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West Civ – North Renaissance – Protestant Reformation

moist famous of the Northern Humanists, a dutch priest who wrote Adages
wrote Adages and Praise of Folly
made the wisdom of the Renaissance available to less scholarly people

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Praise of Folly
satirical work that sought to expose the follies of 16th century society especially the church
the philosophy of Christ
based on faith, Christian love, and ethical behavior rather than dogma and ritual; founded by Erasmus
Sir Thomas More
English Humanist scholar, lawyer, and government official; beheaded for treason
Sir Thomas More
wrote Utopia
describes an ideal state inhabited by citizens willing to share their wealth in a communal society
Sale of Indulgences
selling indulgences for the forgiveness of sins
the selling of high church offices such as bishops or archbishops
practice of being absent form the diocese, ignoring duties and still collecting the tithes and revenues of the office
Holding multiple high church offices at once
the papal practice of granting high offices to family members
Renaissance Popes
popes elected in the late 1400s-1500s who were characterized by excessive pomp, luxury and immorality
Alexander VI, Julius II, Leo X
the three Renaissance Popes
Alexander VI
bribed the College of Cardinals to win his election; had a series of mistresses and illegitimate children
Julius II
“warrior pope”‘; tried to extend the power and territory of the Papal States
Leo X
was the pope during the rise of Martin Luther; used church resources to become a great patron of the arts
Ninety-five Theses
written by Martin Luther; list of propositions on the subject of reforming the Roman Catholic Church
Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor who Martin Luther was ordered to appear before to answer charges of heresy
Edict of Worms
issued by Charles V; declared Martin Luther to be an outlaw
Frederick the Wise
prince of Germany who protected Martin Luther
To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation
written by Martin Luther; urged the local German princes to support local religious reform and to resist the authority of foreign popes
Lucas Cranach
Lutheran artist who drew unflattering political cartoons about the pope
Passion of Christ and Anti-Christ
political cartoon by Cranach which contrasted the life and actions of Christ with those of the Pope
Three different types of religions
Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant
Three Types of Protestant
Luthern, Calvinist, Anglican

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West Civ - North Renaissance - Protestant Reformation
Erasmus moist famous of the Northern Humanists, a dutch priest who wrote Adages Erasmus wrote Adages and Praise of Folly
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West Civ - North Renaissance - Protestant Reformation
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