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    Education Policies of Barack Obama and Donal Trump

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    The equality opportunity is it is referring to the discrimination generated by the Community and the same in the government is based on involuntary personal attributes, such as sex, racial, or ethnic origin.

    In the Education Policies has always been divided in the United States to see where it can be supported more it is divided into two that are Republicans support less federal control over schools, preferring to let local officials have more control and Democrats support keeping a strong federal Education Department to ensure that school districts treat all students fairly. In the 8 years that he was in the presidency, Barack Obama used a speech to the Hispanic community to present a plan for the improvement of the country’s educational system, it was one of the more areas of his reforms, but also to boost the economic health of United States throughout its term. Barack Obama did a lot for his community and I also support the educational system as well as young people so that they have good schools and opportunities to be someone in life.

    Barak Obama plans to improve the entire system, from preschool to university education, and he does not foresee the approval of new laws and one of the good parts of his proposals was for voluntary adoption by the states. Obama managed to increase the number of preschool places so that the children began education.

    In primary and secondary school, they proposed to tighten the teaching standards and a possible extension of the schedules and the academic years, and also these new ones worked very well. Education Laws. One of the things that happened during those Obama years was when Republicans opposed giving the extra pay to teachers who managed to improve the best student outcomes, but Obama followed through with a plan to continue supporting students. students as well as teachers.

    Another thing that happened was that he rejected the proposal to eliminate the limits to the number of charter schools are the schools that, although they receive public funds and that is free of any of the rules applied to other public schools in exchange for producing certain results established in a separate statute for each school and educators opposed charter schools because they receive taxpayer money that would otherwise go to traditional public schools. He also helped Latino students who dropped out of school before finishing high school. Barack Obama helped the student a lot to continue the educational program, he also made economic plans including aid for students with financial problems.

    Donald Trump, when he became president, made many changes that affected the country, one of the things that affected the educational program and removed several things that Obama had done. Trump reduced the discretionary budget of the United States Department of Education by $ 9.2 billion, from a total of $ 68.3 billion to $ 59.1 billion. About two-thirds of that 63% reduction comes from duplicate or simply not working program deletions.

    The government for Donal Trump proposed a 10% reduction in programs and a cut of almost a third in GEAR UP programs. GEAR UP and the other educational programs were supposed to help students at risk of not being able to pay for their degrees. Another thing that also did and affected a lot was the K-12 programs, and several aids were eliminated. Donald Trump took away a lot of aid to students, schools, and teachers greatly affected the decisions they made.

    Obamacare was one of the foundations that helped many people in the United States to pay for their health treatments and have insurance, many people were happy with Obamacare because it was mandatory to have and some qualified for free or paid little, other people did not like Obamacare because they did not I was able to qualify and had to have private insurance affected many people because if you did not have insurance you had to pay a fine and it is like everyone is not happy with anything but the United States raised the economy a little with the changes they had. When Donald Trump entered, the US Senate, dominated by the Republican Party, also made a change in health insurance, voted to start the process to withdraw Obamacare.

    The United States President-elect Donald Trump signed executive orders to dismantle health care reform. Many people supported him in that decision but for others, it affected them a lot because it was their way of paying for their medical treatment, for some it was free, others paid a small fee. In Obama’s time, I help people Own their home is the one based on the dream that American we all have that’s why the Administration strived to tackle the foreclosure crisis and revitalize the communities that suffered the most while supplementing the programs that help Hispanics to do what it takes to buy their own home.

    In January 2009, more than 250,000 Hispanic family groups bought their home with a mortgage guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. The Administration also endeavored to guarantee rental housing and low-income housing. “Civil rights and fair housing advocates never harbored high hopes that the Trump administration would enforce the Fair Housing Act with much vigor. But the extreme efforts to which the Trump administration has gone to dismantle, sometimes lawlessly and without a case, law support, the fair housing policies expressly established by Congress, is extremely disconcerting to civil rights and fair housing advocates.

    More battles to either dismantle or to preserve, existing fair housing protections will no doubt continue throughout the remainder of the Trump administration”. This is what our president has done lately to also take away the help of having a house for the future because he wants to help rich people more this is unfair because everything Obama did to give us a better economic life for Donald Trump comes and we all dreams of having a house because the mortgages are becoming more expensive with interest, it is not easy to have a house, but I am confident that all this will end one day and we can have a better president.

    Obama VS Trump we have seen during these years all the changes that we have had as good things and bad things, we have been affected by these changes a lot lately but we still have the hope of having a new president just like Obama or better than if he cares about the programs of education, insurance and having a home with good mortgages is just a matter of waiting to have a better country

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