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    The Negative Impact of Social Media on Relationships

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    The world wide web has completely revolutionized how we interact with others across the globe. We no longer have to go through the struggle of handwriting letters and waiting many days for our snail mail to reach our readers. if it’s impossible to see our loved ones, technology has granted us the opportunity to simply face-time them. Social media opened a virtual world where it’s addicting to meet individuals and start a relationship. Today’s society heavily relies on social media to demonstrate couples’ interactions, but at times couples expose too much of their business. Although social media has made it convenient to connect with others, there is much more evidence that relationships suffer than benefits due to the jealousy, mistrust, and insecurities it brings It is non-debatable that the Internet has become a convenient method to establish and maintain social relationships. Social media has encouraged society to meet new people, scholar Dave Parrack states, “It has never been easier to make friends than it is right now, mainly thanks to social networking sites.

    Just a few decades ago it was pretty tough to connect with people” (Parrack). The quote exemplifies the simplicity of making new friends in our times, Online users can just simply click “add as a friend” instead of interacting with others to befriend them. Adding someone on social media is the first step to creating a friendship, and demonstrates the user that he or she is interested in them. Many individuals are speared with the intimidation of meeting someone face to face, and uncertain if a connection will be established. Not only does social media helps to create relationships, but it’s a sacred tool that helps maintain them as well. Couples use social networks to discover common interests or to express their relationship with the public. An article from The Atlantic states,” Texting, Facebook-status updates, and Twitter conversations are not displacing face-to-face socializing — on average, they are making them stronger, Social media is enhancing human connectivity as people can converse in ways that were once not possible”.

    This quote explains that social media gives relationships a variety of ways to communicate with each other. These alternative methods can bring memorable experiences where couples can find new common interests and enhance their communication with each other. Couples can easily become addicted to converse with each other on Facebook or Twitter, bringing their relationship closer than ever. Social media does benefit relationships, however, the evidence of how social media ruin relationships outweighs the positive The negative impacts of social media overflow the positive when it comes to relationships because of the mistrust that develops. Over time, couples who become addicted to social media will begin to communicate with other friends. Certain online users become too addicted to social networks and they begin to forget the importance of their significant other.

    Social networks may connect individuals to their past loves as explained by Eliana Dockterman from Time, “Yeah, I think a lot of relationships have been ruined by one person‘s addiction to social media, whether that addiction leads to a connection with a past love or crush” (Dockterman). The scholar elaborates on how easily social media can connect us to our memorable past loves, If it’s so easy to communicate with your current partner, then it will be as easy to connect with your ex‘s. This controversial decision will bring individuals to lose interest towards their current partner. In time, the victim will notice that his or her relationship is missing something, and quickly to suspect the worst from their partner. Partners begin to lose trust in their significant other because they’re always glued to their computer or mobile phone. A relationship without trust will only result in arguments, and always questioning each other’s faith and commitment. Not only can one’s significant another impact his or her relationship through social media, but others can unintentionally diminish one‘s relationship.

    An article from Relation Rules explains, “I think social media causes more insecurities between couples, For example seeing someone else in a picture with your significant other. It’s easy forjealousy to arise” (The Impact of Social Media on Relationships). This quote demonstrates how quickly social networks can negatively impact relationships with a single post. Everyone who’s addicted to Facebook or Instagram love to post their business to the public. Some online users could post a picture with one’s partner at a late-night party or restaurant, which can easily result in jealousy. No one wants to see their significant other having too much fun with another person, especially one who can impose a threat to his or her relationship. Social media makes it extremely convenient to interact with other people, however, it can lead to socializing with individuals who shouldn’t be receiving one’s full attention. Social media tends to keep its online users addicted, however, this prevents couples from experiencing a true social relationship. Social network is a great tool to keep in touch with significant individuals.

    However using it as a constant method to communicate with a loved one takes away from the true experience of socializing with one’s partner, experts Lenhatt, Anderson and Smith further explain, “Sometimes it simply means that you get home at night to spend time with your significant other and you have nothing to talk about because you’ve spoken about everything all day through social media or you’ve looked through each other’s social media feeds” (Lenhart, Anderson and Smith). This quote discusses a big issue that social networks bring to relationships. When both partners are addicted to their online accounts, they will interact with each other constantly. Couples discuss everything currently happening in their lives, how their day went, obstacle they‘re currently facing, etc, Finally, once receiving the chance to see each other, there will be nothing to talk about because everything has already been discussed online.

    Lack of social interactions can bring a relationship to an end unless couples enjoy talking to each other online, However, constantly talking to each other online does not bring a true experience to a relationship, couples miss out on memorable real-life conversations. Couples won’t be able to experience their partner’s true emotions, and a screen won’t able to show anyone that. Social networks can prevent couples from realizing how important they can be in their lives, Shelley Galasso Bonanno from Psych Central further explains, “How influential are our online ‘friends‘ able to be if we do not maintain a real—life relationship with them? As with anything, balance seems to be the key Real-life relationships are unmatched for emotional and physical closeness” (Galasso Bonanno) This quote exemplifies the importance of maintaining a real-life friendship.

    The same thing goes for relationships, how can couples survive if their significant other doesn’t impact their lives Social media can unite couples together, but addiction and distractions could definitely impose a threat that could easily destroy a relationship.  The rise of technology blessed our world with rapid communications It has never been so easy to simply contact someone thousands of miles away. Despite that social networks makes it so convenient to keep in touch with people, it has become too addictive where it imposes threats to many relationships. Many couples are suffering due to the overwhelming problems social networks bring such as trust issues and jealousy. It’s not too late to shut down your online account, it can make many experiences what a true relationship feels like, or it can save countless relationships from falling apart.

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