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    Timeline Events & Eras – Europe 1350-1750

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    Louis XIV revokes Edict of Nantes by the Edict of Fontainesbleau
    Henry IV issues Edict of Nantes
    Petition of Right signed by Charles I
    English Bill of Rights passed in connection w/ the Glorious Revolution
    Edict of Potsdam, issued by Frederick William
    Peace of Westphalia
    Peace of Augsburg between Lutheran and Catholic German princes
    c. 1370s
    John Wycliffe produces English translation of the Bible; beginning of the Lollard movement in England
    Council of Constance convenes to end Papal Schism; Czech reformer Jan Huss burned at the stake after being promised free conduct to attend the Council
    Martin Luther posts him “95 Theses” protesting the sale of indulgences and challenging other points of church doctrine and practice
    Council of Trent meets in 3 sessions to reform Catholic Church in response to Protestant movement
    Pope Paul III confirms the founding of the Jesuits
    St. Bartholomew’s day Massacre
    John Calvin directs the Protestant reform movement in Geneva, where he est. a Consistory to supervise gov. Michael Servetus put to death for his anti-Trinitarian opinions
    Savonarola directs his “bonfires of the vanities”
    Munster Rebellion; St. Thomas More imprisoned/executed for refusing to affirm Henry VIII’s separation from Rome
    1603, 1605
    James rebuffs Puritan clergy submitting the Millenary Petition w/ “no bishop, no king”; 2 years later Guy Fawke’s Gunpowder Plot is exposed and thwarted
    Archbishop William Laud executed under bill of attainder
    Act of Toleration passed by Parliament, allowing freedom of worship to all non-Roman Catholic Christians in England, but placing limitations on opportunity of Non-conformists or Dissenters to hold political office
    c. 1450
    Johannes Gutenberg develops printing with moveable type
    Nicolaus Copernicus publishes his book proposing a heliocentric theory of the solar system
    Life of Galileo Galilei
    William Harvey publishes Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus
    Life of Isaac Newton
    1660, 1661
    Founding of the Royal Society; Robert Boyle develops Boyle’s Law and publishes the Skeptical Chemist
    Tycho Brahe dies, leaving his astronomical observations to his associate, Johannes Kepler
    Rene Descartes publishes Discourse on Method
    French Geodesic Mission, sponsered by the French Academy of Sciences, sends expeditions to Ecuador and Lapland to measure the curvature of the Earth
    1665, 1674
    Robert Hooke publishes Micrographia and identifies the cell structure; Anton van Leeuwenhoek uses the compound microscope to describe microscopic life forms
    c. 1710
    Thomas Newcomen develops 1st practucal steam engine to achieve widespread use
    400 ton obelisk moved in Rome to St. Peter’s Piazza
    1374, 1375
    Deaths of Petrarch and Boccaccio, fathers of Renaissance humamism
    Life of Jan van Eyck
    Life of da Vinci
    c. 1600 – c. 1750
    Baroque period
    Life of Caravaggio
    Life of Bach
    14th-16th cent.
    Renaissance period
    Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes published; William Shakespeare writes King Lear
    Versailles, extensively remodeled, becomes center of Louis XIV’s court; Christopher Wren active in London, esp. after Great Fire
    Voltaire publishes Lettres Philosophiques sur les Anglais following 3 years in England after having been exiled
    1644, 1667
    John Milton pen Areopagitica; he finishes Paradise Lost during the Restoration
    Michelangelo decorates the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican at the commision of Pope Julius II

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