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Renaissance , Reformation( Protestant & Catholic), etc

During the middle ages who was the dominant religion in Western Europe
Catholic Church
What happen without a common government in europe
the catholic pope became an important political leader
Why were priests powerful
b/c the controlled peoples access to heaven by delivering the sacraments & absolving sins

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What did catholic church teach
that people could gain access to heaven (called salvation) by having faith in God & doing god works for others
1. Christians could gain more of God’s grace through series of spirtual rituals (called holy sacraments)
2. Sacraments included Baptism,Confirmation,Communion,Confession, Marriage ,Ordination of Priests, Last Rites for the Dying
The church was also
Why did clergy members took vows of chastity
to abstain from sex…but some church leaders fathered children
Priests were required to go through rigorous training in monastery….but _____
but some church positions were sold to the highest bigger called Simony
What is it called when feudal lords use their influence to have friends or children name priests
Lay investiture
Who was poorly educated
the clergy memebers
Why was the selling of indulgences one of the most corrupt church practices
1. way for people to repent for their sins through good works
2. church leaders began selling them as a way of raising money
During the middle ages, what were the practices
What did christians began doiong during the Renaissance
criticizing church corruptions & questioned catholic teachings
What did Christian humanists believe
that they could reform the Catholic Church
What did Reformers like John Wycliffe & priest John Hus say the bible was in 1300s
ultimate authority on Christianity
What language did the reformers want the church teachings in
vernacular (local language ) NOT LATIN
How did Catholic leaders respond to criticism
by executing Wycliffe & Hus
Who published “Praise of Follly” which called for an end of corruptions
christian humanist Erasm
Who invented the printing press
Johann Gutenberg who had a great impact on spread of Martin Luther’s ideas and gave rise to the thought of Humanism
How was the Catholic Church in early 1500s
it was turmoil over controversy of corruption & its unwillingness to adopt reforms
Who became involved in a serious dispute with the Catholic Church
a catholic monk named Martin Luther
What was one cause of the Protestant Reformation
corruption among high officials of the church
What was the effect of Martin Luther’s break from the Catholic Church
began the Protestant Reformation & inspired series of new denominations
What did reformers do during the Protestant Reformation
they protested church corruptions & practices in hopes of reforming Christianity
What did Martin Luther vowed to become
at first he was going to become a lawyer, but after he nearly died in a thunderstorm he vowed to become a catholic priest
What did Luther realize during his studies of the bible
that salvation could not be achieved by good works & sacraments
What was Luther inspired by
St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans: ” A person can be made good by having faith in god’s mercy”
What is Justification by faith
salvation gained through having faith in God
What did Luther see selling indulgences as
a false salvation
Where did Luther post the “ninety-five Theses” in 1517
church door in town of Wittenberg
What did the “ninety-five Theses” do
caused great controversy through out europe, northern europe was excited about ideas, catholic church condemned Luther & rejected his ideas
What was the Diet of Worms
meeting of church & political leaders that demanded that luther take back his teachings but Luther refused using that the bible was the only source of religious authority & encouraged christians to study the bible, Luther was EXCOMMUNICATED from the Catholic Church
What is Lutheranism
new christian denomination ; first series of “Protestant” christian faiths that broke from Catholic Church.
use of bible as the sole source of religious truth.
sermons should be the main source of a church service.
Who broke from the Catholic Church & started new Christian denominations
religious reformers called protestants
Who began the Reformation & believed in Justification by faith
Martin Luther
What help start the Protestant reformation
Kings and Princes resented the power of the Catholic Church
Who was the head of Anglican Church
Henry lll
Why did Henry lll spilt from Roman Catholic Church
his desire for a male heir
Where did the new protestant faith spread
northern europe in areas away from the power of the Catholic Church
What happen to the Catholic Church since most europeans stayed with it
remained largest religion in Europe but lost much of its power & influence
What is the response of the Catholic Church
that the Protestant Reformation is better known as the Counter-Reformation or the Catholic-Reformation
Who was one of the first reformers in the Catholic Church
Ignatius of Loyolo
What were the three goals that members of the society of jesus (jeusits) did
1. form schools to better educate Catholic priests
2. tried to stop the spread of Proestantism
3. sent missionaries around the world to convert non-christians to catholicism
What was the Council of Trent
committee of catholic leaders to review church practices that Pope Paul lll created in order to reform the catholic church
What were the reforms that the Council of Trent made
1. Catholic Church stopped selling false indulgences
2. New schools were created to educate priests
What did Council of Trent Reaffirmed
1. The church’s interpretation of the bible was final & all others who interpret the bible are heretics (non-believers)
2. Salavation is gained through good works & faith
3. All 7 holy sacraments are legitimate means to gain God’s grace
What did the church ban & burn
all offensive books, including protestant bibles
What was the impact of the Protestant Reformation
1. Left Europe religiously divided
2. Religious wars were fought between Catholics & Protestants
3. weakened authority of the pope helped kings gain powder & form nations
4. Missionaries converted non-Christians throughout the world
5. Encouraged education & questioning of long-held beliefs
What did the church use to enforce its beliefs
What is the name of era from 1300-1600 in western Europe
What new ideas were developed during the renaissance
art,human potential,government
What state first benefited from the growth of trade with the Middle east and Asia
What took place from 1337-1453 between England and France
100 year war
Which weapon gave the English an advantage at the start of the war
Long bow
What did the church loose power of due to what during the renaissance
The crusades
How many people did the plague killed in 5 years
25 million
Who was responsible for the paintings on the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel that reflect realism and humanistic forms
What did the Catholic Church teach you that you could gain access by doing what
having faith in God & doing good works
What was one of the most corrupt church practices of the church
selling of the indulgences
What was Luther not
went to law school but was not a LAWYER
What feature was typical of Greece during the Golden age and Italy during the Renaissance
a questioning spirt
What is the Renaissance in Western Europe
Great intellectual & artistic creativity. The philosophy of Renaissance is Greek and Roman civilizations are worthy of study.
What did the first printing press give rise to
What is the similarity of the protestant reformation & renaissance
encouraged people to question tradition
What did the renaissance belief in nobility of man coupled with the Christian emphasis on individuals salvation do
weakened the political and religious authority of the pope
Who wrote “The Prince”
What did Renaissance humanist philosophers believe
people should study both secular and religious matters
What started the Renaissance in Italy
city-states became wealthy centers for trade
What was the goal of the counter/catholic revolution
reinstate the power of the Roman Catholic Church
Capitalism and republican government in Europe grew out of the Renaissance belief….
in the importance of the individual
How was the writers of the Renaissance influenced by Greek writers
Greek writers emphasized the power of human reason
What was an effect of Renaissance in Western Europe
secularism brings a decrease in the power of the Church

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Renaissance , Reformation( Protestant & Catholic), etc
During the middle ages who was the dominant religion in Western Europe Catholic Church What happen without a common government in europe the catholic pope became an impo
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