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    American Media’s Spread of Values by Hunter

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    Mobile media goes deep into people’s life, and it becomes a new trend of value communication to observe the grassroots from the perspective of publicity.

    Every media reformation will bring about the innovation of political propaganda. The sensitive mobile Internet media will extend its tentacles into every field of American people’s production and life and pays attention to the emotional psychology and interactive experience of information audiences, and provide special information

    Precise delivery to specific target groups makes the values ubiquitous in the fragmented dissemination. Digital newspapers and e-books are now delivered to subscribers in the United States simultaneously or before print media, and broadcast television programs are increasingly being distributed via the Internet on mobile clients and social media. The interactive or promotional use of social media, such as Twitter, is liberating americans from a single passive position in social discourse and putting more emphasis on multi-platform interaction and information interaction with readers. Media change in the mainstream media and the audience the ills of separation, credibility recession was publicly amplification – with emerging media attention to air their opinions at the bottom of the society trump beat with mainstream media in the presidential election make good Hillary Clinton – American politicians will increasingly emerging media as the core values and the state ideology of ‘mouthpiece’, through the mobile Internet media to show the affinity of the people of the ‘officer’ of American politics and its penetration into the production areas and details of life, the output values and display of political civilization

    Do moisten things silent but strong and powerful.

    The extensive media network and relatively free public opinion environment in American society have created a huge and growing audience group, which makes the communication circle of people expand from the real society to the virtual Internet space, and the radiation range of secondary transmission will expand exponentially. When using virtual network space and mobile communication to carry out cross-space operation or educational mobilization, there may even be a ‘viral’ diffusion effect — the information released by the source communicator is received by the audience, who naturally turns into the communication subject for secondary dissemination in the process of discussing and sharing the information. Such as former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton during the presidential election in take ‘distribution type media’ strategy, organization team in different media such as Twitter, Snapchat, company issued in accordance with the attributes of the platform, the propaganda moment will itself as hot ‘web celebrity’ – new media strong connectivity with the aid of information spread as quickly as cells divide, easy to cause a hot topic detonating network.

    The spread of American values is restricted by its economic foundation and political system and serves the bourgeoisie. Although the United States tried to cover up the political propaganda of class stand, as the news public opinion, independently of the party and government, to promote the media reports of objective truth and value neutrality, but the media cannot get rid of the mutual influence and the power of the government, as art and said, ‘the media are in the hands of the political and economic power, the media has always been a powerful advocate hand’.

    The dissemination of American values has strong political and capital attributes.

    As the ‘mouthpiece’ of the ruling party to convey information and the ‘eyes and ears’ to contact the public, the propaganda department of the United States also bears the dual responsibilities of propagating political ideas to the public and collecting social intelligence. As early as the period of ‘cold war’ the U.S. government to establish United States information agency, ‘the voice of America radio and other news organizations and facilities, and now the media change under the condition of the replacement material carrier of virtual signal transmission information, make product material, ideology gradually strong, they showed the new media as the internal image, communicate with the people sharing platform and foreign propaganda tool of ideological confrontation, with absolute news of administrative power to strictly control and agenda setting, new media is made as a place for the United States the interests of the ruling class integration.

    The downward shift in the perspective of the dissemination of American values is not a reflection of the trend toward popularity of American news propaganda.

    Marx believed that the important principle of publicity is to be responsible to the people. Highlighting popular concept of news propaganda must satisfy the people’s growing demand media informed, expression and supervision, but ‘journalism is dominated by the dominant class in society’, ‘journalism class nature is in news activities of the class struggle in the society’, so the U.S. news propaganda will map will of bourgeoisie. Although the media revolution has given expression to the ideological and cultural needs of the American people to a certain extent, the ruling class still ignores the actual needs of the grassroots people directly or indirectly in order to accumulate wealth, group politics and partisan struggle. Just like the final reversal of the 2016 us presidential election result, the important reason is that the government power has long suppressed the expression of the opinions of the grassroots, making them a ‘silent majority’, which could not obtain the real public opinion in the early polls.

    Following the new trend of media ecological change in the world today, the US government breaks through the traditional location limitation of ideological and cultural export with absolute capital and technological advantages, implements effective value dissemination with the help of new public opinion field and all-media integration, and constructs the public opinion expression mechanism and basic ideological norms in the whole society.

    Improve the system to guide the media industry and public opinion healthy and upward.

    The unlimited freedom of media will make it difficult to distinguish the truth of information flow and hinder the normal operation of society. To spread the core socialist values, we should enhance the media’s governing ability, agenda setting ability and resolution ability in the open context under the leadership of the party

    Public opinion risk capacity, improve policies and regulations to regulate media operation and creation, establish management or supervision committees to ensure media culture security, strictly examine and correctly interpret the value input of foreign media capital, guide the field of public opinion with positive energy, not only protect press freedom but also abide by propaganda discipline.

    Optimize the output and innovate the content expression form of value communication values are attached to cultural products and cultural industries, and have both ideological and material attributes, so they can be transformed in media communication. Explore the combination mechanism of values, culture and practice, and give play to the role of soul cohesion and moral nourishment. Digital information technology is used to optimize the presentation of values in terms of audio and video effects, innovate discourse and narrative forms, conduct policy communication and interaction with the government and people through social media, and form a manageable, rapid, effective, three-dimensional and diversified communication platform and media system.

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    American Media’s Spread of Values by Hunter. (2022, Jun 06). Retrieved from

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