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    Why monalisa painting famous Essay

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    Body Paragraph 1 One of the reasons why the painting famous is because of the painter of the painting. Leonardo Dad Vinci painted it He is the foremost Renaissance artist He is renowned throughout the world for his different styles and works of art Body Paragraph 2 Secondly, the speculation of the woman in the patriot of Mona Lisa. People said Mona Lisa was pregnant according to the patriot. It was speculation that Mona Lisa was Dad Vinci mother,lovers or just a model of the patriot. The smile of Mona Lisa is somehow puzzling the professors.

    Body paragraph 3 Thirdly, the painting was stolen and news about it had made the painting popular, The painting was stolen and can’t be traced, The news about the stolen painting had spread throughout the globe. It was found when someone tried to sell it. Conclusion The patriot Of Monomials is well known because Of the painter, the speculation Of the woman itself and the news about the painting was stolen. From my opinion, even the patriot is just a simple painting it was totally famous and worthwhile to view.

    I hope the painting of Mona Lisa will be secured in the safe place so that it could be protected for a long time. WHY MONOMIAL’S PAINTING FAMOUS ? A famous painting about a woman in half-length is fuel known through all veer the world is known as Monomials. The Monomials is quite possibly the most well-known piece Of painted artwork in the entire world. It was painted by the Leonardo Dad Vinci, the famous Italian artists, between 1504 and 1519, and is a half body commission for a woman named Lisa Grenadine_ Her husband, Francesco Del Giaconda requested the work by Dad Vinci just after the turn of the century.

    It is perhaps the most studied piece Of artwork ever known. This patriot has been considered to be the most renowned painting and at the same time, it is the most talked about painting in the world which makes it the most popular painting of all. What makes the painting so famous when the drawing just consist of a woman sitting with her hands folded and showing a half smile. There were some rumors about the painting that disputed by people questioning why the painting is so famous even though it is just a simple patriot of an unknown woman, According to Totality’s. Mom, 2012, the Monomials is an oil painting, with a cottonwood panel as the surface. It is unusual in that most painting are commissioned as oil on canvas, but the cottonwood panel is part of what has attributed to the fame of the painting. Because of the medium used or the image, the Monomial has survived for six centuries without ever having been restored a trait which is very unusual when considering the time period of the piece. The painting is just a plain painting but it has its own reasons why the painting is well known.

    A few reasons why Mona Lisa is very famous are because of its painter, the speculation of who was the woman in the painting and the news about the stolen painting. Monomials was very famous in early 1500. There are many reasons that we could find out why Monomials was famous during that time. One of the reasons is the painter himself. The painter of Monomials painting is Leonardo Dad Vinci Who was the famous Italian artist on year 1500. Leonardo Dad Vinci was born on 15 April 1452 in the Tuscan hill town Vinci in the lower valley Of the Aaron River in the territory Of Florence.

    He was the illegitimate son of Messes Pier Frisson did Antonio dad Vinci, a Florentine notary and his mother was stated as a slave from the Middle East. Leonardo spent his arrears in the hamlet of Michigan, then lived in the household of his father in the small town of Vinci. According to the journal, in 1466, at the age of fourteen, Leonardo was prenticed to one of the most successful artists of his day, Andrea did Iconic, known as Overreaction.

    Veronica’s workshop consists of the currents of Florence, assuring the young Leonardo of an education in the humanities, Leonardo would have been exposed to a vast of technical skills and had the opportunity to learn various artistic skills. By 1472, at the age of twenty, Leonardo qualified as a master in the Guild of SST Luke, the guild of artists and doctors of medicine. He’s earliest known dated work is a drawing in pen and ink of the Aaron valley, drawn on 5 August 1473. Because of his ability to study from the actual form of the human, he was able to draw and paint it more accurately than any Other artists of his time.

    According to Barbara O Connors in her journal, Leonardo Dad Vinci, Renaissance Genius, 2003, Dad Vinci was well known as someone Who epitomizes a term called “Renaissance man” which conclude that he was the foremost Renaissance artists at that period. At the time Of the Monomials heist, Leonardo dad Vine’s masterpiece was far from the most visited item in the museum. Leonardo painted the portrait around 1507, and it was not until the 1860 that art critics claimed the Monomials was one of the finest examples of Renaissance painting. Besides that, Dad Vinci is also renowned throughout the world for his different styles and work of art.

    While Monomials was known as the greatest piece of artwork of all time, Dad Vinci was known more for his ability to draw than to paint, Second reason why painting of Monomials was popular is the speculation about the woman in the painting. When the painting was completed, there were lots of speculations about the woman in the painting, Many people also tried to predict the reasons of such a smile which is the main reason for mystery in he painting. They came to the conclusion that it was probably because she was pregnant during that time according to the Art Newspaper by Martin Bailey, 7 March 2012 .

    In fact, very little is known about the woman, except the fact that she was a part of the family of the Grenadine in Florence. There are also many theories that also suggest that this lady in the portrait was possibly the mother of Dad Vinci, while some others claim that it could have been the lover Vinci. At the same time, there are also many that speculate over the fact that she might only was a disguised self-portrait. Another thing is the smile of Monomials in the painting. The smile is in fact, Often described as half Which is somewhat puzzling the professors.

    According to Vision Research,Volvo 44, 1493, Monomials smile was described as a happy smile because noise that lifted the edges Of her mouth made Mona Lisa seem happier, and those that flattened her lips made her seem sadder. More surprising though, was how readily the visual noise changed people’s perception of the Mona Alias’s expression. Besides, Golden,September 2007,Adjunct Professor at Brown University had argued that the secret of the mile is in the dynamic position of Monomial’s facial muscles make her smile look like strong emotion in the viewer of the painting itself.

    Furthermore, the third reason why the patriot become famous was because it was stolen and news about it had made the painting popular. According to Jennifer Rosenberg in her website which is About. Com Guide, the painting hits its popularity when the Monomials was stolen from heavily secured Louvre which experts said was impossible to do and was untraceable. Besides that, James Jug in Smithsonian. Com. June 16, 2011, stated that one hundred years ago, on a humid Monday in Paris, 21 August 1911, there were three men hurrying out of the Louvre.

    It was odd because the museum was still closed to visitors on Mondays and odder still with what one of them had under his jacket They were Vincent Peruvian and the brothers Lancelot and Michele, the young Italian handymen. They had come to the Louvre on Sunday afternoon and secreted themselves overnight in a narrow storeroom near the Salon Care which was a gallery stuffed with Renaissance paintings. In the morning, wearing white workmen’s smocks, they had gone into the Salon Care. They seized a small painting off the wall which was the Mona Lisa.

    Quickly, they ripped Off its glass shadow box and frame and Peruvian hid it under his clothes. Later, they slipped out of the gallery, down a back stairwell and through a side entrance and into the streets Of Paris. Since then, the painting could not be trace as well as the thieves. When the painting when missing the news about it had spread throughout the globe and there was a public outcry. Focused on how poorly such treasures were guarded. Rewards were offered, amidst banner headlines of shock and mourning in the worldwide press. The newspaper statement of the theft gave the portrait an enormous familiarity on the society.

    Two years after the theft, the Monomials was finally found when an employee working at Louvre which was Peruvian, tries to sell it to an art dealer in Florence for one thousand pounds who promptly called the police, Peruvian was arrested and after a brief trial in Florence, he pleaded guilty and served only eight months in prison. Afterward, when the Monomials was returned to the Louvre, it draws massive crowds. People visited the Louvre only to see the painting. As a conclusion.

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