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    The Renaissance Theater

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    How old was the art of drama by the time Shakespeare was born?
    3 centuries
    Why was building a permanent theater such a radical idea?
    Because plays were normally at improvised spaces
    Who built the first public theater? When? What was it called?
    James and Richard Burbage built the The Theater in 1576
    Name some of the other permanent theaters of Shakespeare’s Day?
    The Curtain, The Rose, The Swan, The Fortune, The Red Bull, and the Hope
    Where were the first two permanent theaters located?
    They were located in northern suburbs to not attract too much attention
    Which of the London’s theaters was the most famous? Why?
    The Globe because it was owned by the company which Shakespeare belonged to
    How do we know what this theater may have looked like?
    There were sketches of its exterior.
    Identify the three main sections of the Globe theater
    the building proper, the stage, and the tiring house
    Why did Shakespeare refer to the Globe as a “wooden O”?
    There were probably only two entrances to the building, one for the public and one for the theater company.
    How much was the general admission to the Globe?
    one penny
    Where would you stand if you paid this price?
    in the yard
    Where were the most expensive seats located?
    on the stage
    How many people could the Globe hold its audience?
    List 3 ways that Renaissance productions differed from the modern productions we are used to.
    1. the actors are closer to the audience
    2. plays are longer
    3. stage jutted halfway out into the yard
    For what were trap doors used on the Renaissance stage?
    pretended it led down to hell
    Identify 3 functions of the tiring house
    contained machinery, dressing rooms, and provided a two-story back wall for the stage
    what kind of scenery was used in Renaissance productions?
    simple and representative scenery. audience had to use imagination
    What was the advantage of this kind of scenery?
    They didn’t need to change it up every time.
    How many act and scene divisions were there in Shakespeare’s plays when he wrote them?
    How elaborate were props and effects in Shakespeare’s day? Offer one example.
    nice and bright
    where else were Shakespeare’s plays performed, besides in public theaters like the Globe?
    private halls and indoor theaters
    Identify the private theater Shakespeare’s company acquired in 1608.
    He acquired the king’s men
    For what was this theater originally used?
    It was a monastery
    What advantage did it have over the Globe?
    it was entirely roofed over.

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