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Love Comes After Marrriage (640 words)

Arranged Marriage

Words: 640 (3 pages)

Imagine one day you come home and see a man sitting with your parents in the living room, your parents then tell you that the man will become your future husband. This is an arranged marriage, it happens around different parts of the world such as India. The novel Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin…

Socia Issue of Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage

Words: 923 (4 pages)

Marriage is a sacred institution in which two people agree to spend the rest of their lives before god for eternity. But in the modern world two types of marriages exist first is an arranged marriage and the second one is a love marriage. Arranged marriage is a traditional and old method of marrying most…

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The Problem of Arranged Marriages Among Young Yemen Women and Girls

The Importance of Marriage in The Societies Around The World and The Issues Surrounding Arranged Marriage

Discussion of Whether an Arranged Marriage is a Positive Tradition

Comparison of Arranged Marriages in 1984 and in Present Society

A Discussion on Whether Arranged Marriages Are Nothing But Outdated Forms of Slavery

An Arranged Marriage Issue

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