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Who Tracks In More Bacteria? Cats, Dogs, Or Humans?


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Cats and dogs have been in the lives of humans for thousands of years. Their unique paws protect their feet from jagged surfaces and provide traction. Cats have been living among humans for around 8,000 years. They are the only known animals that have domesticated themselves.First signs of the domestication of cats sprouted from the…

Bacteria Paper Essay (1518 words)


Words: 1518 (7 pages)

In this lab we observed the growth of bacteria in a conjugation and transformation experiment. We expected the mating plate of the conjunction to grow and the bacteria on the transformation plates to grow also. We also practiced using aseptic techniques to clean the lab benches and to keep the bacteria from being contaminated from…

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Production of Human Insulin

Types of Microbiological Organisms that Cause Disease

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The Role of Gut Microbiota in The Health of The Host

The Incidence of Microbial Spectra in Gallstone Disease

The Effect of Magnesium Chloride on The Average Swimming Speed of The Paramecium Tetraurelia

The Antibacterial Effect of Mentha Piperita L. Against Streptococcus Mutans as Mouthwash

Structure of Pneumococcal Bacteria

Review on Different Types of Bacteria

Human Albumin Alter Specific Genes that Can Play a Role in Survival and Persistence in Acinetobacter Baumannii

How Bacteria Can Control Our Genetics

From Abdomen to Joint Suffering

Causes and Care for Bad Breath

A Facultative Aerobe & Its Characteristics

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