When you mention zoology plenty of people link it to zoos and caring for animal habitats, yet they don’t know that Zoology originates from Ancient Greek. (7) Aristotle is known as the founder of Zoology because he was the first to be intrigued by exotic animals.

    He published his research that he kept while studying certain species in the book “De Animalibus” in 1476. (7) Even though Aristotle investigated a variety of different animals his main focus was Marine Life. (7) A bird’s egg fascinated him because it led him to investigate the gender differentiation s. (7) When Aristotle’s book became available to read plenty of people criticized his work, yet it did lead scientist to look into off spring reproduction. (7) However, Muslims were also curious about these exotic animals, yet they believed in two different types of studies: literary and practical.

    (8) This means they would learn about agriculture or veterinary medicine, despite after investigating both ways they decided to merge both studies into one because it all dealt with the study of animals. (8) A famous Muslim writer wrote a bestiary called “Book of the Animals” yet he was not credited because this bestiary expanded beyond zoology. (8) Another valuable researcher was Al-Asmai that contributed to this career because of his precise concept of breeding camels with horses. Scientist till this day are still researching animals and examining the remains of exotic animals. Zoology is an extremely broad career with plenty of different animals to research and care for.

    A zoologist should have obtained at the minimum a bachelor’s degree in biology or some sort of animals study. (1) The majority of government jobs and universities require for you to have a PhD to be considered for employment. (1) A couple of high school classes you could take to have an advantage is this field are statistics, data modeling, computer skills, and another advanced mathematics. (4) Beyond majoring in zoology a variety of graduates specialize in certain categories of animals.

    For example: cytologists specialize in whales, mammalogists specialize in mammals, and herpetologists specialize in amphibians and reptiles. (2) There are plenty of different careers that zoology can lead into such as pharmacy, dentistry, journalism, and biology. (2)A career in zoology also has specific jobs for different people because not every animal is the same. A zookeeper does a small part of everything for their explicit animal as they don’t exactly prepare the animals food, but they tell the cook about the dietary needs for the animal. They also clean the cage the animal is residing in and make sure nothing unsafe in is the possession or contact with them. A zookeeper will observe the animal and the way it behaves in their habitat.

    As they are observing, they will write down certain information because they write reports to let other specialist know about their data. Zookeepers want to inform doctors in the veterinary field if they believe the animal is not health because they want to prevent death. They are also responsible for grooming, exercising, and training the animal. Exotic animals are similar to humans because if they don’t get the right amount of exercise they can have health complications. It would be unsatisfactory if the animal was to attack a visitor, therefor; they train the animal to stay inside of their habitat and away from visitors. The last important responsibility a zookeeper has to obtain as part of their job is speaking with visitors and/or presenting information about their specie.

    In the majority of zoos they will have scheduled hours when the zookeepers comes to speak to the public. They will inform you about the health of the animal, or if there is any way they could help keep them from becoming extent. A zookeeper does plenty of different tasks, yet they have others experts fulfill these jobs for them if they need help. (4)A wildlife educator also is an expert in the field of zoology, yet they don’t have great demands as zookeepers. A wildlife educator spends plenty of time on a computer researching their specie or will spend a minority of time outside studying the animals physically.

    They are the ones that will actually present major information to foundations or charities. They will inform them about their specie and attempt to raise awareness around the world to protect them. In those presentations they will also pursue the audience to donate an incredibly amount of money to buy new animals to hold in their local zoo. Or use the money to build more astonishing habitats for animals, so that they will be able to house greater amounts of animals and protect them. Wildlife educators don’t consume their time with animals, instead their main focus is to perform research to aware the public about the specie.

    (4)A wildlife educator and a researcher share extreme similarities, however; a researcher performs the hard evidence for the animal. As a wildlife educator a researcher also gives speeches, yet they don’t do it on a daily basis. A researcher will physically perform simulations or experiments to prove certain theorems. After have performed this experiments they will analysis new data and compare it to ancient data from past scientist.

    They will attempt to solve environmental problems that could be hurting species or a health problem that could be occurring. An interesting job a researcher has to perform is studying dead animal remains. They will attempt to find evidence that could link to another animal before them. A researcher’s main purpose is to find common ancestors between two species. It’s fascinating to figure out how thousands of years ago two different species interbred and a new breed came to be. A researcher’s main focus would be to perform hands on activities that could discover evolution and how it came to be.

    (4)A wildlife rehabilitate does an extremely important job because they care for injured, abandoned, and sick animals. Their main focus is to find a secure and permanent home for exotic animals and also to help animals that could be at risk of extension. The majority of wildlife rehabilitate travel to different continents to look for exotic animals in the jungles. After finding them and filing the appropriate paper work to have them transported to the United States, they will have them examined by a licensed veterinarian. They will take procedures to see if the animal could have some type of disease or infection. Afterwards everything has been done they will start to investigate which zoo has an interest in adapting a new family member.

    Wildlife rehabilitates will choose where the animal will be residing and will check in once in a while to make sure that the animal is being cared for. (4)In the field of Zoology, salary is not an important issue when considering this as a major. The majority of people who pursue a career in zoology is because they have a passion for animals. The salary for a zoologist varies a great deal between people because you get paid for the experience you have in this career. For instance someone who just graduated college and is starting off in their first job would be paid $30,000 to $45,000 a year. Yet, someone with five years of experience would be paid $40,000 to $55,000 a year.

    However; someone with ten years of experience will be in the salary range of $45,000 to $65,000. The last salary range would be for people with twenty or more years of experience and that consists of $55,000 to $80,000 a year. Yet, another factor that fluctuates your salary range would depend on the company you work for. A variety of zoologist work for the government which makes a bit more compared to people who work for simple brand name companies.

    (4)The study of zoology has lead for specialist to believe that the structure of the human body and the structure of the animal body share extreme similarities. Plenty of zoologists agree that the human arm is made from the same process as different animals. For example the arm is constructed the same as the leg of cat, also a seal’s flipper, a wale’s paddle, or a wing of a bat. (6) They are constructed to have the same purpose even though they vary in shape and size. This also leads to evolution which is the process of people believing that our common ancestor is a monkey.

    This is because men and monkeys share extreme similarities in a physical perspective. Not everybody agrees with this theory because it contradicts the bible, yet some say we evolved from monkeys. (10) Even though the process of evolution leads into a difficult topic it is linked to animals and how animals could evolve of each other. Zoology is composed of thousands of different zoologist that have contributed to experiments and new research. One of the most famous and credible zoologist would be Charles Robert Darwin who proposed the idea of “Survival of the Fittest” and is recognized for the scientific theory.

    The second most credible zoologist would be Alfred Russel Wallace which also had a theory for evolution and was the main reason Mr. Charles decide to propose his idea. The third most recognize zoologist would be Dian Fossey which mainly focused on studying gorillas. She performed extensive research on gorillas all across the world and is a founder of the “Karisoke Research Center. ” The fourth credible zoologist would be Dame Jane Morris Goodall who is the most recognizable chimpanzee researcher.

    She also founded the “Jane Goodall Institute” and spent her time caring for the welfare for abandoned animals. The fifth credible zoologist is David Attenborough who did not physically study animals instead he presented the Nine Life Series. He was actually a naturalist that wrote and presented the information to inform people about this specific theory. The sixth zoologist is Clinton Richard Dawkins who published the book “The Selfish Gene” which spoke about the gene view as part of evolution.

    He also was recognized for the word meme, which is a behavior instant that is said to have been passed down from one person to the other. The seventh credible zoologist is Stephen Robert Irwin who studied the crocodile in its natural habitat. He had different careers, yet they all revolved around crocodiles, like a wildlife expert, television host, and a conservationist. The eighth zoologist is Archie Carr III who studied the jaguar specie and persuades the Belize government to play an active role in protecting the land for jaguars.

    He is also the founder of “Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary” which is in Belize. The ninth credible zoologist is Frederick William Frohawk who most was known for publishing three books revolving the topic of butterflies. He was also known for being a lepidopterist which is a person who studies or collects butterflies. The last most credible zoologist is James Henry Fleming who was known for studying birds and collecting information. He maintained an enormous library revolving ornithological which was donated to “The Royal Ontario Museum” when he passed away.

    (11) Other zoologist that were extremely recognizable in the nineteen century were; Lamark, Curvier, Geoffroy St. Hiliare, Goethe, Owen, and Oken. (6)A zoologist doesn’t only have to have a passion for animals; they also have to have a flexible work schedule. Zoologists usually work from Monday through Friday, but have to be able to work most desirable Saturdays or Sundays. (9) This is major if you are working in zoos as zookeepers because the large portion of tourist will visit on weekends and need someone to guide them.

    The hours you work will most likely not fluctuate because you will work since the time the facility opens till when it closes. Unless you have to stay overnight to observe an animal or they need you to care for a certain animal. (9) Usually a zoologist will relocate to different continents that have a different climate to explore animals in their natural habitat. Such as Australia because they have a variety of exotic animals that you would not necessarily see in The States. Strengths to becoming a zoologist would be to have the patience to observe animals for a long period of time.

    (9) Another major factor would consist of you being able to work indecently and not count much on working in teams. (5) You should also be able to do in depth research and be able to explain your research to people who are not acquainted with the study of animals. (9) It is difficult to obtain a job as a zoologist because there is only a certain amount of places that hire you. As for places that would employ you it would be universities, government research institutions, NHS, medical research companies, museums, culture organizations, zoos, wildlife trusts, and environment protection agencies.

    (9) Zoology consists of the study of animals and your desirability to physically interact with them, so you can write profound research of the specie you are investigating. In conclusion, Zoology had been around for centuries starting when Aristotle introduced the study of animals to the world. Hundreds of other specialists were intrigued by this study, which lead to the field of zoology. Anybody with a minimum bachelor degree in biology or animal study could pursue a career in zoology. There are a variety of different positions in this field such as, zoo keeper, wildlife educator, researcher, and wildlife rehabilitate.

    Depending on your position and how many years of experience you have you will get paid a bit more each time. One of the greatest concepts that zoologists are trying to figure out are if different species have common ancestors. Or if two different species were to interbreed they would create new specie into society. There are hundreds of zoologists who have participated in the research of animals, but there are a few that are recognized for their ideas.

    Zoologists will dedicate their lives to studying exotic animals and helping maintain certain species from extension.Works Cited;printsec=frontcover;dq=Zoology;hl=en;sa=X;ei=I2ZpUp7RCcGTkQfxjYHoAQ;ved=0CEQQ6AEwAg#v=onepage;q=Zoology;f=false

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