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    Comparison and analysis of the inaugural speeches of Donald Trump and Barack Obama

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    In 2017 president Donald Trump gave his Inaugural Address. In this speech, he spoke into the hearts of American citizens. Trump is emphasizing America first America this fake news. Donald Trump engraved into American citizens that he wanted to save American from outside forces. These forces included China, drugs and illegal immigrants.’ We’ve defended other nations’ borders while refusing to defend our own,” said Donald Trump, President of the United States (Trump). However, Barack Obama approaches the American people differently. He does not focus on Americans but everyone.

    Trump focuses on his target of people which is patriots and hardcore Americans. Both follow a similar pattern in which they start by thanking the last president for their efforts and contributions. President Obama can convey the message more professionally than Trump. Obama states, ‘humbled’ and ‘mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors'(Obama) while Trump uses more similar terms such as, ‘ fellow Americans’ and ‘ People of the world: Thank you’ (Trump). Donald Trump expresses his statements in a way that two friends would talk to each other. Donald Trump’s speech was far more effective than Barack Obama.

    Following Donald’s Trumps Inaugural Address he faced the most controversial elections in American history. Many people felt that Trump was spouting racist statements and was unfit to run American because he was a business man prior before running for office. He became somewhat of a crusade against public media by calling them fake news. These statements did a significant effect on new stations such as Fox and CNN.

    The supporters of Trump began believing him. Trump also plays into his charisma towards the American people and his inaugural address. During his campaign, he uses catchy slogans which strike deep in the American people’s minds. These slogans include the word ‘America.’ Many Americans believe that Donald Trump is supporting their cause of reviving America. Donald great starts his speeches by thanking American people and using the slogan ‘Make America Great Again.’

    In his Inaugural speech, he greatly uses the word ‘America’ this allows his statement to be strong sense because it connects with his supports and anyone who is American. He strongly connects with his demographic of people. He uses pathos by stating that the power is transferred back, ‘we are transferring power from Washington, DC, and giving it back to the people'(Donald). He gives confidence in the people who voted for him that he will stand to his remarks about changing America.

    While on the other hand Barack Obama also targeted his audience but not in his speech. Barack Obama was overwhelmingly popular from minority groups like Hispanics and Blacks which was a significant aspect that contributed to his success against Mitt Romney. In his speech, he mostly gives a generic statement.

    This statement does not call upon America as Trump’s speech does. His speech sounds more like someone else had written it and sounded like a generic answer instead of coming from himself. Trump is known of speaking his mind on topics and does not hesitate to do so. For example, during the debate against Ted Cruz, he attacked him. Trump berated Ted Cruz with slogans such as lying ted. The slogan stuck with the supporters of Trump and with the Americans that were watching through the television.

    Trump, on the other hand, is very simple and easy to understand. Trump explains how America will start to grow once again, ‘we will get our people out of welfare” this was something that the Americans wanted by “rebuilding our country” from “American hands and labor’ (Trump). Both explain how America will start to regrow, but Obama feels like reading from a textbook. While watching Obama during the annual White House Correspondent Dinner, this becomes evident. During this Obama is seen somewhat less formal, ‘ Tonight for the first time” and even jokes on Donald Trump about his birth certificate “I’m releasing my official birth video'(CNN 0:45).

    The issue with Obama’s speech is that it feels foreign for younger people. The speech feels more for the older generations that came before, while Donald Trump’s speech feels more for the new generations. Younger people came out to vote during the battle between Donald and Hillary. The number of supporters speaks volumes to how active Trump was able to convey his message to not only Americans but the younger people as well. Older people know that ”the younger people are less likely to vote compared to the older generation.

    Another thing that made Trump’s speech more appealing was the talk about the government failed the citizens of America. Obama praised America in all of its glory instead of admitting some faults. Obama never admits that the government is to blame and the failure of the powers at be. He instead promotes the notion that America is the best nation in the world. He discusses a lot of the history of America and how the older generation makes the nation great.

    However, Donald Trump’s calls out that America is prosperous, ‘Washington flourished” but only the people in power are getting that wealth, ‘but the people did not share in its wealth'(Trump). The politicians ‘prospered” while everyday Americans lost their jobs and “the factories closed'(Trump). He describes how wealthy America is from ignoring its people and taking advantage of them. Trump was able to gain this momentum by also putting American people first and making them feel special.

    In conclusion, Donald Trump Inaugural speech was far more effective in connecting to the younger audience and the American people. Obama’s speech geared towards the older generations instead of trying to appeal to the younger audience. Trump used pathos by repeating the word ‘America’ in his speeches and slogans.

    The slogans helped spread his vision to every American citizen and was also a keen sense for Trump. His speech was straightforward but effective towards grasping the American citizen who believes that Donald can make the change that they want. Obama’s spoke a lot of the past instead of the present and felt very generic. It did not feel like Obama had written the speech. Donald was able to overcome a drastic battle against Hillary by using pathos and using slogans to slander her and his opponents.

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