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    Key positions in Barack Obama’s inaugural speech

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    Barack Obama in his inaugural speech got to be introduced as the 44th president of the United States. His introduction included the necessary elements to getter attention, even though he seemed a little nervous when he started talking because his hands were shaking, he affirmed that what brings us together as a nation is not the colors of our skin or the origins of our names, what really makes us Americans is our commitment to our country. Starting off like that makes the audience feel a connection with him. Looking deeply into the audience, he said that “We all men are created equal”, meaning that there cannot be any type of discrimination because we are all humans, we cannot let our differences label ourselves.

    Although Obama achieved his purpose in making empathy with his fellow citizens, he affirmed how he wanted to collaborate to make this nation a safe and healthy place for everyone. Obama used a lot of hand movement. He seemed like he believes in God because he mentioned that freedom is a gift from God.

    At the beginning of the speech, Obama barely used transition words to go from a point to another. On the video, I was able to see that Obama has a huge diverse audience supporting him. He tried to make eye contact with the major part of the public, but he only pointed out directly to both sides of the audience and the middle part remained unattended. Obama appealed to logos by the way he persuaded his audience using logical arguments and supportive evidence. Our ex-president’s inaugural speech addressed some of the actual issues Americans citizens are facing every day.

    He emphasized how Americans have faced and overcome those issues. Therefore, I consider that the argument does not have any logical fallacies, the speaker is very clear and used concrete information. Obama encouraged the young generations to give the best of themselves and make the values real for every American. On the other hand, Obama used a lot of words repetition as “You and I”. He changed his voice and volume when he mentioned that “Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to live”, he encouraged every American to work harder every day and fight for their dreams until they reach their goals.

    Obama revealed the fails of our schools and how health care is being more expensive every day, also, he cited the importance to save energy in turn to help our planet. Obama made a solid pause and stated that we all must act knowing that the victories of today will be those who stand there tomorrow, he described how proud he will be as a president or even though he will when his journey as a president ends, seeing all the future achievements.

    I consider that Obama’s words were kind, once again showed his interest in our nation’s best. However, I think that he must have used more persuasive elements because he did not used any metaphor or parallelism, thus, I noticed how he kept using repetition words. Obama could have been a little more specific with his ideas because at some point it seemed like he did not organize what he wanted to say and sounded like he just made them out right away.

    In conclusion, I consider that Barack Obama’s addresses had a bright accomplishment, he made some mistakes when he delivered his speech but overall Obama reached his purpose persuading his audience about all the things that Americans should get done in order to make United States a better place to live. Obama kept a good and firm posture towards his fellow citizens trying his best to not lose the eye contact. I consider that the speaker would be able to improve physical aspects of delivery by not making too many hand movements.

    Obama finished up including that even though when he finishes his four years as a president he will be there to support our country and make all of those who supported him during his campaigns proud of him. I believe that his inaugural speech was very successful, despite the fact that he is such a great human being, he was really clear with the audience and I feel that he gained more supporters on his journey.

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