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Modern Platos Cave Essay (515 words)


Words: 515 (3 pages)

In the Allegory of the Den written by Plato. In his writing he explains human beings live in an underground den, here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move. Being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads. The three areas in modern…

Brewster Place Essay (467 words)



Words: 467 (2 pages)

Throughout The men of Brewster place by Gloria Naylor, characters are breifly described to show the reader how life for each person apart was during those times within a bad black neighborhood. The contrast between all this characters can vary from many aspects; however there are two persons with in this novel that are worth…

Why are different climates in different places Essay


Words: 639 (3 pages)

Why There Are Different Climates In Different PlacesWhy Are There Different Climates Different PlacesThe main factor that determines the climates of any place is its distance from the equator. This is because sun never rises high. Therefore the places close to the equator remains warm. Temperature typically decreases as altitude increases. At high altitudes the…

The Parable Of The Cave Essay (1297 words)


Words: 1297 (6 pages)

Kevin McKee6-2-99ENGL 251C. WootonTaking the High RoadThe unexamined life is not worth living, In The Apology, Socrates relates that the most important goal in life is the improvement of the soul. We should search others, our environment, and ourselves so that we may come to a better understanding of the world. The Parable of the…

The Arena – Sensory Overload Expository Place Desc Essay



Words: 540 (3 pages)

riptive EssaysThe Arena – Sensory Overload Standing here, in this arena that’s larger than five of my houses,I feel like a needle in a haystack. So many people surround me it’s likeI’m a little grain of sand in a huge ocean. The people in the round gymnasiumall form a crimson, white, and blue rainbow. Their…

Crystal Cave Essay (491 words)


Words: 491 (2 pages)

People or events that appear very briefly in life may have dramatic effects onthe lives of people they touch upon. Basketball coaches from the junior highschool level often influence their athletes to take up playing basketball intheir high school career. Dying friends often compel people to conduct researchand dedicate their lives to the study of…

Rainforest Depletion Essay (1222 words)


Words: 1222 (5 pages)

Long ago, the Earth had a green belt of rain forests around its middle that covered almost twelve percent of the earth’s land surface. (Miller ; Berry 3) Today, the rain forest covers two percent of the earth’s land surface and it is declining rapidly. The following will be a description of the rain forest,…

A Place Worth Fighting For Essay



Words: 297 (2 pages)

A Place Worth Fighting ForColin Chisholm’s emotive plea for restraint in the development of the Squaw Valley ski area is particularly poignant and compelling. The power of the piece is found in his dramatic and impassioned scene setting. He cleverly intertwines the imagery of the valley with endearing anecdotes of the time he and his…

The Hiding Place Essay (2013 words)



Words: 2013 (9 pages)

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom is the story about the life of a woman in Holland during the German Nazi invasion and holocaust. Miss. Ten Boom tells about her childhood, helping people escape through the anti-Nazi underground, her arrest and imprisonment, and her release. As a child Miss. Ten Boom grew up in…

Clean Well-Lighted Place (916 words) Essay

A Clean Well Lighted Place



Words: 907 (4 pages)

Clean Well-Lighted PlaceIn “A Clean Well-Lighted Place”, Earnest Hemingway focuses on the pain ofold age suffered by a man that we meet in a café late one night. Throughthe use of dialogue, Hemingway creates three characters that symbolize thestages of life: birth, living, and death. Additionally, the tone of the story iscreated in three ways….

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