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    Gendered Communication (799 words)

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    Communication is that the process of sending and receiving verbal and non-verbal messages from one person to a different through words, symbols, signs, and behaviors to specific ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Gendered communication is that the differences of how male and feminine communicate and the way the differences can affect personal and workplace relationships.

    Organizations hunt for excellent communication and interpersonal skills when hiring people which studies have shown, “Communication and interpersonal skills ranked first with 89 percent of recruiters considering them extremely important” (Alsop, 2004). consistent with this text, “He Wrote.

    She Wrote: Gender Similarities and Differences in Written Business Communication” it suggests male and feminine brains work differently, possibly through the differences in brain structure. for instance, males have large brains than females and females have larger areas at the bottom of the brain with more nerve endings than males, which enables females to use either side of the brain, incorporate emotions with fact.

    Men only use 1/2 their brain to perform tasks that involve abstract reasoning and stronger navigational abilities and motor skills. Although, this may be controversial when it involves science, this kind of data can prevent women from becoming leaders if it’s believed women communicate more supported emotion than fact (Plumlee, Wright & Wright 2016). While men avoid communicating with others when stressed which prevents conflict and negativity during that point.

    Males believe communication should have a purpose rather than discussing feelings. for instance, women are more expressive and polite when communicating and men will be more assertive and dominance, therefore when communicating under stress men can come upon as negative where females come upon as positive. for instance, when males are stressed the tone in their voice changes and that they may use curse words and are available across as dominant and negative.

    Whereas females communicating under stress become submissive and their tone comes across quiet and empathetic which makes them come upon as understanding how others feel and might establish more relationships than men do. Although there are many studies of the differences in gendered communication, studies show men and ladies communicate differently.

    Women communicate through emotions and collaborate with others through feelings to explore options in handling them and to prepare their thoughts before approaching a situation. Verbal communication in a company is within the kind of presenting at internal meetings with co-workers or externally with customers, communicating through writing like emails, memos, or using technology like social media and conferencing video.

    If not communicated clearly, messages will be perceived differently that the expected outcome which might create conflicts, gossip and misunderstandings among employees and customers. An example of an enclosed communication with a bunch of male and feminine managers to incorporate, a male vice chairman, two male managers, three female managers of which one is unaccustomed the organization and therefore the administrative assistant meet to debate department issues.

    During the discussion, the VP is providing his input and thoughts of an answer to an employee problem and before he finishes his statement, the new female manager interrupts and begins questioning the VP and providing her feelings towards the topic of fairness, and understanding the wants of the staff. While the VP was calm and being attentive to her, the opposite people within the room were observing one another in disbelief that she would behave during this manner. After the meeting was over, several people discussed the new female manager’s communication style.

    They agreed she is simply too empathetic toward the wants and feelings of other employees, which found as a female manager demonstrating her personal thoughts rather than sort of a male manager which, would be to speak through facts and direct to the purpose to determine a way to settle the difficulty, without attaching personal emotions to the conversation. However, a number of the feminine managers suggested the new female manager should learn more about the culture of the organization before jumping into a conversation that’s unfamiliar to her and her behavior of interrupting the conversation found as disrespectful additionally.

    Through this instance, it demonstrates the differences in verbal communication between genders and the way males tend to be less emotional and more logical than females and it demonstrates how others whether male or female perceive the communication, which might create conflicts if not handled appropriately. In conclusion, Understanding the differences between gender communications is essential to keep up successful business relationships to speak effectively and by each gender adapting to every other’s communication style.

    Not understanding the differences will create animosity among employees, which might create conflicts and stop interpersonal relationships for the business to achieve success. The differences among male and females could create gender stereotypes that would prevent female’s from going in leadership roles, which prevents the chance for a business to possess diversity among communication styles.

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