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    Sophomore year. Those were my “rebellion” days. It started at the end of my freshman year in high school where I began socializing by attending kickbacks, parties, or any social events that I was invited to. Of course, it is where I met a lot of people who introduced me into a whole new world where smoking and drinking were involved. Don’t get me wrong; after all, I am a teenager. Every year, my high school would have a Sadie Hawkin’s Dance. As always, I did not have a date to the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance, because it is where the girl asks the guy out to be her date for the dance.

    It was impossible for me to get a date, because I never had the courage to ask a guy out to be my date. I was too shy and afraid to get rejected. To be safe, I never asked. This time, I chose to go to the dance with a couple of my guy friends who I’ve known for awhile. “Dude, ready for that dance tonight? ” asked Jun. “Hell yeah! Who else is going with us? ” I asked. “Um I think, it’s just you, Martin, Dan, and me. What’s up? ” “Mmm nothing, just wondering! Don’t forget, 6:00pm” The dance was on a Saturday night from 7-11:00 pm.

    I told Jun to pick me up from my house at 6:00 pm, because I knew that they are always late no matter what. I was super excited about the dance that I started getting reading by 3:00 pm. I picked out my clothes, laid them down on my bed, and stared at them for a good 5 minutes. Finally, I jumped into the shower where I washed my hair twice, because I wanted it to smell nice. I blow dried my hair and then used the straightening iron to straighten my hair. I busted out my make-up kit and started applying them to my naked face. After hours of doing my hair and make-up, I barely had any time left to put on my clothes and shoes. Honk Honk) “Gwyneth, hurry up!!! ” yelled Dan.

    “Coming! 1 minute! ” I replied. I grabbed my dance ticket, school ID, money, house key, and out through the door I went. As soon as I got into the car, I realized that I haven’t eaten a proper meal since 2:30 pm and it was already 6:15 pm when they came to pick me up. I didn’t mind, because surprisingly, I was not hungry! “Alright, what’s the plan? We got an hour to kill before we hit up the dance,” stated Martin. “I copped a bottle a few days ago, ya’ll down to drink? ” asked Dan. “FUCK YEAH! ” answered everyone, except me.

    It wasn’t that I didn’t want to drink, I was just thinking about how I didn’t have any food in my stomach to help soak up the alcohol. Of course, being a teenager, I was careless and made the wrong decision that eventually lead to the most regretful thing that I ever did. We arrived at the school parking lot 10 minutes before 7:00pm. Therefore, we ended up hanging out at the parking lot for a little bit more. By hanging out, I meant drinking a $35 Hennessy with only 4 people in a back of a van parked at the school parking lot. “Oh shit, I forgot to grab shot glasses or cups! said Martin. “Whatever, fuck it. It’s just us anyways, we’ll just drink straight from the bottle,” stated Dan.

    “Uhhhhhhhhhh. Why not! ” I said with a little hesitation. The bottle was opened and was handed directly to me. I grabbed the bottle and started drinking from it. I chugged two small gulps. It was disgusting, but at that time, I didn’t think about the taste. All I cared about was having fun with my friends on a Saturday night. We passed it around, one person at a time. After a couple rounds, we were down to a couple more gulps left.

    But before it got to me one more time, I told them that I was definitely buzzed and did not want any more alcohol in me. I wanted to enjoy the night, not get drunk and pass out. Finally, after Dan and Martin finished drinking whatever what was left in that bottle, we all walked towards the school together. We stood in line for another 5 minutes getting out permission slips, ID, and dance ticket checked out. Those 5 minutes felt like a good 30 minutes, I don’t know why. “Okay guys, I’m gonna go look for my friends for a bit, catch up with you guys later.

    I’m gonna have fun, so do you guys,” I said. “Don’t have to much fun, Gwyneth. ” Martin said with a slight wink. I smiled and walked away. My night has officially started, I thought. I was dancing the night away, laughing with my girl friends, and definitely feeling the music. Moments later, I felt a sudden urge to walk to a corner and tilt my head down. I was very dizzy. Little did I know, the alcohol inside me finally took action 100% and took over my whole mind and body. That was the last thing I remembered. Tossing and turning, while hugging my blanket and rubbing my feet together.

    I woke up on my living room couch. “What the hell happened, how’d I get home? ” I whispered to myself with confusion. I got up, walked into my room and went back to sleep. Again, I woke up a couple hours later. I grabbed my phone and started texting my friend, Meggie. Me: Hey, do you know what happened last night? I literally woke up in my couch Meggie: Hey girl, haha! You’re parents came to pick you up. Everything is fine, the cops didn’t cite you so I’m sure you’re all good. Me: WHATTTT? MY PARENTS? I’M GOING TO DIE. THANKS GIRL, I’LL TALK TO YOU LATER

    At that moment, sweat came rushing out of my pores. My life is over. I knew that, it was impossible to try and lie my way out of this. I got caught. An hour passed and I eventually had to get out of my room and face my parents. So, I walked out of my room and slowly walked into the kitchen where they were about to start eating breakfast. I was scared. “Sit down,” said my dad. “Do you know what you did yesterday night? Did you know that you were puking everywhere, while you’re so called friends just watched you. You made a complete embarrassment of yourself yesterday night for what?

    Did you know that the cops were about to cite you? Where did you drink? Who did you drink with? Why? ” yelled my mom. Trust me, those questions were not even half of what she asked me. She went on for another 15 minutes, until she finally shed a tear. The interrogation stopped. The whole time, I had my head down. I was so ashamed of myself; I could not look my parents in the eye, especially my mom. Then, she said the most hurtful thing she has ever said to me. “You disappointed me and your dad last night Eat; you must have a bad hangover,” said my mom as she wiped her tears.

    Silence. Hearing those words come out of my mother’s mouth broke my heart into pieces. It took a very long time for things to go back to the usual, but it was never really the same. Every time I went out, I would always be reminded to not do anything that will disappoint my parents again. Being a teenager should not be an excuse to do anything that you know you will end up regretting. One thing I learned from this experience is to always think about the consequences before you act. So I ask you, “how was your Sadie Hawkin’s Dance experience? ” Mine was definitely unforgettable.

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