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Essays About Interpersonal Communication

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The Social Connection: Interpersonal Relationships and Communication 

Interpersonal Relationships and Communication Katherine Miller (2005) states that interpersonal relationships and communication refer to social connection with others in various spheres such as work place, college, neighborhoods among others. Various individuals tend to show various behaviors when interacting with other people. For instance, there are individuals that will only connect with individuals from certain…

Gendered Communication

Communication is that the process of sending and receiving verbal and non-verbal messages from one person to a different through words, symbols, signs, and behaviors to specific ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Gendered communication is that the differences of how male and feminine communicate and the way the differences can affect personal and workplace relationships. Organizations…

Communication Technology 

With the development of society, people begin to communicate via technology. Some people think it is a invention which let people convenient, while others are against it. They think chatting on the Internet is a fake way to make friends. In fact, online communication is definitely a two-sided technological invention, I will talk about it’s…



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Harry Stack Sullivan and Interpersonal Psychiatry

Harry Stack Sullivan, a prominent psychiatrist of his time, combined concepts from both social sciences and psychiatry to create what is known as interpersonal psychiatry (Sharfstein, n.d.). He emphasized the significance of interpersonal connections and believed that certain aspects of one’s mental health can be hinted through the way in which they interact with other…

Importance of Interpersonal Relations

The purpose of this two part study was to highlight and analyze different workplace communication styles and test them for efficacy and usage frequency. The authors point out that with advances in technology and changes in workforce demographics, communication and collaboration have become increasingly required as necessary skills. Definitions of communication vary according to the…

Culture and Communication 

Communication is much more than just language and verbal exposition, and it reflects our culture, gender, and innate characteristics; it is possible to communicate more effectively by better understanding the intended audience and the nuances of nonverbal communication. Communication is, at its core, any way one mind may affect another. It is imperative to be…

Therapeutic Communication

Medical knowledge and clinical skill are very important to becoming a successful nurse. Communicating with patients can often be a challenge but is also an important skill in developing relationships with patients. From admission to discharge, nurses must communicate well to provide comprehensive care in which a patient can fully understand. This paper will discuss…

The Relationship Neuroticism and Interpersonal Conflict

Over 40 million people in the United States report experiencing aggression in the workplace every year (Schat, Frone, & Kelloway, 2006). Being in a hostile environment can significantly impairs an individual’s ability to function efficiently (Wilson, & Nagy, 2017). Being a target of interpersonal conflict can have detrimental effects on the mental health, performance, and…

The Influence of British Internet Media on Teenagers’ Communication Ability

First, although the efficiency of communication has increased substantially, the efficiency of “communication” does not necessarily increase. The ever-expanding network of relationships has reduced the stability of intimacy and increased the difficulty of maintenance. In modern society, the increase of media channels has increased the size of the entire society. Efficient communication tools allow people…

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