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Definitions and Use of Social Media

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Social media are the materials, specimens, software, hardware, and equipment used for interaction among people, according to Lazworld (2010), social media is a category of sites that is based on user participation and generated content. They include social networking sites like Linked Facebook or Myspace, social bookmarking sites like Digg, and other sites that are centered on user interaction. Anvil Media (2014) also defines social media as an umbrella term that defines various activities that integrate technology social interaction and the construction of words and pictures. Social media is an extension and explosion of traditional word-of-mouth networks which have always been the most effective and trustworthy means of disseminating information. Technology has enabled people to access social media through use of the internet it is therefore a cultural shift from tradition to modernity. Social media began to take root with the emergence of technology which grew rapidly since 19305 it has since developed better ways of communication.

This has allowed messages0 be delivered over a long distance in a short period of time thus enabling interaction with friends and family easier. Social media has both positive and negative influences in our society. It has been used as a tool of communication among people of various diversity across the globe whereby people can share information, ideas, feelings, attitudes and facts thus making the world a small village. In businesses, we cannot outwit the role played by social media. Inventions from scientists and business people can be shared with all Dick and Harry has helped businesses in promotional activities, enhanced market insight and stretch out beyond rivals with online networking. It has also enabled increased awareness among brands as well as making a better understanding of the audience, their taste, choice and preferences. Learning is a process of passing desirable knowledge, skills and competencies to learners and social media has been at the forefront of making this possible in education.

Both students and teachers can do their research and projects on both general and specialized subjects by use of social media. Inventions such as Kahoot!, google class, and Moodle have made learning experiences fun and highly interactive. The internet facility enables users to access information on the world wide web (W) on any discipline either free of charge or by subscription. Entertainment is pan and parcel of every human being. Research indicates that 79% of connected television viewers visit Facebook while watching television. Pollster Jonn Penn (YEAR) notes, “Social media is the connective tissue that enables consumers to multitask during their entertainment experiences by connecting with others and sharing their opinions.” Additionally, 83% surf the web while viewing television, and 41% tweet about the show they are watching (reference). Social media platforms such as YouTube enables sharing of music. comedy, drama and other theatrical productions which is a source of entertainment.

In healthcare, managers are working effectively to utilize social media in engaging patients and consumers. Patients seek information via social media that assists them in the selection of doctors, specialists and hospitals to make informed decisions on the best practices to seek care. Doctors can also answer questions on various topics, deliver generic pre—and post-operative care information as well as offer patients any updates that relates to the practice itself. Despite being of great profitability to modern society. social media leads to addiction, Spending immeasurable hours on social sites can shift focus and concentration from a task. It lowers the motivational level of people, especially teenagers, and students. It mainly relies on technology and the internet instead of learning the practical knowledge and expertise of everyday life.

After all the advantages, the problems that arise is of information overload and security Social media does not have a pattern as to how much information to be conveyed and where to draw the line Too much information may confuse users. Security may be another area of concern whereby people can get illegal access to a user’s information Moreover, social media has led to a widespread of social vices such as drug abuse and trafficking among the people leading to moral degradation in society and especially among the youths. Family violence and brutality has increased due to use of drugs and social media influence leading to divorce, deaths, and disabilities, therefore, making people who would otherwise be productive be unproductive in the society. “One more sentence” Social media has also encouraged people to expose so much of their personal life which would otherwise be private or personal leading to the interference of personal space.

People also let social media define them such that when they post their pictures, videos, and stories on anything to do with their personal lives, they feel embraced by the large number of people who like their posts. This shows poor self-and self-esteem because such people are looking for approval to fit in society when such posts are not liked by a large mass they tend to fall into depression thus risking their health. Everything has its ups and downs and either way, nothing is all depends with how we utilize the resources we have at our disposure. The future of social media looks promising but still we must deal with the problems associated with it Time has come for us to embrace change in our societies and be on guard to watch out on what may affect us negatively and come up with better and lasting solutions, retain what is good and make it better as well do away with that will corrupt our societies.

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