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WORLD HISTORY – Unit 1 : The Renaissance & The Reformation

rebirth of art and learning
famous and wealthy family that used their wealth to fund art and scholarship
worldly concerned with the here and now

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financially supporting something
a pardon into heaven
Christians who belonged to non-Catholic churches
setting a illegitimate marriage aside
The 95 Theses
95 examples that need to be reformed in the Catholic Church (started Lutheranism)
“Renaissance Man”
a man who excelled in many fields (praised as a “universal man”)
instead of writing in Latin, most writers wrote in this language
cutting a person off from a religious society
a movement that focused on human worthiness, human potential, and man’s place within nature
Henry VIII
left the Catholic church/faith and married six women to have a son to heir, yet rule fell under his daughter Elizabeth
Elizabeth I
rule fell under her, she set the ground rules of religion for England
Counter Reformation
when Catholics made changes that were inspired by The 95 Theses
the depth in the painting found in Italian Renaissance paintings
The conditions in Italy that led to the Renaissance
RCC is a force and dominates European life. Learning a philosophy of the classical world is lost. But come closer to contact with the Middle East. The classical world was again in contact with Italy.
Explain the main values & ideas of Humanism vs. Christian Humanism
Humanism followed classical traditions by focusing on human potential and achievements while Christian Humanism had the idea that human beings are worthy and wanted to spread the Bible.
Identify two Renaissance artists
Leonardo da Vinci (Mona Lisa, the Last Supper)
Michaelangelo (the statue of David)
Identify two Renaissance writers
Erasmus (wrote the “Diatribe Against the Pope”)
William Shakespeare (wrote plays with deep understanding of human beings)
Analyze the differences between Northern and Italian Renaissance paintings
Northern – focused on peasant life used a darker pallet
Italian – noticeable perspective, used a brighter pallet
Evaluate the importance of the printing press and its impact on society
allowed others to read the Bible and determine their own ideas and thoughts about the Catholic church/faith
Identify the causes that led to the reformation
Catholic church had suffered from set backs (crusades, plague), corruption (not most efficient and honest), Indulgences (paying money to the Church)
Analyze the impact of Luther’s revolt
led to the Counter Reformation, emphasized Christian Humanism, started the religion of Lutheranism, inspired other reformer’s (Calvin) to do the same
Explain the spread of the Protestant faith to England
Henry wasn’t allowed to divorce (annul) in the Catholic Church so he created his own Protestant church so he could divorce to have a son to heir the throne. Elizabeth then set the grounds for Protestant religion in England
Summarize the beliefs of other reformers
there were many other reformers for example John Calvin, he believed in a strict religion that focused on predestination
Summarize the Counter Reformation
the Popes Paul III and Paul IV directed a council of cardinals to investigate indulgence selling, set up the Council of Trent where Catholic bishops and cardinals agreed on several doctrines
What doctrines were agreed on at the Council of Trent
– Church’s interpretation of the Bible was final
– Christians need faith and good works for salvation
– The Bible and Church tradition were equally powerful for guiding Christian life
– Indulgences were valid expressions of faith
Evaluate the role of Humanism in the Renaissance and the Reformation
Humanism in the Renaissance focused on tradition of classical works, this helped create ideas for inventions and buildings
Christian Humanism in the Reformation focused on the fact that the Bible was being spread to increase everyone’s own understanding of God, this challenged the view of the Catholic Church

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WORLD HISTORY - Unit 1 : The Renaissance & The Reformation
Renaissance rebirth of art and learning Medici famous and wealthy family that used their wealth to fund art and scholarship
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WORLD HISTORY - Unit 1 : The Renaissance & The Reformation
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