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The Life, Political Career and Lasting Impact on America of Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Words: 1290 (6 pages)

“I wish there was a war,” a hopeful and determined 14-year-old Alexander Hamilton writes in his journal. Alexander Hamilton was a military leader, lawyer, journalist, econ- omist, and the first secretary-treasury of the United States of America. Alexander Hamil- ton was an ambitious intellectual who has made a lasting impact on America today. Hamilton was…

President George Washington Was a Selfless Leader Who Greatly Influenced the United States

George Washington



Words: 580 (3 pages)

One of the country’s greatest military and political leaders was a man named George Washington. Not only did he defeat an army that was superior to his own in training, equipment, and numbers (the British army), he also saved the United States from the tyranny that concluded so many revolutions and established a constitutional democracy…

The Life of George Washington as a Military Leader in the United States

George Washington



Words: 502 (3 pages)

In elementary school it would seem that kids are influenced to believe that George Washington was this strong, intelligent man, strong enough to chop down a cherry tree. Similar to how children have always been taught that Christopher Columbus was nothing but a mere adventurer, traveling the seas, when in fact he was just searching…

George Washington Carver Essay Introduction

George Washington


Words: 587 (3 pages)

George Washington Carver was born near Diamond Grove, Missouri in 1864 on a plantation owned by a slave owner. His father, Moses Carver, and his mother, Susan Carver, were slaves on that plantation. As a young infant, George along with his mother was kidnapped by Confederate night raiders and was taken to Arkansas to be…

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Essay

George Washington


Words: 683 (3 pages)

Westmoreland County, Virginia. Here he received little formal education. Historians have speculated that he attended a school in Fredericksburg, or may have been tutored by an indentured servant. Washington lived with his mother until the age of 16. At the age of 15, Washington took a job as an assistant land surveyor. In 1748, he…

George Washington Essay Thesis (629 words)

George Washington


Words: 629 (3 pages)

George WashingtonWashington was born in Westmore County, Virginia, on February 22, 1732. He is the son of the late Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. Augustine was a tobacco farmer and a stock raiser. Washington spent most of his early childhood on the Ferry Farm in Fredricksburg, Virginia. He attended school up until his fifteenth…

George Washington Father of a Nation Essay

George Washington


Words: 1559 (7 pages)

George Washington: Father of a NationA desolate wind swept over the American encampment at Valley Forge. Freezing temperatures and blinding snow storms accompanied by heartbreaking defeats had taken their toll on these young freedom fighters. The cry for freedom could no longer be heard over hunger pains and the freezing wind. One lone figure could…

George Washington Essay Paper (379 words)

George Washington


Words: 379 (2 pages)

Find in this articlePrint articleSend us feedbackMore Media (11 items)Article OutlineIntroduction, Early Life, Early Career, General of the Continental Army, Return Home, President of the United States, Second Term as President, Last YearsI. IntroductionPrint sectionWashington, George (1732-1799), first president of the United States (1789-1797) and one of the most important leaders in United States history….

George Washington was the first to realize the imp Essay

George Washington


Words: 1390 (6 pages)

ortance and need of canals for the nation’s development, but never completed histhought. On July 4 1817 the Erie Canal was began by Governor DeWitt Clinton a former New York city mayor and US Senate in Rome New York. It took much persistence and determination by Governor DeWitt Clinton to make the Erie Canal a…

George Washington Carver Essay Contest

George Washington


Words: 2147 (9 pages)

Born in Westmoreland County, Va. , on Feb. 22, 1732, George Washington was the eldest son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington, who were prosperous Virginia gentry of English descent. George spent his early years on the family estate on Pope’s Creek along the Potomac River. His early education included the…

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February 22, 1732 [O.S. February 11, 1731], Popes Creek, Virginia, British America


December 14, 1799 (aged 67), Mount Vernon, Virginia, U.S.


John Parke Custis, Patsy Parke Custis


It is better to be alone than in bad company.


Cause of death Epiglottitis
Parent(s) Augustine Washington, Mary Ball Washington
Political party Independent
Relatives Washington family
Spouse(s) Martha Dandridge, (m. 1759)

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