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    Music Quiz (Renaissance/Baroque)

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    church music
    what type of music was common in middle ages?
    what time period covered the middle ages?
    functional, not for entertainment
    middle age music was considered:
    rhythm always in 3
    what made the rhythm of middle age music holy?
    monophonic, vocal
    what were characteristics of early middle age music?
    homophonic, instrumental, entertainment
    what were characteristics of late middle age music?
    pope gregory I
    who was the gregorian chant named for?
    gregorian chant
    how music was presented in middle ages:
    unfamiliar scales, otherworldly
    church modes were:
    what instrument was used in middle ages?
    non-religious, entertainment
    what was secular music?
    what type of music has a single line melody, monophonic, scaler, no meter, cadence points, and one syllable per note?
    hildegard of bingen
    first women composer (nun)?
    one or more long notes with a melody
    what is a drone?
    13th century
    when did instrument pieces begin?
    leonin & perotin
    what two composers used measured rhythm?
    basso continuo
    the most characteristic feature of baroque music (continuous bass part)?
    a piece that sounds complete, but is part of a larger composition?
    soprano, alto
    melodic lines with complex rhthym?
    tenor, bass
    melodic lines that held long tones?
    word painting, polphonic texture, imitation, a capella singing are all characteristics of what era of music?
    composer of mass/saved church music:
    part of secular music with several solo voices:
    a seperate sacred text is:
    ancestor of a guitar:
    time period of renaissance music:
    time period of baroque music:
    one mood, busy rhythm, simple melody, terraced dynamics, and homophonic texture are characteristics of what era of music?
    concerto grosso
    a small group of soloists along with a group of musicians called the tutti:
    ritornello form
    first and last movements of concerto grossi are in this form, based on alternation of concerto grosso and tutti:
    polyphonic composition based on one main theme:
    main theme:
    another voice with different melodic idea related to the theme:
    transitional section between subjects:
    intro to fugue:
    when subject is imitated before complete:
    song where emotions show (showoff)
    beginning of opera, instrument & singing, connects musical elements:
    3 or more singing:
    kyrie, gloria, credo, sanctus, angus dei
    song prayers:
    where was baroque opera started?
    intro music of an opera, written last:
    baroque sonata
    a multi-movement piece, each movement has own style:
    who composed sonatats calle opus?
    baroque suite
    set a movements inspired by dance?
    antonio vivaldi
    wrote suites using word painting, ritornello form, solo concerto and terraced dynamics:
    claudio monteverdi
    first to write operas (orfeo):
    henry purcell
    used ground bass or basso ostinato (persistent bass):
    baroque cantata
    sacred music, not very elaborate, similar to opera:
    chorale cantata is similar to a:
    baroque oratorio
    sacred, large scale opera without scenary or acting:

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