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    Does Music Support Violence? Essay

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    Does music really promote violence, that what a lot of people like to believe. Perception is reality is what they say, and if some people think that music really does promote than it does, but honestly is that opinion biased? I believe that music is a form of expressing yourself, sure there are cases where the artist might be glorifying something they are not suppose to, or better yet look down upon, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily mean that it promote it or encourage it.

    If it a person is that sake willed to be actually influenced enough to do something that is referenced in the song, then to be honest they’re Just a deterrent of society and had no hope in them anyways. Like I stated previously, music is a form of expression, some of the lyrics might be violent but that doesn’t mean that they are promoting violence. Like rap music, most rapper have very vivid and violent image in their lyrics, I believe that when you see the “hood” or ghetto or whatever you want to call it, then it’s very understandable why the lyrics are the way they are.

    I think it’s Just a bigger picture of what’s going on in the inner city, I seen some of things that these rappers are talking so therefore I understand it. Most rappers represent the struggle of the inner city, most people would find this glorifying a gangster lifestyle, poisoning the youth minds, or something like that, which could be the case if they are not born into that lifestyle already, but a lot are. I believe the main reason people believe that music promotes violence is because of the influx of violence acts that happens in the inner city and beyond.

    Although I do live that some people probably are a bad influence on children, like for example some of the songs Chief Kef writes can be a little morbid, I believe that it also falls on the teaching of the parents. The parents should have much more of an influence on a child’s personality and actions than a Chief Kef song, and if your son or daughter think it’s cool to “trap out of Banjos” or “flip bricks like tetras” then you’re just a horrible parent, main and simple.

    Now some kids don’t have no choice but to be bought up in that lifestyle and experience it first hand, but the parents still have a IANAL say in their actions, I myself seen and experience things that most kids don’t but I’m not trying to do things that are been said in lyrics because I think they are cool, I know what’s right and what’s wrong. To be easily influenced by a lyric in a song Just means you wasn’t meant to be apart of society in the first place or you’re Just a leech or a follower.

    They say that children are the world’s biggest imitators, so should they be imitating their parent’s actions instead of some strangers on a 808 with a catchy hook, that’s what I don’t understand. How can someone possibly blame something trivial as their child being bad because off rap song made him rebellious and out of control, I don’t get it. Your child is horrible because he has horrible parents who didn’t raise him the right way or he easily influenced by one of his friend and thought it’ll be cool to rob, steal, or kill Does Music Support Violence?

    By neocolonialists because a song is glorifying something doesn’t mean he’s promoting it. Why don’t we put Death-core in the same situation (which I happened to listen to). Just because a to of the theme of Death-core revolve around death doesn’t mean that I’m going to kill myself, or kill someone, or even think about death when I’m listening to it.

    It’s Just some dark music and I like the emotion of the songs, I’m not swayed by lyrics, I don’t think it’s promote violence although it can have some very violent lyrics that circulates around the theme of the songs, which usually involves death. All I’m saying is that we can’t say that music promotes violence because everyone minds work differently, it might affect someone one way and affect another a different way, and if oh feel that you are swayed by a lyric of a song, then you’re a weak willed individual.

    I don’t believe that music promotes violence, it’s used to inform on how a certain person feels. You have to take it for what it’s worth, if you feel that way then well I feel sorry for you cause I don’t. Hopefully one day, we all realize that it all starts at home, not because some stranger on a instrumental or a playing a guitar is saying or doing something, but because we were raised a certain way and grew up in different environments.

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