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The Concept of Intersectionality and Gatekeeping and Passing


Words: 1871 (8 pages)

In the following essay I seek to present two central concepts, the concept of Intersectionality and Gatekeeping and Passing. The focus will be on using the example of feminism, gender and race and showing how both concepts can be applied to this example. I will start by explaining first and discussing the meaning of each…

Women Studies Midterm (1673 words)


Words: 1673 (7 pages)

Intersectionality refers to the interconnectedness of the social categories such as race, class, and gender. The reason for intersectionality is so important because it aims to include all groups in the movement for equality. It is inclusive because it recognizes that while the feminist movement is made up of millions of women trying to fight…

Intersectionality in Feminism Essay



Words: 873 (4 pages)

Imagine being the minority of one group. Having similarities with less than half of the people in a group because of something one can’t control, what one’s born with. Now, imagine having two things one can’t control and both of them are of the minority of the group again. This makes two uncontrollable ways to…

Intersectionality in the Undocumented Community


Words: 2350 (10 pages)

Introduction Society is run by stereotypes. The color of your skin, your mannerisms, the accent with which you speak all lead to assumptions about what you can and cannot do. These labels do not have boundaries, once you have been categorized, a process begins where you start to notice just how impactful this aspect of…

Intersectionality Research Paper


Words: 887 (4 pages)

Intersectionality means to belong to several social categorizations. These social categorizations include race, class, gender, and sexuality. Sex, class, gender and sexuality overlap and create a person’s identity. Unfortunately, this can lead to discrimination. The discrimination can be seen in the media as well as in the real world. Intersectionality is used in the media…

What is Intersectionality Essay


Words: 1032 (5 pages)

Intersectional perspectives emerged from feminist scholarship which acknowledged there were significant differences among women and men rather than simply between them. The term ‘intersectionality’ was initially created by Kimberlè Crenshaw and instigated to feminism in the 1980’s. Intersectionality theory bloomed because of the combined efforts and inputs of feminists of color, specifically black women, and…

Intersectionality Regarding Comparison McFarland USA’s Jim White and Myself


Words: 2195 (9 pages)

Your occupation can define you as a person. It relates your passions, commitment, integrity, and values to your professional and personal life. Jim White appears very passionate about his work as a coach of high school sports. This is evidenced by his opening action of hitting the arrogant, disrespectful, captain of the football team that…

What Mean Term Intersectionality


Words: 526 (3 pages)

We have seen many feminist movements sweeping the nation in the hopes to change the deep roots of our patriarchal society. Women of all races coming together to fight for equal wages, leadership positions, and many more roles that women are undermined to have and yet the concept of intersectionality remains invisible. Through intersectionality, black…

The Importance of Implementing Intersectionality in Society 


Words: 1029 (5 pages)

Intersectionality describes the interrelation and interconnection between various systems of oppression such as race, ethnicity, class, physical ability, age, sexuality, and gender as these factors simultaneously form structures of inequality. It identifies how systems of oppression utilize its power to affect the people whom are most marginalized in society. Intersectionality seeks to transform and manifest…

Why Intersectionality Matters (1111 words)


Words: 1111 (5 pages)

In Intersections: The Simultaneity of Race, Gender and Class in Organization Studies, Evangelina Holvino (2010) notes that even though there has been progress in the inclusion of race in mainstream organization theorizing, there has not been much progress in the field of organization development and change (Hovino 2010: 248-9). In the article, Holvino explores what…

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What is intersectionality and how does it impact my life?
The word intersectionality describes the complex reality of being human . Each of us is shaped by multiple social or cultural identities that affect how we understand ourselves, the barriers and opportunities we have had presented to us, our abilities to respond to those barriers and opportunities and the way other people respond to us.
What is intersectionality, and is it biblical?
Intersectionality emphasizes the ways that people differ from each other while ignoring, if not rejecting altogether, what the Bible says about the commonality of the human race. This commonality is seen in three critical ways as taught in Scripture . First, all people are created in God’s image.
Why do we still need intersectionality?
Why We Need Intersectionality in Our Demographic Data
  • Understanding Intersectionality. “Intersectionality is a metaphor for understanding the ways that multiple forms of inequality or disadvantage sometimes compound themselves and create obstacles that often are not understood among conventional ...
  • Cumulative Marginalization. ...
  • The Effects of Intersectionality. ...
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