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    WW1: Art Propaganda Essay (1152 words)

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    German 1:

    As Jesus stood on the hill, he pointed the German soldiers off to battle. With a cross behind him the Lord stood with his hand up blessing the troops as the go off. With the statement “God punish England”, underneath the picture the Germans felt safe with God on their side. The sky is dark and cloudy but over Jesus’ head is a ring of light. As the ride into this darkness they take with them the blessing of Jesus.

    This poster is directed to religious Germans who were off to battle and their families. One of the two principle religions in German at the time was Roman Catholicism. So for them to see Jesus looking over the soldiers they felt more at peace with the war. It could be seen as Jesus asking the Germans to fight against England to protect the land and the people of Germany. Feeling a religious responsibility the Germans went off to battle England.

    The ring of light over Jesus head stands out in the dark sky. I fee that this can be seen as a “ray of hope”. Also the cross behind Jesus enforces the religious beliefs of the church. Even thought he is not nailed to the cross it is positioned so that at first glance if you are a Roman Catholic you remember the struggles Jesus had endured. And lastly because Jesus is on a hill looking over them it portrays the image that he is looking over them and sending them on a mission to punish England.

    With religion come strong emotions, such as passion, love and dedication. To accuse someone who is spiritual, of going against the advice and word of Jesus or God sparks angry and rage. Feeling the religious responsibility and pressure German soldiers felt it was more than their duty to their county or families. God had chosen them to fight in this battle against England and bring home victory to his kingdom in Germany. This idea instilled pride and obligation in the soldiers as the rode off to battle.

    German 2:

    As the solider stands with his arm in the air and pride in his eyes, bolts of lightening hit down onto England. The storm clouds sit under the statement, “everything for the native country.” The lightening bolts descending from the storm clouds are striking two areas. On the left you see a factory and on the right a church and houses. With a gun in one and hand and the other up high he shows confidence in his fight.

    I feel the intended audience for this poster is the people who do not understand what this fight is doing to England. This shows that Germany’s attacks are hitting England in all aspects of there lives. It looks as if the storm is being created by the Germans power. This one to me has the most basic symbols. On the left there is a factory getting struck by lightening.

    This symbolizes the Germans attack on England’s economy. The right side shows a church and houses. This represents the families and religion that is being destroyed in this war. The lightening represents the power of Germany and their attacks striking in this war. This raises excitement for the Germans to see that their soldiers are hitting England right where it hurts the most. They feel confident seeing these bolts or lightening coming from this solider.

    United States:

    “A wonderful opportunity”, is the message in this poster. As a recruitment tool for the US Navy they show the positive side of joining. There is a sailor smiling with his bags packed all ready to head of and defend his country. In the background is a large Navy ship sitting in the ocean. The ocean is made to look calm and full of endless adventures.

    The solider is looking back smiling but taking a huge step forward. This symbolizes embarking on the next journey. He is ready to join the Navy and is proud to have this “opportunity”. His bags are packed and ready to go showing that he is excited. The emotions for this poster are set by the tone. This is a happy, upbeat, positive image to see. This instills excitement and anticipation for sailors. They can not wait to get onto this ship they see in the poster and embark and set sail. They are ready to take full advantage of this “wonderful opportunity” the government is giving them to explore and see the world.


    As two little children stand holding the Australian flag, the message “our daddy is fighting, buy war loan bonds and help him win the war”, lays below them. The children are standing close holding hands, with scared looks on the face. I feel the wording makes this poster extremely powerful.

    This is intended for those who are not fighting the war and are needed to make a contribution. Seeing the children asking on behalf of their “daddy” who is at war can be mostly directed to people with children. I feel the strongest symbolize in this poster is the words. For example words such as “daddy”, and “help him win”, show the children’s’ innocence.

    Also them standing close and holding hands, shows they are scared and sticking together. This to me is the most emotional on. The children hit you right in the heart. You see their need for help and attention. I can see people reacting with pity and heartbreak. They realize that buying a war loan bond is a little contribution compared to theses children losing their daddy.

    Compare / Contrast:

    Many of these posters hit you in the heart. The German solider creating the storm and the children hit you on more of a personal level. They both deal with family. The lightening bolt hitting the house and the church shows the direct attack on people’s homes and lives. The Australian poster shows the loss of one of the millions of families that lost a father in World War 1.

    The German poster is more violent and instills not only confidence but fear as well. It proves that this war is closer to home then people would like. The destruction of homes, families, and lives is made real through this poster. Where as the Australian poster is not violent. It receives sympathy from viewers. In a way it does instill fear. If you are a wife or a child with a loved one at war you know the hard ships these children are enduring.

    I feel the even thought I am disturbed by the German poster, it does make a stronger point. Showing where the attacks are hitting makes the war seem a little more real. It shows that the plan of attack is well thought out. The storm clouds and lightening bolts are a easy, basic symbol. It is easy for anyone to understand this poster and its meaning.

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