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    World History Renaissance, Reformation, and scientific Revolution Chapter 13

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    World History Renaissance, Reformation, and scientific Revolution Chapter 13
    World History Renaissance, Reformation, and scientific Revolution Chapter 13
    Johann Gutenberg
    the inventor of the printing press
    a financial supporter of the arts
    Isaac Newton
    showed that gravity keeps planets in obit
    Niccolo Machiavelli
    author of The Prince; wrote a guide for rulers on how to gain and keep power
    William Shakespeare
    poet and playwright; his famous works Romeo and Juliet and hamlet
    Nicolaus Copernicus
    proposed a heliocentric model of the universe in his work On the revolutions of the heavenly spheres
    the city that produced many renaissance artists and scholars with the support of the medici family; birthplace of the italian renaissance
    Andreas Vesailus
    published the study of human anatomy
    a government run by religious leaders
    the inquisition forced this to day he belived earth was at the center of universe
    based on the belief that the sun is the center of the universe
    the force that keeps plants in their orbits around the sun
    Sculpted David and painted the Sistine Chapel
    the northern Renaissance began in the cities of Flanders
    what was one affect of the printing press
    knowledge and religions ideas spread across Europe
    what resulted from the peace of Augsburg in1555
    each German prince could decide the religion for his lands
    how did Italy location help make it the starting point of the renaissance
    Mediterranean trade brought wealth there
    Rene Descartes believed that the best road to understanding was through?
    Human reasoning
    in the 1600s Robert boyle’s worked transformed the field of?
    the age of great changes marked by renewed interest in classical learning and the art id called the ?
    The last supper and the Mona Lisa were work of the great artist?
    Leonardo DA Vince
    what humanist of northern Europe wrote about his vision of an ideal society, in which people lived in peace and harmony
    Sir Thomas More
    the inventor who perfected the microscope and was the first person to see cells and microorganisms was
    Anton can Leeuwenhoek
    Who wrote the 95 theses, or arguments, against indulgences
    Martin Luther
    In 1534 ,king Henry VIII of England set up the Anglican church because
    the pope refused to annul the king’s marrige
    how did martin Luther react when peasants rebels took up his banner as a means of bringing about special change in Germany?
    he denounced the peasants and the rebellion was suppressed
    why was Copernicus’s theory revolutionary?
    It contradicted the teaching of classical thinkers
    Martin Luther and John Calvin were leaders of the?
    Protestant Reformation
    All were scholars that supported the heliocentric model EXCEPT?

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    World History Renaissance, Reformation, and scientific Revolution Chapter 13. (2017, Aug 28). Retrieved from

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